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  1. Hi Down Under, Did you ever get this script - or one like it - working? I'm trying to run it on a Bigass CTF and having the same problem you did. Thanks.
  2. This is great. I've got the PENALTY_ACTION = 1 (to kill the player) and PENALTY_ACTION_TIME = 15 (seconds added respawn time) to work fine. But the PENALTY_ACTION = 2 (to /b or /ipban the player) seems to take the PENALTY_ACTION_TIME = 15 (minutes ban time) and display it as the PENALTY_MESSAGE i.e '$PLAYER has been banned for betraying. Reason (15)'. And the PENALTY_ACTION seems to be permanent as a result. Which might be a bit heavy handed Any pointers on how to fix that? Thank you.
  3. Hi, I did just ask about this on the Open Carnage Discord, so forgive me if it's bad form to chase it here as well - I saw that @002 checks his pings here daily I'm looking for a hybrid of the script @002's has in his SAPP manual, that kicks for the name 'New001' - but combined with his wordfilter.lua So if a player's name contains a string that matches a specified list of words, they get kicked - e.g a player joins with the name '123badwordABC' = /k a different player joins with the name 'differentbadword69' = /k If there's a way to do it so '123badwordABC joined the server' doesn't even get announced in game, that would be perfect. EVENT_PREJOIN perhaps? Thank you, Weyland