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  1. Hopefully they'll find the a small cache of highly advanced Prothean technology. Been dying for cheaper train tickets these days.
  2. Long Shot by @DSalimander Quadra-Stasis by @PopeTX28 Reactant by @Vuthakral Halo Invaders by @aLTis Death Spiral by @Sudo SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE This got submitted past our last recording schedule.
  3. 01:15 - CTF 10:06 - Team (Crazy) King of the Hill 13:20 - Team Race 13:27 - Team Oddball 15:15 - Classic Phantoms
  4. 00:34 - CTF 08:14 - Team (Crazy) King of the Hill 10:12 - Team Oddball 12:01 - Team Race
  5. Youtube took 12+ hours to process the video for some reason 2:43 - 5:58 epic bruh moment right there and at 01:57:47 I managed to reach Level 23, the current record. CHALLENGE ME
  6. Damn, with just ~12 hours left to submit? God speed amigo
  7. JUNE, 2019 Segment @Gonza7200 has earned 5 raffle tickets!
  8. The world needs to know!
  9. The resurrection of Tark's Penis is coming back ever so closer.
  10. My DM box was filled with the same message by a bunch of people on Discord: https://discord.gg/FAY8Qfj So feel free to post all the MCC PC discord invite creepy pasta links you got.
  11. Well, whenever they wanna try doing it or not, it's gonna start after Halo 4 (or Halo 3 ODST, idk what's really last). https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-development-update-june-2019
  12. It's a slug. I've tried to convince other managers of other Halo communities to post this on their side of their sphere, but I ain't getting through at all. I guess I'll publish the results for the survey this month, with it only being from the CE community and be done with it.
  13. Well crud, how are you going to pleasure the ladies now? D:
  14. Of the people who laughed, recorded the whole thing and not helping you out?