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  1. Hello, Burnt here, I have a rather odd question! Long story short, a few of us over in the Halo 1 segmented speedrunning community have been developing some cool out-of-bounds strategies lately, but we keep running into the issue of how the textures/bsp will (or more accurately, won't) render while the chief is OOB. Basically, only the textures/part of the bsp that was visible to the player when they were last in-bounds will still be rendered while they are out of bounds, until the camera moves back in bounds. This is a pain in the ass for a variety of reasons as it basically means we're completely blind during extended OOB sections (here's a good example, timestamp 1:01:15), so for the sake of viewer sanity in the segmented run we've been trying to figure out a way to get it so all relevant textures will be loaded at once while oob. Now I've discovered that the command "debug_no_frustum_clip true" in halo custom edition works just fine to disable frustum culling, but I have yet to find a way to disable portal occluders, which is I think what I would need to do. You guys are likely far more experienced with this; do you have any good ideas how I could achieve this? I don't mind if I have to use HMT or other tools to do this, though I have no experience with Halo CE mapmaking so hopefully the solution doesn't involve decompiling/recompiling maps. Cheers - Burnt