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  1. Link is borked http://maps.halonet.net/maps/battlecity_lvl1.zip http://maps.halonet.net/maps/battlecity_lvl9.zip http://maps.halonet.net/maps/battlecity_lvl22.zip
  2. Tumulus by @justinpyne
  3. New entry! Swevoid by @Yukizume
  4. New entry! Gothra-MP by @PopeTX28
  5. https://i.imgur.com/uzbyNAM.mp4
  6. 0/10 can't even see all of it with my deuteranopia >:(
  7. Sorry for the delay! Work is keeping me on a leech.
  8. Finally I can play the pokemon like in the manga.
  9. I seem to get door breaching flashbacks from this, idk why
  10. Well I tried xd
  11. Classic Tiamat easter egg
  12. I can't reply to this comment since either YouTube or this user deleted the comment after sending it lol. I'll assume this user is in OpenCarnage, due to knowing about contests so I'll say this: I'm not the one rating these maps, it's literally everyone that got to play it. Prior to that contest finishing this year, a map called Swordfight received more votes than the aforementioned Vuthakral map because for the lolz. It's only afterwards that me and a few other chads voted Disconnect back to P5, because you guessed it, I wanted to keep that contest serious, partial and criteria rich, so that the results do not reflect the community being unserious, impartial and uncriteria rich. Votes are stupid if done wrong and ratings are stupid if done by dumb people. That's why so many ratings on halomaps are legitimately eyebrow raising to me and my vision is to make sure there's a rating that was done by actual people who actually played the map(s). If there's a problem with the ratings we give these maps, the contact info to everyone who participated are in the description for anyone to debate with. - Filthy German
  13. This is true. Often when we're four people and I need like a 16 player server to test big maps, we just play as-is and sooner or later, the amount of players exponentially increase. It's surprising how widespread the map download feature has become. It might take longer than MCC matchmaking, but atleast you'll... actually be playing.
  14. 10 years of telling Darius about it, we just gave up lmao.
  15. New entry! Icon by @Sceny, modified by @PopeTX28 for all gametype support
  16. Currently don't know who should receive 10 tickets for this lol