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  1. Skedar is, more or less, my first CE map. I say "more or less" because it actually originates from Perfect Dark, a classic fps by Rare from the N64. Medium sized, close quarters map. Supports all gametypes, but works best with KOTH and FFA modes. This was always the map you would see by default in the map list of Perfect Dark's multiplayer. I ported the map and revamped it with high quality textures I made in photoshop, along with very subtle alterations to make the map more friendly to Halo CE's gameplay. I spent more time learning the modding tools than actually working on the map, but in the end, I got to put a map from one of the games of my childhood, in Halo All the people who helped me with this map have been credited in... the secret room. Map download: Skedar.zip More info on the Readme_Gonza.txt -GonzaTDL
  2. Okay, so... I did a thingy, I hope you guys like it. It's basically a cinematic montage with some of the nicest landscapes I could find on various custom maps. Not the first one I make, though. If you wanna see the first one I made like 2 years ago, link is on the description of the video.
  3. me and the boys dabbing in 2020