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  1. That's an intense and satisfying explosion. Even if they were friendly I probably couldn't resist the impulse to just kill em.
  2. Either I scammed myself or I didn't. But I bought EKWB equipment for my 3090 from Spartan Liquid Cooling who were listed as a partner on EK's website based in the USA so I get to skip the $110 shipping fee. I got the GPU block along with the Active Backplate block for the 3090, D5 pump and reservoir combo and a 480mm XE Rad since I had quad 120mm intakes already. Of course the necessary tubing and fittings. But some parts are on backorder with me being #1. So it'll ship as soon as they get the last remaining parts. Hopefuly. I'll also be picking up Thermalright Thermal Pads once it begins shipping. The thermal pads are advertised as having ~4x the w/mk than the ones EKWB provides/sells which is why I'm going to sink extra into a different brand. Especially since it's a 3090 we're talking about. Edit: Order was delayed because Massachusetts, where the business is located, was hit by a big storm.
  3. Damn. >Headline: Forest Fires due to explosion from three large fuel tanks ignited by baby gender reveal device. SMUD. PG&E only supplies the gas line in our area.
  4. Our bill is roughly the same or more. But a generator does make sense for you since you have to deal with that. The only time the power goes out here is if either a storm or a show off driver knocks out a power pole. And generally it becomes all hands on deck at that point with our power provider going full force into restoring the grid so it usually never lasts longer than a few hours. But it's hot as balls and summer is a nice long 4 months. So I'd really like to combat that costs for blasting the AC. But haven't found a battery to operate in temperatures upwards of 100F and sit outside or in the garage with the capacity needed for running an AC for 4-5 hours and not eviscerate my wallet. Looking at your generator I assume you hooked it into the fuel line coming into the home? Edit: Found our rates.
  5. I've never had issues navigating the forum unless there's a new section added or something got moved. But that's just temporary issue with muscle memory. I always felt things were clearly labeled. It just depends on whether things are posted in the correct sections.
  6. Home batteries ever became a thought? They're something I'm looking at since we use time of day costs in my area. I think like 4-8pm is triple the cost per kw/h compared to the rest of the day. No solar panels so it would charge during the cheapest hours. Run during the most expensive hours. And continue to run until near drained before returning to charge at midnight. Also my PC exhaust box revision. Got a backdraft damper and a leaf blower. Well it's not actually a leaf blower but on max speed it seems as strong as one. I keep it around 1-3. All of which consumes way more power than the previous fan. But it gets the heat moving and the heat evenly distributed which makes me believe that more of the heat makes it outside before it can radiate.
  7. What if SotM evolved to allow short game clips? Generally unedited unless to clip it from a larger recording.
  8. IT'S NOT A PHASE DAD! YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND. Though I've heard it both. But only buds make sense to me since it sounds like snipping a flower bud.
  9. I'll take it Literally got red, white, and blue working together to make EXPLOSIONS!
  10. I guess it's Merica month. I'll send out tickets for Merica theme'd screenshots. Even if you live outside the country and don't give a shit about us. You can post something making fun of us. Should be more than enough jokes to go around. *Make hamburger country*
  11. It turned out to be very efficient. Worth. It's able to expel almost all of the heat. I still have a hallway fan blowing in but I'm able to maintain room temperature and it hasn't increased.