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  2. Congrats Tark. I was so overly confident with my screenshot, I even had this prepared
  3. MUAHAHAHA, I appreciate the votes once again. Here's a video by @Vuthakral showing the making of that screenshot:
  4. Literal god
  5. VICTORIOUS. Took big effort into making that screenshot. The map it was on, Prudhoe, had double layered glass for the hallway - which means A WHOLE LOADA GLASS. It took some rapid fire pushing of the screenshot key to get that frame, which I'm very impressed with. Thank you for voting me!
  6. WTH CARDCAPTOR SAKURA GETS A SEQUEL ANIME OHHHHHHHHH MY HEART IS FLUTTERING. I remember telling my mum to drive home faster from school so I wouldn't miss the show. Looking forward to her new adventures :')
  7. Googling them works ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. But Christmas is 358 days away >:O
  9. Wish you all a grand new year, like this game here.
  10. Got myself a lucky hummer lobster here. Although the distributor had no idea where it's from, it still tasted awesome.