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  1. What game is that?
  2. Bioshock Collection for $13.84
  3. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-development-update-november-2019
  4. And I'm over here thinking there's not much you would do for a uniquely amazing mod idea. I would have never imagined something like this being attempted. Neat.
  5. MCC DEVELOPMENT UPDATE - OCTOBER 2019 I typed out an entire recap with the images and shit but the moment I hit enter after a spoiler it deleted everything... so I'll let you all read it yourselves... There's a lot of neat info in this one. Notably how low spec of a machine you need to hit 4K 60FPS.
  6. I've seen gameplay and the depth of field kills it for me. I can't watch someone play with that going on.
  7. I was also going to post a Skyrim picture after modding Special Edition but there was just too many patches and bugs with it that never got fixed after the mods were ported. So here.
  8. MCC September 2019 Update The development team is split between getting content in and fixing game breaking bugs Some armor customization renders from the UE4 engine are shared. They hint that all the content may not be available at launch An update on their porting of custom content from Halo 3, 4, and Reach making it to MCC The next flight is based around PvP MCC PC will utilize Easy Anti Cheat (they're also aware that they'll need to do work to stop it from flagging unrelated programs like anti-virus programs0 They specifically said it'll be used to check for modified files. So there will either be server based Anti Cheat or it's not looking very good for the modding community. They've been in contact with Nvidia and AMD to optimize the game as much as possible. But dual GPU set-ups will not be officially supported.
  9. Batman Arkham Collection & Lego Batman Trilogy All 6 games are available for free on the Epic Game Store. Human Fall Flat for $3 (don't know the site but I did buy it just now from them. They appear to only accept Paypal.)
  10. Here's the August MCC update. Nothing special in this one however. Just statistics about the Firefight Flight and that they might do another one for more data. This one was done in Steam to gather data on matchmaking success rates.
  11. Dear god what have you done... You've doomed us all...
  12. Working on it. Edit: https://opencarnage.net/misc/upscale/EmmanuelCD 9-1-2019.7z
  13. It can do them just fine.