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  1. Wait a second... It's only one, so what could the problem be- Oh no. THEY'RE BACK (and the stench from their manure on the road too).
  2. From what I understand, it has to be exported at 22 kHz in mono? If it ain't compiling still, might as well use giraffe's xbox audio codec perhaps?
  3. On behalf of everybody THANK YOU
  4. New entry! Skedar (Perfect Dark) by @Gonza7200
  5. not much
  6. Had thought about it, until I noticed that there was no space behind the couch to make it truely work
  7. Damn right it is. A true industrial map like no other.
  8. New entry! Cold Shoulder by @Conscars
  9. At this moment, the video is still being processed, so come back for a better video pixel quality!