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  1. here is my events.txt file. event_join 'wait 7000;say $n ": Welcome to Bumpercarz SAPP \n! :)" ' event_join 'wait 9000;say $n ": Your Government tracking number is $ip" ' event_start $map:bloodgulch 'spawn vehi "vehicles\warthog\mp_warthog" bb' event_start $map:bloodgulch 'spawn vehi "vehicles\warthog\mp_warthog" rh1' event_end 'wait 5000; say * ": Please visit outwestbbs.com" ' maybe this will help?
  2. in your sapp init add this line -> msg_prefix " custom_name > "
  3. Use HEK PLUS versi on ask me when you see me on bumps, brandi's or wizards and I can help you. Only the Tutorial maps have scenario's any other map you need to build a scenario using HEK Plus.