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    Link is borked
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    Download Mega: https://mega.nz/file/owVgyZAa#RzgoicB_MmseXOOf5qjPg_slIv9LM2TFFu-NHbGYj20
    Download Nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/halothemasterchiefcollection/mods/1739
    Optional UI Files: https://mega.nz/file/Yp1GVbpJ#XzqV40MY4bXH427cS9iH-HJTqLucr9j28PAVPPwHDGQ
    MLG Conflux variant: https://mega.nz/file/YgcGWYgb#2EtH_SMRV2W8GtwX2jRjGrcMncuSGZZHH8pFxVKZtnU
    Conflux is a symmetrical competitive map set in a Forerunner facility on the edge of a cliff. It was designed with a "tug of war" style of flow, where team positioning and careful movement through the center are emphasized.

    Teams start the match facing the center platform in the main atrium, with the base of a large beam emitter blocking the line of sight from spawn to spawn. Each team spawn has a large doorway in the middle, with a direct line of sight from the center platform. Walking through this doorway will lead you to a deployable Grav Lift, followed by a one-way drop-down to the center floor. From here, players can move to take the Overshield or move to the gold lift that will take them up to a raised platform that overlooks the center platform.

    Each team's base has one middle room flanked by an elevated room that grants them access to the center platform and a lower room that will lead them to the gold lift. Each team will find a Sniper Rifle in this lower room. Looking towards the back of the lower room, players will find a doorway leading to another room with a long, "elbow" shaped ramp leading them up to a bridge that will take them back to their spawn or to a hallway that leads to the top of the gold lift.

    Players that move to the elevated room in their base will find a small platform that overlooks their side of the central atrium, which they can also use to jump to the center platform. In this same area, players will another overlook that has dominance over an overhang on the cliffside that runs the length of the map. At the center of this location is a man cannon that players can use to launch themselves to the center platform. The Overshield spawns just in front of the man cannon.

    The map is designed primarily for CTF and Slayer, although it supports all of the default Halo 3 gametypes.

    The weapon and equipment set on the map include the following:
    3 Battle Rifles per side.
    2 Assault Rifles per side.
    2 Brute Plasma Rifles per side.
    2 SMGs per side.
    1 Auto Mag per side.
    1 Sniper Rifle per side.
    1 Deployable Grav Lift per side.
    1 Sentinel Beam under the center platform.
    1 Gravity Hammer on the center platform.
    1 Power Drain at the gold lift.
    1 Bubble Shield at the man cannon.
    1 Overshield between the man cannon and the center platform.

    How to install and play:
    -Navigate to the install location of Halo: The Master Chief Collection
    -Go to the Halo 3 folder, and then the maps folder
    -Backup the file called docks.map by either renaming it, or moving it to another folder
    -Drag the new docks.map file into the maps folder
    -Select the map Longshore in Custom Games or Forge to play
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    Link is borked
  4. (SBB) Storm liked a post in a topic by aLTis in Battle City maps   
    A classic NES game remade in Halo CE. Featuring top down view, projectiles that destroy each other on contact and overshield with effects. Including 3 maps based on stages 1, 9 and 22.
    This file has most of the tags you need to make your own maps like this, you can simply rip the rest of the tags using HEK+. Each block is 2x2 world units which makes placing blocks accurately very easy by manually entering the values. I have also included a blank scenario file from which you can start off.
    Tags download: http://puu.sh/ryJBO/25dab7f4d9.rar
    Thanks to:
    SBB team and subs for testing
    Rododo for particle effects
     http://www.sounds-resource.com/nes/battlecity/sound/3710/  for sounds
     http://www.spriters-resource.com/nes/batcity/ for sprites
  5. (SBB) Storm liked a post in a topic by MrChromed in CEnshine - Xbox Shader for Halo Custom Edition   
    CEnshine: Xbox Shaders for Halo Custom Edition
    CEnshine is an add-on/fixing project which restores some of the most known visual regressions from the Gearbox port of Halo on PC (2003/2004). With it, Halo Custom Edition will finally get a lot of restored shaders after 18 years.
    - Bump map shadows: Bump mapping shadows are now visible with both dynamic lights and lightmap data (light direction and tint)
    - Specular lighting & features: Specular properties have been restored and render properly. Dynamic lighting, reflections and lightmaps tint.
    - Bumped cubemap reflections: The "bumped cubemap reflection" type on shader_environment tags will tint cubemaps. Perpendicular and parallel brightness take angle into account.
    - Self-Illumination animations: These now behave as expected. Plasma animations will scale and/or loop properly.
    - Bumped glass reflection: shader_transparent_glass tags now use the shader's referenced cubemap instead of the "rasterizer vector normalization" bitmap (the rainbow-like looking).
    - Shader transparent plasma rendering: Biped shields should render properly (hasn't been tested in depth).
    - Shader Model rendering: The way detail maps mask on shader_model tags still needs to be restored (ie: proper "detail after reflection" rendering).
    - Ripple map mipmaps on water shaders: Still reversed (smaller mipmaps being used at closer distances).
    - Shader Transparent Chicago properties: Some functions such as "multiply" are still broken.
    - Water sorting issue with Atmospheric Fog: Still bugged.
    - Fog screen layers effect for simulated volumetric fog: Still missing, Gearbox removed the drawcall. A potential fix could be possible but not easy in the short term
    - Shader transparent generic: Gearbox totally removed the drawcall for this shader. A potential fix could be possible but not easy in the short term.
    - Other misc stuff.





