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  1. There are businesses that offer benefits such as matching employee contribution towards 401k. But I'm curious if there are businesses that will give employees the choice to either choose a 401k plan or student loan payment plan. The employer would contribute the same % regardless of what you choose, as long as you also match the required %. And let's say, you either: A) Don't have any student debt, B) Finally finished paying off your student debt, or C) Rather deal with student debt without employer intervention, then you could simply switch to a 401k plan. Has anyone seen this practiced by an employer? Just curious.
  2. My 401k is the same, 4% match at 50%
  3. Kinda a random question. But do you plan on doing a V2 of your original campaign in the future?
  4. Designing levels for Halo CE
  5. Sweet. Some singleplayer action. I'll be playing this tonight.
  6. Looks nice. Good job with this map Altis.
  7. Don't know how it got a 7.1. Lots of folks were voting between 6/10 to 7/10 . I guess a D to C- rating isn't bad for a 3 month map that went through 3 beta tests. Thanks. Much appreciated.
  8. Thanks DSal. I agree, I wasn't too happy with the final lightmaps. But I wanted to release it before the new year so that it's out of the way. I've been working on the map for about 4 months or so. On and off. It's probably my last map though, too much stuff going on with my mothers health.
  9. Here is my map Infint. It's a small 2v2 map, great for team-based gameplay. The readme has more info. But this is probably not going to be the final build. Lighting has significantly changed since the time the images were taken. Infint.zip
  10. Thanks! You rock.
  11. Would you mind upscaling the cyborg textures for me? Thanks. cyborg.zip
  12. I stopped playing my switch for about 6 months, then this game came out. After about 1 hour of gameplay, I stopped playing again. I ended up selling my switch and games to a co-worker. They gave the switch to their kid for Christmas. I just don't play Nintendo games like I use to anymore. Even smash bros was boring to me. Nothing against switches or nintendo. I just don't enjoy those types of games anymore.
  13. Is your beer empty?
  14. If any of the MCC games came with modding capability, how would you guys like the tools to be implemented? Would you like it to be: A) Similar to the HEK? Same process with tagging and populating through Guerilla and Sapien? B) Something that is like an All-in-one tool. Something like Forge, but with the ability to import custom assets if desired. C) Perhaps something entirely different? What are your thoughts/ideas?
  15. 1st mission ran smooth as butter for me. Enhanced graphics are nice too. I'm running on a RTX 2070.
  16. I'm glad to see this released. I'll play it soon.
  17. Dude nice stuff, base on the images. But come on man, this is why you are banned from so many places. In fact, your comments/attitude is what keeps me from playing your maps or taking them serious. Release notes/info are important when presenting your released project. Making bad comments towards unrelated things will keep people away from your work. In fact, I will not download and play your map until you fix your release info. If you do fix it, I will give you a like and download it. That's up to you though.
  18. Hello OC! I'm currently in the development stage for a map that will ultimately be submitted for the competition. My main goal for this map is to feature all 4 factions in halo ce: UNSC, Covenant, Forerunner, and Flood. UNSC and Covenant factions will be represented as team bases. Each base will have the same layout, but different architectural styles. Red base will be UNSC themed, Blue base will be Covenant themed. Forerunner structures will be located towards the center areas of the map. Flood environments will be found in underground areas (as if the infection was contained behind doors). I haven't decided on an overall layout for the map, but it will be obviously outdoors. I'll have to decide if it will be grass, snow, desert, island, or swamp themed later. Kinda hard to decide, but I might learn towards and overall island environment. Right now, I am modeling bases for the map. The UNSC base is completely modeled and textured.
  19. Thanks. They have their flaws, but it makes up for funny memes.
  20. I don't know where to posted. But it's something that Michelle suggested. This is a posting of every map that I have created. Starting from Oldest, ending with most recent. ----U-turn---- my first map ever made. It's a crappy box map. ----Gravitary---- My 2nd map made. It's a crappy interior map. ----Ancient Sanctuary Beta---- My 3rd map, was quite successful. Great idea not having starting pistols :/. ----Airlock---- Yes, author says 'Hellhound' but it was actually me. ----Gridiron_Beta---- This map was fun to make. Probably one of my favorites. I'm too lazy to change things and finalize it though :/ ----10k POA Beta---- Probably one of the best Asymetrical maps I've made for CE. It's small but it plays awesome. It would be better with proper spawns. ----10k Halo Beta---- Probably one of the prettiest maps I've made. ----10k T&R---- One of the most uniquely designed maps that I have made. ----Nitra---- My goal for this map was learning Aether. Worked out pretty good. ----Prudhoe Beta---- This was a fun Arena map to make. I need to finish it with proper portals. Map is poorly optimized, but still plays fun. ----Hemoasis---- This is my most polished map. It's also the map that helped me win $50 from the OpenCarnage mapping competition. ----Brumal---- I made this map in 1 week with limited time for the Open Carnage competition. It's not my most favorite work, but it's a decent enough map for 1 week. ----GridironV2-Public Beta----- Version 2 of Gridiron. New Redbase area and skybox. This is a public beta of the map. Final version with better lighting might be released in the future. In terms of gameplay, it seems pretty final. ------------LINK TO DOWNLOAD ALL THE MAPS-------------- http://www.mediafire.com/file/vab6yx5zgfc96t5/Maps.zip/file
  21. The kit is complicating for someone new to level design for sure. Someone who has had past experience with other engines for level design could probably figure it out easily. The level design portion of the HEK Tutorial sucks, but it does have decent info about other things (Portals, materials, errors, etc).
  22. lol Interesting. Congrats DSal.
  23. Yeah, I feel like they could have made a better teaser There should have been more environment interaction that led to the monster suddenly appearing. But I guess a teaser is a teaser.