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  1. chimera-1.0.0.r695.cd01e4f.7z Windows 10 x64 Halo ce 1.10 Hi, It gives me this problem:
  2. Hello everyone! I wanted to verify something on the map: Haloball In general, the only modifications I make to the maps is to only move the position flags. Thanks to the user:. @Vaporeon He recommended me to use: Invader-crc I have been able to modify several classic and personalized maps. But, when you turn the maps into scenarios with the program: Halo Editing Kit Plus. Get a single folder with your files. However, in the case of the haloball map, they give you two additional folders: Promenade_beta and stadium. The Haloball folder only contains 3 files. Modifying it with sapien and putting it on a server, this will happen: Exception! Obviously it is because those 2 additional folders are part of the map. My question is what happens in the case of maps with additional folders: - Are they impossible to modify? - Will there be any other not so complex method to achieve such modifications? Greetings and thanks.
  3. Hello I do not speak English. But, this site has helped my server and my game. I hope someone can solve my doubt. This is the procedure I do to change the position of the flags on the maps (Windows 7): - I open sapien. - I select the folder "Netgame Flags". - And I move the flags of place. - Then save the stage. - - - The map is created. - - - - - - - This is seen in LAN. - - - - - - - But when putting the maps on my multiplayer server, I get this: - - - I have only achieved with this process that the maps work for me: beavercreek, hangemhigh and dangercanyon. - - - I do not know, if for the other maps you need some other type of procedure or I'm missing some file? Thank you!...