    1. Download CEnshine 1.0.0 here (GitHub repository): https://github.com/Sledmine/censhine/releases/tag/1.0.0
    2. Download the "EffectCollection_ps_2_0.enc" file.
    3. Go to the "shaders" folder located in your game's installation folder.
    4. Paste EffectCollection_ps_2_0.enc and replace the original one (make a previous backup of your original file in case something happens).

    - Source code (GitHub): https://github.com/Sledmine/censhine/
    - Discord Server: https://discord.shadowmods.net/


    Sledmine - Project leader, reverse engineering.
    @Jerry - Composer tools creator, tools for decrypting and encrypting shaders.
    @MrChromed - Halo CE Shaders veteran, providing support for validating shaders fixes.
    @ReclaimerOmega - Another Halo CE Shaders veteran, support and validation.
    C20 Reclaimers Wiki - List of known shaders issues.
  6. (SBB) Storm liked a post in a topic by msalerno in Practice Field beta 4.0.0   
    uploading to the HAC2 map repo today.
    Sorry for being out to lunch the past few months
  7. (SBB) Storm liked a post in a topic by Zatarita in 2022 MCC Mapping Contest - Voting   
    Hopefully we've all had a chance to familiarize ourselves with the maps c:
    Voting is officially open. Sorry for the delay :c
    Voting Rules
    You may vote for yourself.
    Voting closes on the 22nd @11:59pm GMT
    1st Place: $100 via PayPal
    2nd Place: $50 via PayPal
    3rd Place: 10 Raffle Tickets
    We appreciate all the people who have submitted an entry!
  8. (SBB) Storm liked a post in a topic by killzone64 in Dynamis a halo 3 pvp map.   
    Introducing: Dynamis! A Covenant-themed Halo 3 map inspired by the forge map select.

         This map has been a long time in the making. The original versions of the map date all the way back to 2015 for Halo: Custom Edition. I made a bunch of edits to the model to fix spawn trapping issues and ended up never testing it in game because the base design I had really didn't play well. A year ago the model found its way back onto my radar and I decided to polish it up for the impending Halo 3 tools release after deciding I liked the changes I had made back in 2017.
           I originally took inspiration from the forge map select from halo reach. The only part that remains similar is the center bridge and the side bridges that connect. The rest of the map is completely different and fixes a lot of the issues I had with how select plays.

