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  1. Thanks for replying - added that change but it's still not initialising or loading unfortunately.
  2. Thanks @Devieth Unfortunately I'm not able to get this working. The script itself isn't loading. Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.
  3. Hi, I have a basic script below I'm using to create player commands that rprint custom messages with info/content to the console i.e Discord link, YouTube channel link Would anyone be able to help embellish it so the message stays on screen until the command is executed again? So the command essentially toggles the message on and off. I've seen it done on a few servers, so I'm hoping one of you legends has something sitting around. Best, Weyland api_version = "" function OnScriptLoad() register_callback(cb['EVENT_COMMAND'],"OnCommand") end function OnCommand(PlayerIndex,Command) Command = string.lower(Command) if(Command == "stuff") then for i = 1,26 do rprint(PlayerIndex, " ") end rprint(PlayerIndex, "This is about stuff") rprint(PlayerIndex, "So here's the stuff") rprint(PlayerIndex, "and maybe here's a link you can jot down") return false else return true end end function OnScriptUnload() end
  4. Thank you - I am already doing something similar. This should give me the extra finesse I was missing. Any thoughts on whether a variable for vehicles is possible?
  5. Hi, Hope everyone is good. If and when anyone (particularly @Kavawuvi) gets a spare minute I have a couple of lua script related issues I wanted to ask for your expertise on. I've been playing with @Kavawuvi's weaponvariable.lua script and have a whole of bunch of useful applications for it on my server - specifically rprinting basic instructions for certain weapons. For example, I'm rprinting a message when a player picks up the bourrin badass rocket launcher that tells them to hold down fire until the beep noise changes to fire homing rockets. I know you're probably rolling your eyes, but we must get 20 new school kids joining a day asking HOW?!!! when they get killed by a homing rocket. So my first question is, rather than using EVENT_ALIVE (which creates a messy/noisy console when rprinting cos it's being called every second) is there an event (or something else) I could use to rprint a message that appears just once? And is there a way to have it stay on screen until the weapon is no longer being held? Secondly, would it be possible to create a variable script or achieve the same thing for vehicles? For example, when a player enters a Falcon, rprint a message telling the player that Q is height lock - and the A + D keys are for strafing - and have the message stay on screen, only to clear when they exit the vehicle. I guess I could live without the messages staying on screen, but it would be nice if that was achievable. Thanks for your time and for the help I've received from the open carnage community so far - particularly the scripts I've already used and abused. Here's a bunch of your stuff in action the other day, cheers
  6. Hi, I'm trying to modify H® Shaft's Death Messages V6 for an MD/PC server https://pastebin.com/hj6hiEqq I have most of the JPT! tags working for the map I'm hosting (although getting the rocket truck, rocket launcher, falcon rockets and mortargoose rockets on Bigass Final to work will be interesting), but the original script announces messages with a 'say' so they get a prefix, which makes them noisier/busier than I'd like. I have the msg_prefix and admin_prefix varied to something else already and don't want to change those, and disabling the say_prefix is for CE only, so what I want to do is change the script to announce messages with 'cprint' instead. But I'm struggling to figure out the correct (or a correct) way of expressing it. And wondering if maybe cprint won't even work as it only accepts the string message? I got rprint working ok - as it takes the string message and the PlayerIndex, but player feedback was they wanted them in the console like normal. For example, currently the script has - elseif last_damage[PlayerIndex] == tank_shell then execute_command('say * "$name was killed by $kname\'s Scorpion."', PlayerIndex) and this is where I'm at with trying to get cprint working instead - elseif last_damage[PlayerIndex] == tank_shell then cprint("$name was killed by $kname\'s Scorpion"), PlayerIndex)) But yeah, no dice and I'm fumbling around in the dark as per - I'm sure someone here can put me straight in a heartbeat. Thanks.
  7. Hi, Has anyone seen a successful CE to MD conversion of either of these maps? I've tried converting with Pearl and also Fire Dragon but no dice. Precipice http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=5708 Revelations http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=4992
  8. Hi, Run me out of town with flaming torches and pitchforks if I've missed it, but is there a script already out in the wild for customising player starting locations in solo multiplayer games like King Of The Hill and Slayer? There are a few out there for team games, but I haven't seen anything for solo games. I was going to fnagle something with @Kavawuvi's gdonut but realised it would mean faff city with getting the rotation value correct. Cheers.
  9. HI @HandofGod Thanks for your response - yes I was referring to the HaloMD mod of Ambush. I'd be really keen to host it if and when you get round to another build, cheers.
  10. @Kavawuvi You have the patience of a saint. Thank you for taking the time to talk me through that again - I've got it working now.
  11. Hi @Kavawuvi I've been using the following for a few months with no problems event_prejoin '$name:WeylandSucks' 'sv_kick $name' Using that, SAPP has consistently kicked the player joining with the specified name. From what you're saying and from the testing I've done it appears using the same command for names with spaces just isn't going to work, even when I change the prejoin to a join and the sv_kick to a k - thank you for responding and your input anyway.
  12. Hey @Krazychic, no nothing to do with POQ sucks - I've just found using sv_kicks on event_prejoins has been a nice discreet way to weed out a few of the more persistent trolls lurking behind VPNs and keygens/re-installs. Be handy to get it working for players with spaces in their name as well.
  13. The event_prejoin is working fine on names with no spaces though? For names with spaces I've tried both event_prejoin '$name:Weyland Sucks' 'sv_kick $name' event_prejoin $name:'Weyland Sucks' 'sv_kick $name' and neither work. I've also tried event_join '$name:Weyland Sucks' 'sv_kick $name' event_alive '$name:Weyland Sucks' 'sv_kick $name' and neither work.
  14. Hi @Kavawuvi, That solution for names with spaces above doesn't work, e.g event_prejoin '$name:Weyland Sucks' 'sv_kick $name' doesn't kick the name. Don't suppose you have any other suggestions? Cheers
  15. Did anyone ever get Julique's revision of this to work?