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  1. First of all, I want to make it clear that I am using the Google translator. I am very interested in creating a mod for halo PC and I need help, I know that you edit halo PC with this (graphic mod), I do not know if you could help me answer some questions. I want to know how to achieve such (graphic mod) as yours, if so, I would appreciate it very much
  2. pity, at least I think I'm the only one who is developing a PC (mod) and ce, those of CE do not know almost the PC, therefore, everything is difficult for me
  3. I mean once I compile if it serves but not as a normal map, I would like it to work as a normal one hehe, I'm doing a mod for pc and ce, but thanks to proton constraints I can not move forward so I'm looking for a way to do it by modding ce but they do not work as normal :c
  4. I think I can not explain myself well, I take a bit to explain it better, it turns out that the error is not in the labels, the error lies in the fact that the map works as the replacement of an atock map. , but it does not work ... only in lan, It should work like a map (blood gulch) stock multiplayer normal, Do you get me?.
  5. Hi, First of all I want to make it clear that I'm using the Google translator, I'm doing a project for halo PC, with simple changes and many changes in the models and I need to add effects and more things to multiplayer maps, I do not have problems with the labels, the problem lies in putting new labels... In some maps I can only put 2 models of weapons, 2 models of vehicles and some textures and that's it, I can not add more effects and my mod is very simple :c. Is there any version of protons without limitation of weight?, As in the image, in eschaton is basically the same mistake I want to make in a future mod at the height of revolution that is all modified (I'm a fan of that mod) (limitation): https://imgur.com/gallery/bmNYpTi . Mod: https://imgur.com/4zS6yO0 .
  6. I've done it many times, Even a mapper helped me see if there was an error but everything was correct. :c
  7. Hello, first of all, I want to make clear that I am using the google translator to write this note, "my maps do not work in multiplayer mode". Lately I am preparing a series of mods for halo ce and pc, 3 months ago I found an error when copying the maps of several players I was editing, when I tried it on LAN it worked fine, but when I wanted to play online, I missed an error ( exception data), I have been looking for the solution for 3 months and I can not find anything, I hope you can help me: c Even checking if I made a mistake, everything seems to be fine, I have heard that there is an error that appears in the .cache, but I do not know anything about it.