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  1. @Kavawuvi Thank you for this - I wasn't aware of Glazed Doughnut. I ended up smashing it with your teambipeds script, but this will be a much more elegant way of doing it and it will allow me to do a whole bunch of other little tweaks without modding the map file. Whenever you have a moment could I ask you to paste an example of the command line? Cheers <path to gdonut> <original map path> <modified map path> <script path>
  2. Hi, Is there a way to change/vary the biped reference within the globals tag with a lua script ? i.e change the default biped? it's for a CTF Bigass Final server Bigass Final has 7 different bipeds in the maps scenario tag - so a script where I could just swap out the biped tag whenever I feel like changing the default biped would be great. Thanks Figured it out - thanks anyway lol
  3. @Sunstriker7 Bigass Final. @giraffe That worked perfectly, thank you very much for your help!
  4. No, I’m not using any custom vehicles. I’m simply wanting a way to tweak how easy to destroy different vehicle types are. Specifically I want to make Falcons easier to destroy, as they are slightly OP on the map I host and players are tending to spam with them.
  5. Try the same process but add the banned.txt just to the gametype folder (not the SAPP folder you tried last time). Failing that, try adding it to the top level SAPP folder - where the ipbans.txt etc are. I had exactly the same issue and this fixed it.
  6. Hi, Just looking for a script to adjust the health / shield vitality of different vehicles types. Specifically an OP Falcon that is affecting game balance. Thanks
  7. You need to create a banned.txt file in gametypes > SAPP Just test it with a /b in game and check that the file size increases and/or the ban gets written to it. The aliases file only collects valid CD Key aliases - so may well stay pretty empty.
  8. Hi Devieth, Hope you're good. Quick question about this script. I'm wanting to try it on Bigass Final Combat Evolved. Can I just confirm which is the correct way to enable it? lua_load 'hitscan' in the SAPP init.txt file lua_call 'hitscan' EnableHitscan in the SAPP init.txt file lua_call hitscan EnableHitscan in the SAPP init.txt file event_game_start in the events.txt or event_game_start 'lua_call hitscan EnableHitscan' in the events.txt file Thanks
  9. Giving recommendations in response to my own ask for recommendations - steer clear of YardVPS - also known as PhotonVPS also known as Profuse Solutions INC. 'Jimmy' who's VP of Operations at each company seems more interested in commando rolling around the office nerfing new customers if their DSLAM exchange IP location is more than a kilometer away from their physical billing address. Complete door knobs.
  10. Thanks for the replies so far @WaeV and @Sunstriker7- and for sharing that chart @002 - great to have an at a glance comparison. Yeah, I'm only really interested in running two Halo Combat Evolved games, so my issue with elitegameservers is not so much the cost, but their limited DDOS protected locations (Canada, France and Germany) We've had a couple of complete winners DDOS'ing the tits off us this week, so out of interest I tried moving location from California to Frankfurt. Unsurprisingly ping went through the roof for most players so I moved them back a day later. I'm pretty confident with configuring the server init.txt and SAPP init.txt - and I have a bunch of lua scripts and events running on my current elitegameservers - although I don't have any experience with the command line - but not afraid to jump in though. I had just planned to fnagle Bungie's Halo Dedicated Server instructions here until I managed to make something fly. But from what you guys are saying it sounds more involved? Does anyone have a link or guide to setting up a dedicated server on a VPS/VDS? Cheers
  11. Hi, If you have any recommendations for server hosting please reply. Particularly picks for hosted services other than elitegameservers - their service has been fine - it's just we're looking for something with DDOS protection in Asia Pacific or US West locations. Or any advice on whether it's better going the DIY route and installing on a standard hosted server - so then VM vs dedicated etc? Thanks
  12. Hi, Thanks for your advice on that - I've managed to implement some of what I was looking to do. Whenever you have a spare moment I had a couple of follow up questions. Firstly - there is no way to apply a wildcard to the sv_kick command is there? As stock halo server commands don't support wildcards - is that correct? In which case, how would I go about applying a wildcard to the $name of the event_prejoin? You mentioned getting the name of the player from the machine struct or something? And if I can get a wildcard happening on the $name of the event_prejoin, SAPP's /k command can reference that wildcard - and if that kick command is happening on a event_prejoin I won't need to worry about in game announcements - is that correct? Thank you
  13. Hi, I'm just looking for an example of a simple .lua timer script to repeat the spawn of a flare (it's a weap tag on @aLTis's Bigass Final map) that would otherwise burn for 30 seconds and then disappear. I currently have it running on event_alive so it respawns every second and it looks clunky as all buggery Thank you please.
  14. Hi Down Under, Did you ever get this script - or one like it - working? I'm trying to run it on a Bigass CTF and having the same problem you did. Thanks.
  15. This is great. I've got the PENALTY_ACTION = 1 (to kill the player) and PENALTY_ACTION_TIME = 15 (seconds added respawn time) to work fine. But the PENALTY_ACTION = 2 (to /b or /ipban the player) seems to take the PENALTY_ACTION_TIME = 15 (minutes ban time) and display it as the PENALTY_MESSAGE i.e '$PLAYER has been banned for betraying. Reason (15)'. And the PENALTY_ACTION seems to be permanent as a result. Which might be a bit heavy handed Any pointers on how to fix that? Thank you.