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  1. http://anichart.net/Fall-2017 I guess what I'll be watching is... Love Live! Sunshine S2: https://anilist.co/anime/98349/LoveLiveSunshine2 Dies Irae: https://anilist.co/anime/21555/Diesirae Juuni Taisen (Sounds exactly like Fate/Stay series): https://anilist.co/anime/98443/JuuniTaisen Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru: https://anilist.co/anime/87504/SaredoTsumibitowaRyuutoOdoru Shokugeki no Souma S3: https://anilist.co/anime/99255/ShokugekinoSoumaSannoSara Two Car: https://anilist.co/anime/99672/TwoCar Movies... Fate/Stay Heaven's Feel: https://anilist.co/anime/20791/FatestaynightHeavensFeelIpresageflower Girls Und Panzer: https://anilist.co/anime/99938/GirlsundPanzerSaishuushou
  2. There was some other article I read today about the FBI investigating a Russian News group based in the USA. They're funded by the Russian Gov. And some other news about Russian smugglers making deals with North Korea through businesses laundering money through fake business fronts. Something like that. I'm not entirely sure if it's the Russian Gov that's doing this or just people in Russia. But it was rather obvious that somebody had to be helping North Korea develop their armory. Such an isolated state wouldn't have been able to survive this long like that. Let alone make any kind of major technological advances in such a short time.
  3. "I care for you guys. But I care more about being able to make money."
  4. This is fine...
  5. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/google-pulls-300-android-apps-042000912.html
  6. Well, this is going to be a very interesting development...
  7. I learned how to play Poker this month. Did a money game with family and friends today. Only a $10 buy in, $70 total. Walked out with $30. The game went on for three hours till midnight. Everyone thought I had always known how to play poker because I made too many good calls. Went all in twice and won both. It got to the point where whenever I continued past the first 3 river cards, everyone else would get paranoid about what I had in hand. Of course, I would occasionally provoke people to "call my bluff" when my chances of winning were solid.
  8. Looks like imgur downscaled this from 8K to 6K. Well, whatever. (Taken with the ingame 8K screenshot tool until Nvidia Ansel support is done. So I didn't have a choice about the watermark. :/)
  9. https://i.imgur.com/dCcm9Re.gifv
  10. R.I.P Chester Bennington 7/20/2017. My childhood star.

  11. Doctor Strange.
  12. That's some dream. Batteries haven't advanced that much in recent years. Thier lifespan is terrible compared to mechanical vehicles using fuel. I can't see electric cars becoming reliable in the foreseeable future. Then there's the hydrogen car. Not really sure where this one stands. But it's expensive.
  13. N64

    I know in my area we have a retro/old game retailer called GameTrader. (Some take on GameStop, I don't know) I don't know where you live but you can try looking up a game retailer. Although they do charge a bit for the antiques.