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  1. I respect your choice of parts. Though I personally don't need the multicore performance anymore so, if I didn't have the build I did, woulda went with a 5xxx series CPU or waited on X3D series. 7xxx series somehow managed to push really great multicore gains but not a lot of singlecore.
  2. Guess I splurged a lot but everything is on a 0% APR financing credit. I could afford them upfront but it feels nicer not getting an immediate slap in the face. I don't usually do fat purchases so this shouldn't increase at all until it's payed off over the next 12 months. My nice holiday bonus also helps a lot. But I picked up a number of things. Traded in my Pixel 4a (which may or may not have been kick flipped into the toilet and started having issues with bluetooth enabled) for a Pixel 7. Did this before Black Friday but I was able to get the difference refunded when the sales started. In the end I'm likely expecting to only pay $200 for it assuming they don't catch the one issue. A 2TB Samsung 870 EVO SATA SSD for ~$150 to replace my 3TB HDD that's being used as a dedicated game drive. A Sabrent 4-Bay Docking Station along with a Seagate Exos 18TB HDD. I can't fit anymore HDD's into my PC with the mistake of a radiator I picked out. Also know I don't need 18TB's but it was the best price/GB so I said why the fuck not. I'm a buy once kind of person. I'll get another one next year and do some sort of redundancy storage with it. I would have really liked a Seagate Mach-2 drive but I can't find them available online yet... With exception of the one sketchy ebay listing.
  3. Realized that my IP definitely changed between then and now. Learned that I have a dynamic IP that changes if I ever disconnect my gateway for a few hours. Which is annoying and nice I suppose. Anyhow. Think the 1.19 time has died down awhile ago so the server won't be up. But Valheim just had a major update that I've been looking forward to. So I might open a server for that. Quite a fun and unique sandbox.
  4. I'll use this as your submission for when voting comes. For future reference, you can just right click > copy image > paste into and use that url so the OC can display it. Here's mine.
  5. You know what. Didn't see that coming. Genius. But also. Fuck... Take your damn ticket. And have an extra for being so damn creative.
  6. @Java is the spookiest of them all!
  7. Onto Entries for November 2022! Now if we're going to be lazy then obviously the theme is something related to thanks-giving. A holiday where Americans get HUGE So yeah... The Theme of November is... "HUGE" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. Rules Voting closes on the 5th. Non-entrant voters must have at least 5 posts on the forum. Entrants may not vote for themselves. Theme of August - "Spooky" #1 #2 #3
  9. Congrats to @Java!
  10. New Entry for October 2022 Begins! I can't really NOT do it. So the theme for October would obviously be... SPOOKY
  11. Rules Voting closes on the 5th. Non-entrant voters must have at least 5 posts on the forum. Entrants may not vote for themselves. Theme of August - "Well shit..." #1 #2 #3 #4
  12. That's cursed.
  13. Been awhile since we've had a video submission so here we are.
  14. Congrats to @tarikja for successfully buying their own win!
  15. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition Football Manager 2022 Assassin's Creed Origins Free on to claim from with an Amazon Prime account.