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  1. I made a very early concept video for this, its not finished. The client and server attached AI behave differently on the server biped because they are working under slightly different parameters, causing it to rubberband way more than it should. Hope I can fix that. Ignore the laggy sentinel, thats just me and the client thinks player movement is disabled.
  2. Hope it works out. I found a way to give the server bipeds AI by possessing them and using myself the player as the object name, then returning to my original body. I'm just wondering how these bipeds would react with the client if you could update their real position every couple seconds. While their client side enabled ai interacts with the player, they would still be the server bipeds, and Halo already syncs the existence health and ping animations for player and non player bipeds.
  3. would it be possible for clients to name these server side bipeds, so they can be manipulated (like attaching AI), and have them do all the animation stuff while your scripts update their real position?