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  1. What? This topic is for 002. You can't be stealing someones bday topic like that!
  2. Bought tickets to Avengers Infinity Wars for the low low price of $0.00
  3. My GPU is overclocked. But it never had an issue or created any artifacts when I tested it way back. I basically upped it to the recommended max in the Asus OC tool without increasing the power limit and it was stable. I've raised it from 100% to 120% power limit. My system never goes above 75c under synthetic load so I don't think I'm going to have to worry about heat in real world usage.
  4. I've never experienced this before. I was simply streaming today for ~5 hours, nothing unusual like my past couple of days. All of a sudden my PC decides to go black. No BSoD, stream froze, monitors couldn't pick up a video signal, so I had to force power down my PC and restart it. Windows Update wasn't the cause. The last time it ran was a month ago. It could've been video card or video drivers alone since I was streaming using NVENC encoder. But has anyone else experienced this problem before and was able to diagnose the issue? It would be a great help. Right now I'm thinking a driver mishap or GPU gone wrong. And I'm hoping it's not the former because I can't afford a replacement. Especially with the current market.
  5. #5 needs captions about what the grunt is thinking.
  6. Try removing your GPU and running of integrated graphics without underclocking. I imagine that would reduce the power threshold and if it boots then your PSU has gone bad. Something like this had happened to my cousins PC when he games. It just started to shutdown in the middle of gaming due to not being able to supply enough power, and wouldn't boot sometimes until you fiddled with the PSU on/off switch and tried again. An alternative to doing this if you don't wanna mess with moving hardware around is just to underclock very slightly until you can boot, then run simultaneous benchmarks on your CPU and GPU at the same time to stress the PSU.
  7. It's not a picture... but it's a series of pictures changing by very quickly. This was when I was a janitor for my summer job in 2016. It was actually a fun place to work, even more so when we did stupid things like this.
  8. A Falcon? Are you running a map with custom vehicles have that are destructible? Or are you asking for something to change the amount of damage the player in the vehicle takes? I'm not a scripter but just curious about what you're asking for.
  9. Yep, makes a nice wallpaper alright. Took the one without noise and dropped it into gimp. Reduced brightness, upped contrast, then desaturated it for personal preference.
  10. #2 would make a good wallpaper if it had less artifacts.
  11. This is pretty funny.
  12. Wait... is that what that was? I never figured out what that did and thought you were just showing off with your particle effects.
  13. Insane Wild Stealthy Because this is a combination of traits that work flawlessly together.