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  1. Being able to add, save, and delete servers (HAC 2 style) using keyboard shortcuts would be great. For different reasons, there are people who do not know how to activate the console or enter commands.
  2. Is there any command or future update, where it will show the remaining time on the screen?
  3. Hello greetings. Does anyone know if these commands bring any improvement, benefit, performance... to the servers? Specifically, game modes where there are a lot of explosions. (add them to SAPP init.txt): local_player_update_rate 10 local_player_vehicle_update_rate 15 remote_player_position_update_rate 0 remote_player_vehicle_update_rate 0 PD: I saw it in this publication, but I don't know if they contribute anything.
  4. chimera-1.0.0.r695.cd01e4f.7z Windows 10 x64 Halo ce 1.10 Hi, It gives me this problem:
  5. Hello everyone! I wanted to verify something on the map: Haloball In general, the only modifications I make to the maps is to only move the position flags. Thanks to the user:. @Vaporeon He recommended me to use: Invader-crc I have been able to modify several classic and personalized maps. But, when you turn the maps into scenarios with the program: Halo Editing Kit Plus. Get a single folder with your files. However, in the case of the haloball map, they give you two additional folders: Promenade_beta and stadium. The Haloball folder only contains 3 files. Modifying it with sapien and putting it on a server, this will happen: Exception! Obviously it is because those 2 additional folders are part of the map. My question is what happens in the case of maps with additional folders: - Are they impossible to modify? - Will there be any other not so complex method to achieve such modifications? Greetings and thanks.
  6. Hello I do not speak English. But, this site has helped my server and my game. I hope someone can solve my doubt. This is the procedure I do to change the position of the flags on the maps (Windows 7): - I open sapien. - I select the folder "Netgame Flags". - And I move the flags of place. - Then save the stage. - - - The map is created. - - - - - - - This is seen in LAN. - - - - - - - But when putting the maps on my multiplayer server, I get this: - - - I have only achieved with this process that the maps work for me: beavercreek, hangemhigh and dangercanyon. - - - I do not know, if for the other maps you need some other type of procedure or I'm missing some file? Thank you!...