    Special Thanks to Fritzster and ShmeeGrim for help with weapon placement and the halo 3 spawn system. And LudusRegard for help on the uv and texure work
    Downloads: https://www.nexusmods.com/halothemasterchiefcollection/mods/1870
    Imgur gallery
  9. (SBB) Storm liked a post in a topic by Zatarita in 2022 MCC Mapping Contest   
    Due Date: June 7th, 2022
    Voting Opens: June 14th, 2022
    So happy to have you here this fine Friday. @Takka has reached out to me with a fun opportunity. Like what they have done in the past, we're bringing you a mapping contest. The prizes sit at $100 for first, $50 for second, and 5 Raffle Tickets for third. Also first place ( Like our wonderful donors c: ) gets an exclusive badge next to their name they can use to brag to all their friends c;
    Q: What is it?
    A: All you need to do is create a custom map (not yet released), and submit a forum post about it before the deadline. This time our Halo overlords have blessed us with the editing kits for later games; so we felt it might be fun to expand our scope to allow any game from MCC. We've gotten some feed back from the community as well about previous mapping competitions and we hope this year we can fine tune things a bit better to the community. We will have a slightly extended submission duration at a month and a half from today. We wanted to keep the duration manageable, without incentivizing procrastination. This should also give some extra time to debug any issues we might have with the quirks of the newer editing kits. Submissions will be voted for 1 week, beginning a week after closing date. This will allow the community time to get acquainted with the new maps and form opinions. We are only going to allow one submission per person.
    Q: Can I work with a team?
    A: You are more than welcome to work in teams; however, this is not required. If you do work in a team though, you cannot submit individually. We request still that there is only one submission per person. This is to hopefully drive users to quality over quantity. In the case that you do work with a team, one user must be the designated liaison who will be responsible for receiving potential prize money and distributing it amongst the members. OC will not responsible for the distribution to individual members. This individual will also be in charge of hosting the map and creating the submission post.
    Q: How will I be contacted if I win something?
    A: In the event that you win a monetary prize, a moderator will reach out to you through the DM system on this website, and prize money will be paid out through PayPal. In the case you win tickets, the OC ticketing system will send you a notification on this website.
    1st Place: $100 via PayPal 2nd Place: $50 via PayPal 3rd Place: 10 Raffle Tickets  
    Additional Means of Reward
    Share the Knowledge: Tutorials based on an element of your submission will earn you 10 Raffle Tickets. Developer Commentary: Create a Work in Progress topic exceeding 100 words for your map, and you'll be awarded 2 Raffle Tickets per post per day, with a limit of 10 total tickets. Promotion: Share any link to Open Carnage, prove it, and earn 8 Raffle Tickets.  
    Maps must be submitted to our MCC Map Releases section. Only one submission per person or team. Voting begins 1 week after submissions close. Teams must have a designated liaison responsible for managing the release, and any winnings received.  
    Happy modding!
  10. (SBB) Storm liked a post in a topic by Takka in New Logo   
    I feel it might be time to have a new Logo for OC, especially as our current one is something I whipped up quickly. I'm awful at the arts.
    Where are these logos even shown? The site's Favicon (browser tab icon), the Meta Image (logo shown when a link is embedded), and our Discord server's logo.

    What we need if we want to replace this is a 320x320 image, and a 96x96 version that looks good scaled down to 16x16, such as what a favicon is typically rendered at.
    These don't need to be designed in a vacuum either; post your progress here if you'd like feedback!
    15 Raffle Tickets In the event there are multiple entries that I think are a good fit, we will have a public poll to decide the winner!
  11. (SBB) Storm liked a post in a topic by Chalwk in Gun Game   
    Gun Game (v1.9)
    A simple progression-based game inspired by COD's Gun Game.
    Every kill rewards the player with a new weapon. The first player to reach the last weapon with 10 kills wins.
    [!] Note: 
    This script is designed for maps with stock tags.
    See this game in action:
    IP: jericraft.net.nz:2309
    Server name: Little NZ #2 | Gun Game
    Gun Game.lua
  12. (SBB) Storm liked a post in a topic by MrChromed in Halo Infinite Monitors Bipeds   
    Halo Infinite Monitors (Adjutant Resolution + Despondent Pyre) biped tags
    Following the release of the Mark VII Core Spartans bipeds from yesterday, today is the turn of the Zeta Halo Monitors seen during the campaign. Both Monitors have new SFX ripped from Infinite, alongisde some custom particle work and other stuff. I've also included Infinite's Monitor dialogues to both Monitors for different actions, but due to the fact that Despondent Pyre only has cutscene dialogues, both use the Adjutant Resolution ones. Feel free to use them to whatever project you're working on!






