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  1. I don't know what the fuck I just witnessed. But it's strangely appealing.
  2. I'm not apologizing for this... You had it coming... Are you not able to offload whatever process Blender is using to your GPU? I remember taking a 3D art class using some tool I've never heard of that's built around CPU power, and GPU rendered through cloud computing. But it didn't support local GPU rendering of any sort. Is Blender one of those kinds of tools?
  3. This was from a very long time ago.
  4. You can try contacting these guys to see if they'll do it and how their system works. https://gamehosting.co/ But personally I've never used a VPS before. These were just the only guys I found with a quick google offering servers at around $5 and sometimes a little less. I think the only wall would be if they needed to have an install of the game to host the server or if there's a portable package. Since the game requires a key and only used copies are sold, I think the chances are slim to none.
  5. #1 Looks like such an awkward moment.
  6. Imgur still can't process 8K images. Seems to handle 4K just fine. Trying out BDO's revamped graphics.
  7. So would this be like modding in some other games? In Halo we have to put everything we want into a map scenario and compile it all into a single file. Where as most other games can just get a mod as an add-on and tell the game/map to use said files?
  8. I'd like to add that Anker, the same brand who's 26800mAh Battery Bank I reviewed before has partnered with Nintendo to produce Battery Banks certified for fast charging the Nintendo Switch at the right 15V/2.6A PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition
  9. Insurgency is free for the next 48 hours. Claim it now and keep it in your library.
  10. I got excited for a moment. But I already know the final reboot movie had officially announced the release date. For 2020... But also, this is dumb.
  11. Guns of Icarus is free on Humble Bundle