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  1. Yeah. So I guess make that meeting room a place where nobody can talk in unless they have the appropriate roll. They'll still be allowed to be in there and listen in. But unless they have the specified roles they can't speak in there. From there you can just give whoever you want speaking the speaker role. I don't know if you've ever messed with specialized permissions per channel but from what I understand that's exactly what you're looking for. Permissions>@everyone>Speak set to disabled then Add a role to the channel and allow it to speak instead. You may need to make a new role specifically for this privilege. And it will only apply to said voice room. (just make sure not to click 'Sync Now' or it will apply the settings to all channels within a given category.
  2. I think the easiest way without a bot would be to edit the default user permissions for that channel and set voice to disabled. Then assign a streamer role to whoever is allowed to speak and give it permission in that channel to continue talking.
  3. It's been a long time since I've ever done this but I think it went into either the 'controls' folder or next to the .exe files. Might as well copy it to both since I don't properly remember.
  4. https://store.steampowered.com/app/616560/Ultimate_Epic_Battle_Simulator/ Free until Feb 1st
  5. Fixed those image links for you.
  6. I refuse to believe this is CE. It looks too damn good. Nice work!
  7. The difference? I don't know. The last time I did this was some years ago with a modpack and hosted on my main PC. This time? I have a spare PC (because the monitor died) and I originally had plans for a dedicated server PC on the new Ryzen 4000 APU's in a mini PC form factor when they released. So this time I don't have to worry about my gaming slowing down the server or needing to restart and forgetting to turn it back on. I would've like to run other game servers but it's an i5 6500. I also don't want to run another wire so it's stuck on Wifi for now. At the very least it has no obstruction on a 5Ghz network it has for itself alone. The server is running on Linux so hopefully it doesn't go down due to Windows Update shenanigans. It's running on version Java 1.16.3 Vanilla. Or as Vanilla as it gets. There's some server sided mods that improve performance and some that will enable QoL mods if you optionally install them yourselves. The list is as follows. Once again the server is only shared here for the Regulars and above since I don't really have a way to moderate it and really don't want to moderate it. (Unless we want to call it the OC server and integrate whitelisting by binding your OC account to a Mojang account? *wink* *wink*) But if you think you can share it with people you trust to not nuke the entire place then I don't mind you inviting your friends. Google Cloud Platform US West (Oregon) And if you wish to find my settlement. -1838 , -1174 Bring a boat. EDIT: The server is now hosted in the Google Cloud Platform. It's a weaker system but it's still running on 1.16.1 with the optimization mods. So hopefully it's okay. In case anyone is interested, Google is offering $300 in free credits to run their services. They're the underdog behind Microsoft and Amazon so I would look into taking advantage of some temporary free stuff while they offer it. And it is a VM that I'm running. With the configuration it's ~$32 a month. So by the time it's expended (if it doesn't have an expiration date) I would hopefully have a much better dedicated PC that's doing multiple tasks I want it to do.
  8. It's out of service. Was a good run. But not active enough to keep up.
  9. Technically a 2020 Kia Rio S. My sister bought the car but I co-signed due to having the better credit.
  10. Nice foot hammock.
  11. Learned today that this soundtrack was an accident. Apparently the voice actor was biding time waiting for new lines to be given to him. He forgot the mic was on and he was just singing. They took it and remixed it into that.
  12. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ A 'leak' reporting an entire list of AAA title games? I didn't think much of it since the leak last year was pretty accurate with exception of one of the games (i think it was Conan Exiles) being taken off cause Epic didn't pay them enough to finish doing integration. It showed up as 'upcoming' and then didn't happen. To this day it hasn't released on the store.
  13. So that list is so far incorrect. Here's todays EGS game.
  14. According to something a friend of mine found...
  15. PRAISE TENTACLES!!! What game is that?
  16. Submit a holiday themed screenshot in the Screenie of the Month to receive a ticket from me.
  17. Running along Tucker's raffle giveaway. I am giving out a ticket to each person who submits a holiday themed screenshot. (while supplies last)
  18. Because Ads are an invasive security risk. Also targeted and repetitive. Let me begin with saying that AdGuard has services for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, a web browser extension, and a VPN. I am only covering my experience with AdGuard for Android and am aware that the experience is very lacking on iOS. What is AdGuard? The name itself may be pretty apparent but AdGuard is a paid ad-blocking service. NOW WAIT. I know a paid ad-blocking service sounds terrible as you can just use a free browser extension on PC such as uBlock or find a mobile browser with such a feature already. And if I'm going to be blunt with you then AdGuard for anything outside of Android is practically useless by which the method it does this in. The best part? You don't even need to have root access. Adguard creates a local VPN network on your device that will filter out incoming Ad domains on your device before the app gets any ad related data. This means that not only does it work in a browser but globally across your Android device within any app like games. This means that if you like using Chrome for Android for the data syncing features then you can use it without ads regardless of its lack of extensions. This also means you're protected from pop-ups from the multitude of shitty websites, f2p games, or infectious apps that hide themselves and run ads on your phone all day long. (although it won't remove said infectious apps) But AdGuard does a little bit more. While it's already creating a 'VPN' it will allow you to set a custom DNS, block trackers, block known malicious websites and coin miners, block the multitude of social media follow buttons, and allows all of this and some more to be a customized experience. Working for both Wi-fi and Mobile data experiences. Screenshots of some settings posted to Imgur (because they're rather large vertical resolution) However AdGuard isn't a perfect experience. Some apps and browsers block the use of a VPN which renders AdGuard useless. And not all ads get filtered such as playing music for free through Spotify or videos on YouTube. Sometimes they will but the mobile platform doesn't have the inspecting capabilities of a desktop browser so they're not immediately updated. AdGuard uses it's own compiled list and publicly available list of domains (which can be toggled on) to block incoming ads and extras. If you really wanted to then you could turn them all on. iOS on the other hand only works with the Safari browser as Apple has banned the use of local VPN's. Likely in regards to potential security risk of such a method intercepting your data and sending it off somewhere else. I haven't personally verified any suspicious network activities but at the very least my accounts haven't been stolen these past 2 years. If this is of any interest to you then feel free to check it out. https://adguard.com/en/license.html The license is shared across all platforms but the VPN is a different product. Keep in mind that they offer monthly and lifetime licenses. My suggestion is to just grab a lifetime license if you rock an Android.
  19. Sounds like you're only installing HEK. HEK itself doesn't provide all the tags. You'll need to manually extract them from maps. You can do so with HEK+ but the newer tool MEK is better for doing so. You can grab it here. https://github.com/Sigmmma/mek Character tag data is usually found in campaign maps as well. So you'll have to find converted PC maps or have a copy of PC yourself.
  20. 16TB Seagate Exos HDD I'm amazed that the drive with higher ratings and tolerances than the 'consumer' IronWolf Pro drives is a bit cheaper. But I guess it doesn't come with data recovery. Might be fine though.
  21. This is a cursed Minecraft mod. That kind of geometry shouldn't exist!