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  1. Yes, though in white so that I can go to the beach with it without getting as much sun heat as a black case. /s
  2. Fractal Design Meshify C is a mid-tower with a mesh front panel. Image source
  3. Greetings again! I've conducted a census to various Halo: Custom Edition communities across the board back in May. Unfortunately, there were a couple of promises in there that I couldn't hold, for example: "RELEASES NEXT MONTH", "GENERAL HALO COMMUNITIES" Yeah, a bit harsh to overestimate my influence here. It seems a hot majority of general Halo community managers couldn't baffle the idea of having a census involving people's yearly income, even though it wasn't mandatory to give price. It kept me off the hook for the June release, since at the time, I was still trying to convince these top percenters, but to no avail in the end ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyways, census was conducted in the month of May (when Halo MCC PC was announced), maximum of 171 people have taken part in it. Categories with * were mandatory, whilst others receive their respective participation number. Thank you @Tucker933, @Devieth & @Jesse for allowing me to present it in your BUBBLES. GENERAL INFORMATION GENERAL HALO INFORMATION TIME IN HALO: CUSTOM EDITION ACTIVITY IN HALO: CUSTOM EDITION WEBSITES & FORUMS RESOURCES IN HALO: CUSTOM EDITION FRUITS OF HALO: CUSTOM EDITION And that's that! Thank you for your patience everyone. This should be done same month next year too, so if you have any suggestion(s) in what question(s) I should put in there, let me know!
  4. https://halooutpostdiscovery.com/ On March, Spiral, head developer of Heretic Hunt, has expressed interest in creating a panel for Halo: Custom Edition for the Anaheim Outpost Discovery event in August 30 – September 1 and submitted an inquiry. Today, it has been confirmed by Spiral that the submission was approved. Now, the panel length is still to be detemined and that's due to the content that'll be shown on the panel. If you are interested in your content being shown for this panel, Spiral's discord DMs are open: Spiral#6935 As for the content that's fixed from the start (although plans could change), Spiral stated the following: Or if anyone is able to go to said event and want to cheer on mah boy Spiral for me, you should definitely go there! Your efforts will be rewarded
  5. Halo CE NOW - Monthly Top 5 Halo Custom Edition Videos On the monthly news show, I scower the internet to find the most premium Halo Custom Edition videos that aren't mine and rank them accordingly each month. This is all based on my own personal merits and opinions, so feel free to disagree with the choices and obvious biases on listing my friends only at the highest. If you end up making it to a Top 5 and coincidentally have an account on OC, you'll receive 5 raffle tickets! MAY, 2019 Segment
  6. @aLTis-Sensei, why can't I see my legs???
  7. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つGIVE TUCKER YOUR ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ༼つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  8. what american movie about the middle east is this
  9. Sputnik skull is amazing.
  10. Raffle ticket monopoly% speedrun (Attempt 2) here we goooooooooooooo. For real, I wonder if a similar script would allow the use of a scroll wheel to browse the multiplayer server list.
  11. Out of possibly 1% of Germany's population that may own an Xbox back then, my friend Blackbird owned one and introduced me to Halo. The rest is history.
  12. Update, once again in glorious 4K. It's been three weeks since I last visited and boy have the gooselings grown. River trouts have also appeared in the area.
  13. Greetings friends of wild wildlife with unnatural boundary mentality. Today, according to Wikipedia, let's take a look at what seems to be a site of canada goose that's furthest away from its namesake, because New Zealand doesn't count: So what is it with this point in the middle of South Germany that has attracted this incredibly large species of goose? It's actually where the nuclear powerplant "KGG Gundremmingen" lies, which is the only boiling water reactor in the country and it gets its water from the second longest river in Europe, the Danube. During our lockdown procedure, I've been tasked in the morning maintenance team, which also involves going around the plant to check for anomalies. Since spring arrived, all types of ducks and geese are found around the river, but finally, the famous canada goose has shown up as well: As weeks passed by, even more of them started to show up: However, last friday, I've finally cought a family seemingly out of nowhere, which indeed made my day. Contrary to other flocks of canada goose, the ones we have are indeed shy to humans, which is why they seem to just to avoid the camera Thanks for reading, hope you had a great weekend!
  14. MARCH, 2020 Segment April, 2020 Segment This one is a Top 10, due to plenty of great entries.
  15. Update, in glorious 4K. One week after taking the last images, the canada goose family was spotted again, however, one gosling was missing among them. Otherwise, this is the best footage of them by far, since it included the goose hissing at me. That made my day.
  16. FEBRUARY, 2020 Segment
  17. DECEMBER, 2019 Segment Big change: I've also included a Top 5 category for the Cursed Halo mod. JANUARY, 2020 Segment
  18. Not until we honk honk.
  19. NEW ENTRY Ascetic by @aLTis
  20. NEW ENTRY Infint by @PopeTX28