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  1. Well it's not displayed in chat, It's displayed only at login to the person logging in only, there is no way for others to see it.
  2. It's only displayed to the person that's logging in, same thing with the $n only shows person's name that is actually logging in. You cannot see other people's private info.
  3. here is my events.txt file. event_join 'wait 7000;say $n ": Welcome to Bumpercarz SAPP \n! :)" ' event_join 'wait 9000;say $n ": Your Government tracking number is $ip" ' event_start $map:bloodgulch 'spawn vehi "vehicles\warthog\mp_warthog" bb' event_start $map:bloodgulch 'spawn vehi "vehicles\warthog\mp_warthog" rh1' event_end 'wait 5000; say * ": Please visit outwestbbs.com" ' maybe this will help?
  4. in your sapp init add this line -> msg_prefix " custom_name > "
  5. Use HEK PLUS versi on ask me when you see me on bumps, brandi's or wizards and I can help you. Only the Tutorial maps have scenario's any other map you need to build a scenario using HEK Plus.