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    First of all, I want to make it clear that I am using the Google translator. I am very interested in creating a mod for halo PC and I need help, I know that you edit halo PC with this (graphic mod), I do not know if you could help me answer some questions. I want to know how to achieve such (graphic mod) as yours, if so, I would appreciate it very much
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    The remnant of an old refinery now serves as a location for your duels.
    By DSalimander

    Use its intricate layout and verticality to your advantage. Don't lose track of your enemy in the spaghetti. Designed for Deathmatch... I mean Slayer. The other gametypes are great too!

    Thank You:
    Testing/Ideas - Hasuku, Hirsute, Derj, Pfhunkie
    Most Halo Tags - Fubih's Dredwerkz PB4 [featuring m00kz, SBB and their subs, aLTis, Aquilum, Xylodrin]
    Pickup Icon Tags - m00kz's UT2K4 Map Pack for Halo CE
    Original Level Design - Alexander Lehmann, Epicgames: Unreal Tournament 2004
    To quote Fubih, the author of Project Aerial's Dredwerkz PB4, the tags feel like gameplay from Unreal, Doom, and Quake. This map, Butter, uses a newly modified version of those tags. The level itself is a light remodel of Unreal Tournament 2004's Deathmatch 1on1 map, Roughinery. [Beta test was nicknamed Smoothery.] Player mobility has been retweaked, which complement the map's features. Instead of throwing grenades, you have an alternate firing mode for your gun. It's more useful than you think. The backpacked weapon you spawn with is called the Shield Gun. Charge up it's alternate fire and release it at the ground and jump. You just jumped higher. Failure to jump higher sometimes means you can't navigate some parts of the map. Keep this in mind before throwing "that useless thing" away. Slanted surfaces give you a small speed boost. Some slanted surfaces with a special animated illumination strip will help you boost even higher when you run against them. There is a Redeemer that spawns on a ledge every four minutes. Keep an eye out for it.

    This was the development topic and public beta:
    Notable changes since beta:
    Corrected Flak Cannon ammo pickup model/textures.
    Increased player control in air.
    Rebalanced Minigun damage.
    Fixed bounding radius of many items in tagset.
    Full quality radiosity.