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  1. In a train vs elephant scenario, nobody wins.
  2. Moved on Monday, such a crazy experience to combine with finals. New place is pretty cool, a bit smaller but also a bit nicer.
  3. Failed my calc final/class today. Pretty disappointing, but I'll try again next semester. Then I have a 97% in another of my classes, but the teacher will only be giving me a B+... Not the best end to my summer.
  4. As an ex-Home Depot employee, cacti are a pain in the ass. "Are these really purple/indigo/violet/uber rare to see in nature flowers real?" No. Still, nice cacti! The only cacti I own are dragon fruits and resin spurge, because reasons. Also, the reason some of your cacti are probably changing colors is because the ones at HD tend to be painted, usually with a spray. It's what the growers do, not HD people.
  5. If the CIA wants to know about my porn and cat video habits then I say let them at it.
  6. I know the encryption is super cool and all, but it's the NSA. I'm sure they can find SOME way around it, eventually.
  7. Walked around the apartment complex buzzed and found this that somebody didn't take in a move, as well as a mini fridge and an assortment of other stuff.
  8. Donated plasma this morning, $70 richer now aww yeah
  9. Steak and shake is open 24/7 and if you go after midnight they have this thing called a 7x7... http://www.steaknshake.com/menu/up-all-night/up-all-night-menu/7x7-steakburger-n-fries Its one of the best things in the universe
  10. English and American Sign Language. Also some Spanish, but not much as it's been a while. I just noticed your name, have you been deaf from birth? I'm a CODA with minor hearing loss myself.
  11. Only 3 years haha. Went here last week. Very cool place.
  12. http://amzn.com/B006O7158O
  13. In some ways it does. Peas for instance will lose the majority of the vitamin C when heat is applied. Have you tried kale chips?