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  1. Hello, I recently got the Crash Bandicoot Optic pack and am loving it, unfortunately I can't use the Halo Reach medals also.. I've watched videos of (SBB) Storm playing and using the medals. How does he use both of them at the same time? I would really like to use the Bandicoot one and the Halo Reach medals if someone would tell me how to do it. Please let me know!! Thanks very much!!
  2. How exactly do I set up a VPS to host my server on Halo CE? I'm tired of paying like 15 dollars a month when i can be paying like 5 for some VPS. I just need to know which one is good and how to get started on setting it up! Someone please help me with this! So I can keep my server, but have it hosted for cheaper! Thanks very much!
  3. Hello, I recently had a server running great than EliteGameServers decided to migrate hosts and change my ip and that messed my whole server up! I now have no one join the server I got so mad I switched hosts completely to GameServers and would like to know how to get my server back out there again! Please let me know! Thanks very much!
  4. Is there a way to get the server to automatically tell people's aimbotscores without having to type the command all the time? If there is what is the syntax? I've looked everywhere for a syntax for it! I want it to show the scores every so often too! Please help! Thanks!
  5. Hello, I really want to know how to make some SAPP Events such as double kill, triple kill etc. show up on the console instead of the chat box. Will someone please help me? That's all I need help with please help me out someone I would really appreciate it very much!! Thanks very much!
  6. Hello, I recenty tried playing Halo CE Campaign and Firefight and I have a new Xbox One controller. Well, I click start on the mission and it acts like it will load than crashes and says gathering exception data. Can you not use Xbox One controllers for campaign or Firefight? It works just fine with multiplayer. Please help me out with this and let me know! Thank you very much!
  7. One other question I had, when I use an Xbox One controller to play campaign missions or firefight the game freezes up and says gathering exception data. Can you not use Xbox One controllers to play campaign missions or firefight? I just wanted to know. Thanks very much!
  8. Okay, how do I switch them over to login admins? Sorry I'm still pretty new to SAPP, and for my events.txt file I have it like this event_join $lvl>1 'wait 1000;say * "Admin $name has joined!"' event_join 'w8 10;say $n "We have some rules here! Just type /rules in order to view them!" ' event_join 'w8 20;say $n "Please follow the rules or you might get kicked or banned!" ' event_join 'w8 30;say * "Map skipping is enabled! Type SKIP to vote to skip this map!"' event_teamswitch 'say $n "Welcome to the $team team, $name!" ' event_join 'w8 40;say * "Votekick is enabled! If there are any unruly players just /votekick them!"' event_join 'w8 50;say * "You spawn with two random weapons every spawn!"' event_join 'w8 60;say * "We are Rank #100 on Game Tracker, let's keep up the great work!"' event_kill $streak=5 'say * "$name - Killing Spree!"' event_kill $streak=10 'say * "$name - Killing Frenzy!"' event_kill $streak=15 'say * "$name - Running Riot!"' event_kill $streak=20 'say * "$name - Rampage!"' event_kill $streak=25 'say * "$name - Untouchable!"' event_kill $combo=3 'say * "$name - Triple Kill!"' event_kill $combo=4 'say * "$name - Overkill!"' event_kill $combo=5 'say * "$name - Killtacular!"' event_kill $combo=6 'say * "$name - Killtrocity!"' event_kill $combo=7 'say * "$name - Killimanjaro!"' event_kill $combo=8 'say * "$name - Killtastrophe!"' event_kill $combo=9 'say * "$name - Killapocalypse!"' event_kill $combo=10 'say * "$name - Killionaire!"' event_alive 'mag $n 32000;battery $n 100;nades $n 4'
  9. Hello, I've recently been running into problems on my server and I want them gone. First off when some random people join the server the server sometimes just gives them admin rank and people I made admin it takes away their rank. Secondly, when my SAPP Events are being executed it will just keep spamming the whole chat with messages, how do I make it to where it only says the messages once and every now and again just to remind people without spamming the whole chat. Thirdly, my server has been skipping over some maps I put into the server for some reason and when people get banned for some reason I don't have a bans file, how do I get a bans file so I can see who's banned. FYI I'm using Elitegameservers as a host if that helps in any way! Please help me out!!! Thanks very much!
  10. Okay, thanks i got it working! Only downside is it wont save my settings like fov, optic pack I load into it. How do I get it to save the settings?? Thanks for helping me with getting it to work though!
  11. How do you open command prompt on Windows 10 so I can see if it gets a reply?
  12. No, what I mean is when I even have it in my controls folder the game won't even launch. Also which IP address?
  13. I didn't see any of those entries in my local hosts. What does that mean? Please let me know! I want to try to get this fixed ASAP.
  14. Does anyone know if HAC2 is back up and running? Please let me know!!
  15. It happened last night to me.