    - 343i/Xbox Game Studios: Original game assets
    - MrChromed (myself): Porting, rigging, texturing, shaders.
    Join to our Discord server to see more projects:
  13. Takka liked a post in a topic by (SBB) Storm in Outstanding CE Maps   
    Tumulus by @justinpyne
  14. (SBB) Storm liked a post in a topic by justinpyne in TUMULUS   
    Tumulus is a mid-sized multiplayer map designed for Big Team CTF and King of the Hill. The map supports all gametypes and is intended for 8v8, but it's fun to play with even only 5-6 players. The map is compatible with both MCC and Custom Edition, and I have a public CE server running CTF/Crazy King/Team Slayer. The server name is "TUMULUS 24/7 OFFICIAL SERVER." Come play!
    All-new sound design. Destructible vehicles! New gunplay, character and vehicle stats. Playable on all gametypes. I recommend CTF, Crazy King or Team Slayer.  
    Ammo spawns in small clusters all around the map. Plasma weapons stun enemy movement and have no recoil. Recommended for new players. Vehicles are resistant to small-arms fire. Use plasma weapons or explosives against them if you can. The Scorpion Tank has 3 fire modes. Press your primary trigger to fire a tank shell, grenade button to launch a tracking missile volley, or crouch button to shoot the machine gun. The Warthog's minigun barrels must be spinning at full speed before the gun will fire. The Plasma Pistol's overcharged bolt stuns players and vehicles for several seconds after it detonates. All projectile weapons have recoil and deal slightly less damage over distance. Tap the trigger and pace your shots to maintain tight bullet spread. Special Thanks: Altautas Petronis (altis94) for destructible vehicle scripts, Ted Stabile (wertnerve) for Spartan voice acting, and VKMT for beta testing the map.  
  15. (SBB) Storm liked a post in a topic by Chalwk in Kill Confirmed (custom game)   
    This is Kill Confirmed from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
    Teams score by collecting dog tags (skulls) that enemies drop upon death. The first team to 65 points wins (or the team with the most points after the game time runs out). Dog tags (skulls) will despawn after 30 seconds (configurable). Players will not be penalized points for suicide.
    NOTE: This script is designed to be run on TEAM SLAYER.
    See it in action:
    Server Name:             Little NZ #2 | Kill Confirmed
    IP:                               jericraft.net.nz:2309
    Client:                         Halo: CE
    Click to download: 
    Merry Christmas, everybody. Enjoy!
    There may or may not be bugs as I wrote this script in 1 hour and it hasn't been heavily tested but should work fine.
    Your feedback is appreciated.
    Kill Confirmed.lua
  16. (SBB) Storm liked a post in a topic by RVandres in Lumoria Rebalanced   
    To complement with Lumoria Refined, there is also Lumoria Rebalanced. It features a unique sandbox inspired from Ruby's Rebalanced Halo CE, in turn also complements with Lumoria. Alongside the new sandbox in Rebalanced Lumoria, there are also new encounters and enemy types.
    Jackal Needlers Elite Ultras (including energy sword and fuel rod gun-wielding variants) Elite Rangers, which are airborne Elites and gives the sandbox more of a challenge even in Legendary. Grunt Ultras (mostly armed with fuel rod guns) Grunt Heavies (same as their Ultra counterparts) Shadow aka the "Creep", which was formerly not drivable in the original, can now be driven. Episode 1: Part 2 now features new music: "Impend" and "Delta Halo Suite: Wage" are both used in place of "High Charity" and "Edge of the Abyss". Stealth Elites in Episode 1: Parts 1 and 2, which can be found in both the river leading to the Spectre/Shadow encounter and the entrance to 734 Antecedent Sage's terminal. Elite Zealots, which also include a new stealth variant. The Stealth Elite Zealot acts as a miniboss in Episode 1: Part 2, where it has a durable energy shield. Special Operations Grunts now have needlers alongside the plasma pistol ones in towards the end of Episode 1: Part 1. Special Operations reinforcements in Episode 1: Part 2. After eliminating the first wave of dropship deployments, the second wave will deploy a Special Operations reinforcement comprising of Elite needler and plasma rifles and Grunt needlers and fuel rod guns alongside the standard Covenant ones. Elites, Jackals and Hunters all have extra dialogue, taken from Halo 2 and 3. Elite Minors and Majors can now throw plasma grenades at you. Secret weapons cache/armory station in Episode 1: Part 2 contains plasma rifles and pistols, needlers, fuel rod guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, health pack and overshield. Standard Marines alongside the armored ones The Marine that attempts to open up the door leading to 734 Antecedent Sage's terminal now drops a shotgun instead of the assault rifle. The left door that is near the right door leading to the mentioned room above is now breakable like in "The Pillar of Autumn". Assault rifles and shotguns can now be seen in the first cutscene of Episode 1: Part 2, stored in the armory station of the Endless Horizon. The dead Marine under where the Elite is stationed at the first outpost of Episode 2: Part 1 now has a fully loaded rocket launcher. Extra shotgun rounds, overshield and active camouflage can now be picked up in Episode 2: Part 2. As you fight the boss in the aforementioned episode, it will call in Elite Rangers for support. End credits is the same as its Refined counterpart, but modified for Rebalanced. Beefy shotgun, pistol and sniper rifle firing sounds and enhanced rocket launcher sounds alongside the plasma rifle firing sounds from Halo 2.  


