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  1. Will try when I get time. School. :< Also, as an aside, the other day I tried to make the AR fire like a BR by setting the does not repeat automatically flag and setting number of projectiles per shot; former flag does not sync. Oh well. :>
  2. I tried changing rounds per second from and rounds per second to, but it doesn't sync.
  3. function MakeProjectilesVeryFast() local stuff_to_modify = { "weapons\\pistol\\bullet", "weapons\\assault rifle\\bullet", "weapons\\sniper rifle\\sniper bullet", "weapons\\shotgun\\pellet", "vehicles\\warthog\\bullet", "vehicles\\scorpion\\bullet" } for i = 1, #stuff_to_modify do local tag = lookup_tag("proj", stuff_to_modify[i]) local tag_name = read_string(read_dword(tag + 0x10)) local tag_data = read_dword(tag + 0x14) local proj_vel = tag_data + 0x1e8 write_float(proj_vel, 1000) print("Made projectile speed of '" .. tag_name .. "' very fast.") end end I modified the velocity of the bullet/pellet projectiles. When I shoot the assault rifle, holding down, there will be times where it will inflict damage onto myself. Most noticeable after killing another player. Had the velocity at 1000000 initially and also tried 40, but both had the same quirk happen. I also modified the accuracy, headshot bonus flag, and damage on the assault rifle, but after testing with those unmodified, it seems that the problem stems from this function. Any clues? Edit: This is really weird. It only happens when I damage health. Edit: Devieth pointed me to his existing script, which results in the same effect. Also, it might have been ambiguous above, but it only happens for the assault rifle. Edit: Okay, so, it seems that I have to set the initial velocity too for some reason. Hopefully probably fixed. Edit: Devieth told me to make sure the lifespan matches the new velocities, which probably explains why this thing was happening in the first place.