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  1. SEPTEMBER, 2019 Segment @RxBCh13f10, @aLTis & @MEGASEAN2812 have earned 5 raffle tickets!
  2. AUGUST, 2019 Segment @Reus Art has earned 5 raffle tickets!
  3. (If video still has the waiting line, skip to the 15th-16th minute mark as it's still being encoded out)
  4. Greetings again! I've conducted a census to various Halo: Custom Edition communities across the board back in May. Unfortunately, there were a couple of promises in there that I couldn't hold, for example: "RELEASES NEXT MONTH", "GENERAL HALO COMMUNITIES" Yeah, a bit harsh to overestimate my influence here. It seems a hot majority of general Halo community managers couldn't baffle the idea of having a census involving people's yearly income, even though it wasn't mandatory to give price. It kept me off the hook for the June release, since at the time, I was still trying to convince these top percenters, but to no avail in the end ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyways, census was conducted in the month of May (when Halo MCC PC was announced), maximum of 171 people have taken part in it. Categories with * were mandatory, whilst others receive their respective participation number. Thank you @Tucker933, @Devieth & @Jesse for allowing me to present it in your BUBBLES. GENERAL INFORMATION GENERAL HALO INFORMATION TIME IN HALO: CUSTOM EDITION ACTIVITY IN HALO: CUSTOM EDITION WEBSITES & FORUMS RESOURCES IN HALO: CUSTOM EDITION FRUITS OF HALO: CUSTOM EDITION And that's that! Thank you for your patience everyone. This should be done same month next year too, so if you have any suggestion(s) in what question(s) I should put in there, let me know!
  5. NEW ENTRY Frigid Keep by @DSalimander
  6. NEW ENTRY Butter by @DSalimander
  8. sees football in title is europa sees planet shaped like football confused outrage Good thing we get to spectate this in our lifetime. I'd die for a scenario where a planet with Uranus' orbit gets the same treatment to make it look like a javelin instead.
  9. 0:44 - 3 Lives Elimination 5:47 - CTF 9:09 - Team Race (got a hiccup attack here) 12:06 - Team (Crazy) King of the Hill (and wtf youtube) 15:57 - Team Oddball