    CMT and TM Mapping Team: Original maps as basis and Elite Ranger tags MattDratt: Drone, Elite, Jackal and Hunter dialog tags from HaloMaps Vaporeon: Halo 2 music tags Holy Crust: HRHH HUD Jakey: Jackal leg multipurpose bitmaps Ruby of Blue: Rebalanced tags Advancebo: Shadow/Creep tags
  17. (SBB) Storm liked a post in a topic by Chalwk in Zombies 2022   
    Introducing a brand new, fully configurable Zombies game type.
    Current Version: 1.20
    As this script is new, it's possible that there may be bugs.
    Please report any bugs and feedback here - script changelogs are posted on the same page.
    Players in zombies matches are split into two teams: Humans (red team) and Zombies (blue team).
    When a human dies, they switch to the zombie team. A human's goal is to remain alive (uninfected) until
    the end of the round, while a zombie's goal is to kill (infect) as many humans as possible.
    When only one human remains, that human becomes the "Last Man Standing".
    The Last Man Standing is given unique player traits; including a waypoint revealing
    their location to zombies, making survival an extreme challenge, among other traits.
    See more on traits in the features section below.
    The players who start a round as zombies are Alpha Zombies.
    Alpha Zombies have unique player traits to distinguish them from standard zombies.
    Standard Zombies are:
    Humans who have been infected. Players who joined after a game has already begun will get standard-zombie status. Humans who commit suicide will get standard-zombie status.  
    Zombies have melee weapons at their disposal and are capable of killing humans in a single blow.
    Humans are given short - and medium-range firearms.
    Game Type Features:
    Team Balance:
    The players who start a round as zombies are Alpha Zombies.
    The script will dynamically determine how many Alpha Zombies there should be based on how many players are online.
    Zombies can be cured (on by default):
    A zombie needs 3 (default) consecutive kills to become human again.
    * You can configure the kill threshold.
    Nav Marker (off by default):
    When enabled, the last man standing will have a nav marker above his head.
    Note: The kill-in-order game type flag must be set to YES and the objectives indicator flag must also be set to NAV POINTS.
    Game Messages:
    Fully configurable game messages.
    Game Objects:
    Interaction with weapons, vehicles & equipment can be individually blocked/allowed for Red Team, Blue Team or both teams.
    Default: All objects are disabled for zombies except for health packs.
    Humans can use vehicles. Alpha Zombies will have to throw stickies on the vehicles to kill them.
    You can set the teams. 
    Humans are on the red team by default. Zombies are on the blue team by default.
    But you can change that if you so desire.
    No Zombies Left? No Worries!
    When there are no zombies (suppose they all left), a timer will count down from 5 seconds (default).
    After the countdown lapses, a random Human will be selected to become a (standard) zombie.
    Game Start Delay
    The game requires a minimum of 2 (default) players online before a pre-game countdown from 5 (default) seconds is initiated.
    After which the map is reset and the game commences.
    Alpha Zombies:
    Speed                                  1.5x Health                                  2x Normal Health (200%) Respawn Time                    1.5s Grenades                            2x plasmas Weapon                               Plasma rifle Damage                              10x normal damage Abilities                               Can camouflage while crouching Standard Zombies:
    Speed                                  1.4x Health                                  Normal Health (100%) Respawn Time                    2.5s Grenades                            0 Weapon                               Skull (oddball) Damage                              10x normal damage Abilities                               None Humans:
    Speed                                  Normal speed (1) Health                                  Normal Health (100%) Weapons                             Pistol, Shotgun, Assault Rifle Respawn Time                    3s Grenades                            Two of each Damage                              1x normal damage Abilities                               Can use Vehicles Last Man Standing:
    Speed                                  1.5x Health                                  Normal Health (100%) Weapons                             Map default (no custom assignments) Respawn Time                    1s Grenades                            Four of each Damage                              2x normal damage Abilities                               Can use Vehicles and is capable of regenerating health by 0.0005 units per 30 ticks  
    Please download Zombies on my GitHub release page (link below).
    The release contains three files:
    Zombies.lua (sapp script)
    Zombies-PC (custom game type)
    Zombies-CE (custom game type)
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  19. (SBB) Storm liked a post in a topic by Yukizume in The Bidding   
    This is a symmetrical map with 3 floor levels and a base on each side, it works well with most game types, but was originally designed for Slayer FFA.
    It also includes several characters to use with sapp's script.
    6-16 players
    Supports all gamemodes

