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  1. Wait a second... It's only one, so what could the problem be- Oh no. THEY'RE BACK (and the stench from their manure on the road too).
  2. Greetings friends of wild wildlife with unnatural boundary mentality. Today, according to Wikipedia, let's take a look at what seems to be a site of canada goose that's furthest away from its namesake, because New Zealand doesn't count: So what is it with this point in the middle of South Germany that has attracted this incredibly large species of goose? It's actually where the nuclear powerplant "KGG Gundremmingen" lies, which is the only boiling water reactor in the country and it gets its water from the second longest river in Europe, the Danube. During our lockdown procedure, I've been tasked in the morning maintenance team, which also involves going around the plant to check for anomalies. Since spring arrived, all types of ducks and geese are found around the river, but finally, the famous canada goose has shown up as well: As weeks passed by, even more of them started to show up: However, last friday, I've finally cought a family seemingly out of nowhere, which indeed made my day. Contrary to other flocks of canada goose, the ones we have are indeed shy to humans, which is why they seem to just to avoid the camera Thanks for reading, hope you had a great weekend!
  3. From what I understand, it has to be exported at 22 kHz in mono? If it ain't compiling still, might as well use giraffe's xbox audio codec perhaps?
  4. On behalf of everybody THANK YOU
  5. New entry! Skedar (Perfect Dark) by @Gonza7200
  6. not much
  7. Had thought about it, until I noticed that there was no space behind the couch to make it truely work
  8. Damn right it is. A true industrial map like no other.
  9. New entry! Cold Shoulder by @Conscars
  10. At this moment, the video is still being processed, so come back for a better video pixel quality!
  11. New Entry! Disconnect (Beta 2) by @Vuthakral
  12. Video is being processed at this time, so come back for better video pixel quality:
  13. New entry! Snowbind-PB by @PopeTX28
  14. Thanks a bunch. Every since lockdowns, there was zero chance I'd be able to use my fancy business attires to go do abroad work. Now they'll have another use in the mean time 8)
  15. Halo CE NOW - Monthly Top 5 Halo Custom Edition Videos On the monthly news show, I scower the internet to find the most premium Halo Custom Edition videos that aren't mine and rank them accordingly each month. This is all based on my own personal merits and opinions, so feel free to disagree with the choices and obvious biases on listing my friends only at the highest. If you end up making it to a Top 5 and coincidentally have an account on OC, you'll receive 5 raffle tickets! MAY, 2019 Segment
  16. Excitement across the board when I shared this among friends. This project gave the longest-lasting impression from its initial CE3 presentation and it really never left our minds at all. Keep on going with this @Ki11a_FTW and the direction that this will take in the future.
  17. Being bored with the normal radio while driving, I decided to youtube search "music to listen to while driving" and now can't get out of the Eurobeat hole.