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  1. I was also going to post a Skyrim picture after modding Special Edition but there was just too many patches and bugs with it that never got fixed after the mods were ported. So here.
  2. MCC Setptember 2019 Update The development team is split between getting content in and fixing game breaking bugs Some armor customization renders from the UE4 engine are shared. They hint that all the content may not be available at launch An update on their porting of custom content from Halo 3, 4, and Reach making it to MCC The next flight is based around PvP MCC PC will utilize Easy Anti Cheat (they're also aware that they'll need to do work to stop it from flagging unrelated programs like anti-virus programs0 They specifically said it'll be used to check for modified files. So there will either be server based Anti Cheat or it's not looking very good for the modding community. They've been in contact with Nvidia and AMD to optimize the game as much as possible. But dual GPU set-ups will not be officially supported.
  3. Welcome one and all to the grand Texture Upscaling Service! For the low low price of one of your organs you can have all your low resolution textures enlarged! *Some limitations apply @ShikuTeshi and @Tucker933 will help you on your way to obtaining that PC Master Race experience for your Halo Custom Edition content! With pure magic commonly known as Gigapixel by Topaz Labs you could see results like this! *Images presented contain 2K resolution textures that you can download here. HOWEVER You are required to prepare the files completely on your end. All we're doing here is upscaling your texture images. We are not here to prepare your entire texture tag for you. 1) If your texture is meant to be used as a multimap or sprite, you MUST decompose them into separate images beforehand. Gigapixel will NOT retain the right RGB channels for them to function as intended. It's also highly recommended to just do this for every single texture you want to maximize image quality. You can then compose them back together for the final product when we return them. 2) Make sure your images are saved as a PNG or JPG image. Gigapixel will accept TIF format as well, but there's an issue related to it that I'm not sure was fixed yet. 3) Upload the images you want done individually to something like Google Drive or Mega. Any file share service will do as long as you can share an entire folder and we can preview all the images before downloading. These are just the services that I can confirm to do these and that I am personally comfortable with. 4) Create a post here with a link to the download folder and what scale you would like. We would like to keep it in moderation for what Halo's game engine is capable of. So it would either be a 2x upscale across the board or simply bring everything up to 2K. The difference is the 2x upscale is in better moderation. So a 1024 size image will turn into a 2048, while lower resolutions like 256 go to 512 instead of 2048. This saves a lot of space where that higher resolution wouldn't make a difference for those textures in most cases. But if you REALLY just want everything in 2K. Sure, we'll do that for you. We will let you know when we have started on your images. Depending on the number you would like done and what type they are, it will take varying amounts of time that cannot be estimated. Once they have been processed, they will be uploaded to the OpenCarange FTP server for anyone to download. https://opencarnage.net/misc/upscale/ If you provided us with a number of images, we will zip those beforehand to save space.
  4. Batman Arkham Collection & Lego Batman Trilogy All 6 games are available for free on the Epic Game Store. Human Fall Flat for $3 (don't know the site but I did buy it just now from them. They appear to only accept Paypal.)
  5. Here's the August MCC update. Nothing special in this one however. Just statistics about the Firefight Flight and that they might do another one for more data. This one was done in Steam to gather data on matchmaking success rates.
  6. Dear god what have you done... You've doomed us all...
  7. Working on it. Edit: https://opencarnage.net/misc/upscale/EmmanuelCD 9-1-2019.7z
  8. Do you believe in magic? I don't. But I believe that computers will soon become our overlords. All hail Skynet! In all seriousness, this nifty program is pretty much like magic so powerful it'll recoil back at the user. That is to say that it isn't perfect. So what is this? This program is called Gigapixel. An AI trained by Topaz Labs to upscale images up to 32000x32000 with no visual quality loss and image quality improvement.. And it does a damn fantastic job at it. A good comparison I have is upscaling Halo's textures by 8x. https://imgur.com/a/uQTEtq7 I've also done a number of other images and uploaded them to my Mega Cloud that can be found publicly at https://mega.nz/#F!d4cl0SpI!HF57_qMaUgUYdjeoqPVvdQ I even upscaled an old YouTube video from 480p to 1080p. (I also converted it from 30fps to 60fps but that was using something else called Avisynth) The original video link can be found in the description. You can run those side by side to see the difference. Setting the upscaled video from 1080p to 480p wouldn't be fair due to bitrate and encoding differences. What can it do? Gigapixel is strictly an image upscale tool. It has a couple additional features in the form of Noise Suppression and Blur Removal to help improve low quality images. But there are some limitations to it. The AI needs information to work off of to give you the best results that it can. Therefore, the higher the resolution and quality of the original image the better. It can work pretty well with images as low as 256x256 as I have confirmed. But if that image or any image in particular contains too many blocky artifacts and blurriness then the quality of the final image will reduce. Artifacts in particular are the greatest enemy to Gigapixel as it will sometimes think that they're a part of the image and keep those in the final product. While it can remove small noise particles, it can't remove big blocky artifacts found in poorly compressed videos. Your starting image will greatly affect what this can provide you. Gigapixel works just fine with images that contain an alpha channel, but channels in general are something it seems to struggle with sometimes. Particularly when you try to use the Noise Suppression and Blur Removal options. There are very rare occurrences where the filters appear to affect a specific RGB channel and result in color highlights that shouldn't be there. It's hard to replicate, but it might be due to the type of image being put in for processing. Gigapixel can handle JPG, PNG, and TIF. I would stay away from TIF as it seems to create that color highlighting issue, and export in PNG for the best quality. Having the ability to quickly select whether to export to the same folder or a different folder by a drop down box is neat. And the ability to add a prefix or suffix to stay organized is even better. You might also be wondering how I was able to upscale a video with Gigapixel when it's strictly an image upscaling tool, and that's where ffmpeg and this guide come into play. https://captrobau.blogspot.com/2019/05/tutorial-upscaling-video-with-topaz-ai.html We simply use ffmpeg to rip the video apart frame by frame, then throw them into Gigapixel for upscaling before stitching them back together. Conclusion We're in a new age. And this AI image processing is just the start of a growing AI technology era until game AI's are powered by actual AI's and the world leaders are replaced with mechanical overlords. This is an amazing piece of software. I can see it being great for photographers who can't afford a camera the price of their homes, the average joe who takes pictures on their phones of places they've been and everything they've eaten before posting to social media, and those who have 4K+ monitors or TV's and everything they want to use as a wallpaper is in 1080p and lower. You can try the program for free or purchase it for $99.99 at https://topazlabs.com/gigapixel-ai/
