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  1. Hello, I was curious what kind of tools I need to make my own chat system. Please let me know! Thanks very much!
  2. Hello, I did a speed test for my internet and it's running fine, however when maps get downloaded from the repo it takes forever to download them. Why is that? Someone please help me! Thanks very much!
  3. Yes he can see it, just no ping on it. I'm trying to IP Passthrough from a modem/router combo which is a pain to find out how to properly do.
  4. Yes, I had a friend try and no luck.
  5. Hello, I fixed one problem just to run into another... When I start the server it's all forwarded and shows up on the list, but now it tries connecting to the server using my internal PC IP!!! I need it to use my External IP to ping the server. Why is it trying with my Internal IP? Please help!
  6. Hello, I've been trying to host my server from home, and I've forwarded the ports right and they say open, but the server doesn't come on the list? Why is that? Please help! Thanks!
  7. Hello. I recently tried getting Reshade back on for Halo, but it won't load Halo anymore, or it just tries loading and just says gathering exception data. Does anyone know how to fix this so it works again?
  8. Hello, I was curious if someone had a previous version of Chimera I could use? I want a stable version of Chimera not one in alpha please someone help me. Thanks very much!
  9. Hello, I recently got this awesome mod and it won't let me run at higher than 60 FPS anymore from this mod. How do I fix that? I've tried everything.
  10. Well, I got rid of Chimera and it works, is there a way I can keep it though and still get those awesome FPS?
  11. I checked all of it and still 60 fps there was an update for it and I updated it.
  12. Hello, I was running Halo Custom Edition at probably 300+ FPS and one day I got back on and it was 60 and won't go back to what it was. I messed with my graphics card settings everything I can think of.. Why is it doing this? I want my FPS back!! Thank you very much!
  13. I have tried many times to find a solution to this problem, yet still haven't could someone please help me and tell me what this error message is? Thanks very much! 2019-09-18.rar
  14. How do I disable updates and get another version? Please let me know! Thanks very much! Help would be appreciated!