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  1. NEW ENTRY Frigid Keep by @DSalimander
  2. NEW ENTRY Butter by @DSalimander
  3. Halo CE NOW - Monthly Top 5 Halo Custom Edition Videos On the monthly news show, I scower the internet to find the most premium Halo Custom Edition videos that aren't mine and rank them accordingly each month. This is all based on my own personal merits and opinions, so feel free to disagree with the choices and obvious biases on listing my friends only at the highest. If you end up making it to a Top 5 and coincidentally have an account on OC, you'll receive 5 raffle tickets! MAY, 2019 Segment
  5. sees football in title is europa sees planet shaped like football confused outrage Good thing we get to spectate this in our lifetime. I'd die for a scenario where a planet with Uranus' orbit gets the same treatment to make it look like a javelin instead.
  6. 0:44 - 3 Lives Elimination 5:47 - CTF 9:09 - Team Race (got a hiccup attack here) 12:06 - Team (Crazy) King of the Hill (and wtf youtube) 15:57 - Team Oddball
  7. My DM box was filled with the same message by a bunch of people on Discord: https://discord.gg/FAY8Qfj So feel free to post all the MCC PC discord invite creepy pasta links you got.
  8. Greetings everyone! I'm conducting a census across various Halo: Custom Edition specific communities and would like to share this with you too. It takes about 8-10 minutes, results to be announced next month. After that, I'll conduct the same census to the general Halo communities. Those results will pop out in a month after the first census results. If you have the time, please consired filling the census out Thank you https://docs.google.com/forms/d/174EZKn8m4dtI6bxHhmNEpaUFLKOQkVDeeuilfgQznnU
  9. I DUN N FUKD MYSELF. August is the year this'll finally be out.
  10. That's also common down south in Germany. I get envelopes (25 a piece) from a supermarket (EDEKA in my case) or steal some from work and let my letter(s) get weighed for the price in a separate post office, which is also run by the same supermarket that sells the envelopes, but not in the post office.
  11. I'll be up for it again
  12. Greetings OC! Today, I'd like to abuse my managerial powers again by not suggesting an article on an editor-only discussion forum, because this story requires much more explaination than what's seen on the surface. This time, it's about Youtube Censorship and what germans are doing at the moment in order to tackle the problem. I'll structure this post as follows: Summarize the problem at hand, introduce the main guy behind these activities, going over his demands and finally, most importantly, describing what kind of leverage he actually has against YouTube and how he wants to convince YouTube to comply with his demands. YouTube over the years Introducing the guy who championed this idea YouTubers Union & IG Metall make their demands known (https://youtu.be/oZZ5Kouj_hQ) The Decisive Leverage The Clash between Capitalism & the Social Market Economy TL;DR IMPORTANT VIDEO: Other videos discussing this: https://youtu.be/EUxxLZz_2NU https://youtu.be/ZRR01XEvNmw https://youtu.be/5yrHxQPPWNg https://youtu.be/RCDvhqcVU4s https://youtu.be/iBqcoE_4qKk https://youtu.be/4iU0e4D_0hw https://youtu.be/TA-rd8TEak0 https://youtu.be/OnL85bCuIkg https://youtu.be/EmEL13y9EXw
  14. 1:12 - CTF 8:40 - Team (Crazy) King of the Hill 11:38 - Team Oddball 13:27 - Team Race (Sorry for the screwed up audio from this time. For some reason, the Ridge Racer theme has now been blocked worldwide, even though I can still find it on YouTube. The audio is like this through YouTube's audio deletion service and I couldn't be bothered to spend another whole day uploading one video.)
  15. Not sure if it's just me, but those images aren't showing up for me. I'm assuming it's this BSP?
  16. Which is why we suggest it as a joke, cuz even we're tired of hearing the same thing too
  17. Ballyhoo by @DSalimander added.
  18. Hopefully they'll find the a small cache of highly advanced Prothean technology. Been dying for cheaper train tickets these days.
  19. Long Shot by @DSalimander Quadra-Stasis by @PopeTX28 Reactant by @Vuthakral Halo Invaders by @aLTis Death Spiral by @Sudo SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE This got submitted past our last recording schedule.
  20. 01:15 - CTF 10:06 - Team (Crazy) King of the Hill 13:20 - Team Race 13:27 - Team Oddball 15:15 - Classic Phantoms
  21. 00:34 - CTF 08:14 - Team (Crazy) King of the Hill 10:12 - Team Oddball 12:01 - Team Race
  22. Youtube took 12+ hours to process the video for some reason 2:43 - 5:58 epic bruh moment right there and at 01:57:47 I managed to reach Level 23, the current record. CHALLENGE ME
  23. Damn, with just ~12 hours left to submit? God speed amigo