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  1. Insurgency is free for the next 48 hours. Claim it now and keep it in your library.
  2. I got excited for a moment. But I already know the final reboot movie had officially announced the release date. For 2020... But also, this is dumb.
  3. Guns of Icarus is free on Humble Bundle
  4. http://www.fox4news.com/trending/video-amazing-police-dog-performs-cpr-on-officer
  5. Shadowrun Returns Deluxe is free
  6. Halo CE was their first attempt at doing that with Halo. And that was done by Bungie and Gearbox. Microsoft is just a publisher. Halo 2 Vista was likely enforced by Microsoft to try to promote Windows 7 alpha test OS. Which failed horribly because the Windows 7 alpha was too early for its age. Halo 5 Forge is something I see as an attempt at 343 trying out Microsofts "play anywhere" API which makes porting games from console and PC a lot easier. I didn't see it as a real attempt at bringing a modern Halo game to PC. But more of 343 asking themselves, "Can we figure out and use this new API by Microsoft for future games?" And just gain an understanding of how the system works. And they probably got a good handle on it because the game feels good on a controller and has access to all the custom maps and assets created on the console version. This is under the assumption that the API wasn't in the engine to begin with. But now it'll be implemented from the start in their new SlipSpace engine.
  7. A few of use talked a bit about this on the Discord chat. We're probably reading too much into it since it's only a game engine demo. But a few notable things is that the game gave off an open world vibe. Probably because of the draw distance that we're not used to seeing in FPS games, and are usually seen on RPG's like The Elder Scrolls. The game is also named Halo Infinite, and lacks any number in the name. So we can assume it will be like Halo Reach where it has a place on the storyline, but isn't a core story. What I mean is that it takes place after Halo 5 which is confirmed, but doesn't continue the same goal that took place in Halo 5. So I'd personally assume that it has less of a focus about the story surrounding Chief and Cortana, and more about just the Chief with himself. Why they would do this? Probably because they have a new game engine. And doing a game like this as a trial run is probably a good idea to get feedback from the audience. We've noticed that Chiefs armor (at least the helmet) looks very much like his armor in Halo 3. Something that I think we've agreed we liked.
  8. https://giant.gfycat.com/GrippingSkinnyFox.webm
  9. Spent many hours installing all of the mods. There was an option for something called the God Cow. I didn't know what I was getting myself in for.
  10. Is that an Airstrike coming by in #2? I can see that it's multiplayer so what is going on here?
  11. I'm still seeing at tie.
  12. https://store.google.com/product/pixel_2