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  1. Sorry, one last question. I want to edit a map called rpg_beta6_2, but it does not have a scenario file. All i want to do is add a custom vehicle. How do I go about this?
  2. Sweet. Thank you all.
  3. Yes that's exactly the issue. I just left it as bloodgulch.scenario. So to prevent this issue from happening again, do I rename the scenario file i'm saving? Or do I actually have to make a copy of the scenario?
  4. Hello, I recently got into using HEK and Sapien to modify maps for a machinema I'm doing. To test things out, I just used a bloodgulch scenario and added one oddball to see if it would work. I booted it up on a LAN server, and it was successful. However, I cannot join any bloodgulch multiplayer servers because it says "Gathering Exception Data" everytime I try to join a bloodgulch server. Is there a fix for this?