    -ECD's testers
    -Environment Cartography Department
  20. (SBB) Storm liked a post in a topic by Hispanorum in Antfarm   
    Antfarm is a map I made for the Reclaimers Discord server's season 2 map making competition. It is based on layout number 1.
    This is basically a shitpost turned into a serious entry, the original idea was to make a shitty map with a bunch of memes in it but in the end I found myself rigging custom bipeds, running vray lightmaps and putting in way more effort than it probably deserved but it was totally worth it. There are more easter eggs than actual assets so do go look around.
    The map itself was originally too "spicy" so I had to make a safe for work version without controversial / politically incorrect easter eggs in order to stay in the competition.
    I took so long to post this because I am the king of procrastination and I accidentally deleted all the footage we recorded for the trailer, so here are Storm's reviews of both versions.
    SFW Version: 
    Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/314vd38xkj7ya5w/antfarm_sfw.rar/file
    Real/NSFW Version:
    Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7a6thnbwyt8nitt/antfarm.rar/file
    Thanks to everyone who helped out testing, debugging, reviewing and giving me ideas for this map:
    The SBB team Altis Blitz Burney CC Gonza Holy Crust Kinnet Lolslayer Pope Sean Storm Vuthakral Xander Biaanca (Orange Juice) Giraffe Nix Everyone else I inevitably forgot Dennis Powers (RIP)  
    PD: If you don't understand what the outside of the map is referencing, go watch this -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBd40bbB4nE
  21. (SBB) Storm liked a post in a topic by Fubih in Aerial   
    I've added a classic version of Blood Covenant with Halo 1 tags.
  22. (SBB) Storm liked a post in a topic by Conscars in Warren   
    This release of Warren is an update to the beta version submitted in the recent Reclaimers map contest. I've made a few minor layout changes and fixed lightmap artifacts, as well as adjusted the placement of weapons, spawns, and objectives. I think it plays best with 8-12 people on CTF or Slayer.
    Assets and tags for the map can be found on GitHub:
    Mirror: https://t3hz0r-files.s3.amazonaws.com/halo/releases/warren/warren.zip

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    New entry!
    Swevoid by @Yukizume
  25. Takka liked a post in a topic by (SBB) Storm in Outstanding CE Maps   
    New entry!
    Gothra-MP by @PopeTX28