  9. It can do them just fine.
  10. Holy fuck they actually did it. It's not exactly what I was expecting but it's going somewhere. Currently pretty limited. https://videoai.topazlabs.com I put a sample video in which is the same as the one in the spoiler of the original post. It'll come back as 900p instead of 1080 since it started at 480p, and it'll only be the first 30 seconds. But we'll see how well it does. Edit: They sent it back as a side by side comparison. The video is low detail to begin with but it did a really nice job.
  11. Additional information about how Flights work and the process to getting to one. Was posted earlier this month. They also shared an image of an Elite armor render. Supposedly from the Unreal Engine 4 customization screen they're working on. https://content.halocdn.com/media/Default/community/blogs/elite_minor-6091532da42c4a69a0c9d40c659240d0.jpg
  12. *All of a sudden Halo becomes a planetary warfare game.
  13. Working on it. Edit: It is done. https://opencarnage.net/misc/upscale/Sunstriker7 8-16-2019.zip
  14. As the title says. I've upscaled the Halo's textures to 2K via Artificial Intelligence from a program known as Gigapixel by Topaz Labs. The only things done right now are the Vehicle and Weapon textures. I might do skies next then terrain. We'll see how lazy I'm feeling. I've tried to do 4K but there's too many limitations with Halo to comfortably do so. Even if I do the skies and terrain afterwards, I may have to downscale to 1K depending on the size it takes up. For now, here's some download links. Uncompressed 8x Upscaled Vehicle PNG's Uncompressed 8x Upscaled Weapon PNG's Uncompressed 2K Resized Weapon and Vehicle PNG's 2K Compressed & Compiled Texture Tags (Vehicles & Weapons) And an Imgur link with some comparison screenshots. Missing some pelicans and wraiths in there but whatever. If this has your attention then you should download it to take a look for yourself.
  15. They become too large if I don't compress them. They'll quickly overcome the 4GB limit of Halo and be rendered useless. At this size, I simply don't have a choice but to compress them. Quality difference is minimal regardless. Slightly blurrier if you really try to look for it. Without a side by side comparison, I don't think you'd ever notice.
  16. I woke up to a living nightmare. A little graphic.
  17. MCC Development Update July 2019 Some notables: Planned flights Campaign (Flight One) - Done Firefight Matchmaking (Flight Two) PvP Matchmaking (Flight Three) Ultra Wide Monitor Support
  18. QuakeCon 2019 Sales until 7-31-2019
  19. PayDay 2 Ultimate Edition is $4.49 on Fanatical.
  20. It's super late but I hope this is added. It's such a neat thing.
  21. Actually disregard this!!! There's a DLC coming out for $39.99 with an upgraded base game + DLC for $59.99. Simple math tells us that you'll end up paying $7.99 more than if you just waited for the new packaged game bundle. Monster Hunter: World is $27.99 for the next 14 hours as of this post. Octopath Traveler is 30% off on Steam
  22. A new wrist rest for my keyboard. My cheapo $15 keyboard came with a hard plastic wrist wrest which is cracked all over. I sometimes lean on it with my elbow and forget that it's just gonna poke the hell out of me.
  23. Here's what I'm currently eyeballing. https://www.amazon.com/KILLABEE-Reclining-Memory-Racing-Gaming/dp/B07FCZ696Y/ref=sr_1_12?keywords=reclining+chair&qid=1561828473&s=gateway&sr=8-12 All the features I want in a chair are as follows... -Lots of quality thick padding, even on the arm rest. I don't want this thing deflating after a few months to a year and ripping apart due to cheap materials and construction. -Around at least a 20"x20" seating area since I actually like so sit cross legged. (I say cross legged but I put on leg over the other. It's far more comfortable, give it a try.) -Can recline. NOT rock. I like to be in a more unfolded position for when I watch videos. -The back should be tall enough for me to rest my head against. I know there are chairs that meet my expectations but they're only half height. -The link I shared is a "gaming" chair but that's completely unnecessary. It just matches my desires. -The leg rest is unnecessary. I use my sub-woofer a foot rest. If you've seen anything close to what I'm looking for then please let me know. If you have experience with something like this then even better. I've looked at a few options and it's just a matter of how well the material and padding is. Thanks in advance.
  24. You know what? Nope. I only had them around the bitmap. For some reason it didn't click with me.