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  1. Meet me in the back alley...
  2. Left 4 Dead 2 is $1.99 on Steam in honor of having an update in the past 10 years. Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Complete Edition free on Epic Games.
  3. Looks like something Command and Conquer Red Alert of Tiberium Wars would ahve.
  4. I read, but haven't confirmed, some news that Epic will credit $10 to your account if you play Rocket League on their platform.
  5. Generally RGB isn't integrated with the case. It typically should be sold separately unless it's unique like something similar to the InWin Infinity. This due to there being RGB sync technology incorporated in most gaming branded motherboards. I personally don't look at tempered glass cases since I prefer my Define S series case without glass. It would also come down to preference. Though manufacturers I can recommend taking a look at for their build quality would be... be quiet! Pure Base Corsair has a plethora of popular cases Fractal Design Define Series for minimalism look and sound dampening foam In Win or Lian Li have a few with built in RGB NZXT for really square minimalism There's many other brands out there but majority of them are really poor quality. A few reputable brands I didn't mention but I personally think they're better off making other components than cases.
  6. That's really clean.
  7. Do you have Chimera installed? I believe the two have issues with each other.
  8. I now have the server hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (those interested should look into taking advantage of their free $300 credit offer while it lasts). I've retained my own copy of the world just in case since it's almost free reign. But I'm gonna go ahead and open it to guests of OpenCarnage who happen to come by it. Correction on Google, you get $300 for premium services to spend and anything else for free for 3 months. While it's a good substitute I guess I'll be looking at a specialized service afterwards since $25+ a month for a server is a bit much.
  9. I don't know if anyone's been on recently. But my ISP has been unstable. Probably due to the fires just about an hour away from me. Maybe I should just pay $5 for a central US based server.
  10. I should've mentioned that this is a server I've had going with my friends for some time already, I apologize if all the villages around spawn within a 1000 radius (or I think just north east) are looted. I'll give my home location when I get on some other time but you'll have to cross a fat body of water to the nearest stronghold. My current address. -1838 , -1174
  11. The difference? I don't know. The last time I did this was some years ago with a modpack and hosted on my main PC. This time? I have a spare PC (because the monitor died) and I originally had plans for a dedicated server PC on the new Ryzen 4000 APU's in a mini PC form factor when they released. So this time I don't have to worry about my gaming slowing down the server or needing to restart and forgetting to turn it back on. I would've like to run other game servers but it's an i5 6500. I also don't want to run another wire so it's stuck on Wifi for now. At the very least it has no obstruction on a 5Ghz network it has for itself alone. The server is running on Linux so hopefully it doesn't go down due to Windows Update shenanigans. It's running on version Java 1.16.1 Vanilla. Or as Vanilla as it gets. There's some server sided mods that improve performance and some that will enable QoL mods if you optionally install them yourselves. The list is as follows. Once again the server is only shared here for the Regulars and above since I don't really have a way to moderate it and really don't want to moderate it. (Unless we want to call it the OC server and integrate whitelisting by binding your OC account to a Mojang account? *wink* *wink*) But if you think you can share it with people you trust to not nuke the entire place then I don't mind you inviting your friends. Google Cloud Platform US West (Oregon) And if you wish to find my settlement. -1838 , -1174 Bring a boat. EDIT: The server is now hosted in the Google Cloud Platform. It's a weaker system but it's still running on 1.16.1 with the optimization mods. So hopefully it's okay. In case anyone is interested, Google is offering $300 in free credits to run their services. They're the underdog behind Microsoft and Amazon so I would look into taking advantage of some temporary free stuff while they offer it. And it is a VM that I'm running. With the configuration it's ~$32 a month. So by the time it's expended (if it doesn't have an expiration date) I would hopefully have a much better dedicated PC that's doing multiple tasks I want it to do.
  12. #2