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  1. Great job with this!
  2. Congrats on winning 1st place in the reclaimers competition! Well deserved!
  3. Thanks for the support everyone! I just won 2nd place in the reclaimers competition! This map is still a WIP....I'm hoping to finalize it with better textures, Aether lighting, and a secret room....Oh, And of course, fixing any gameplay breaking elements.
  4. This is for the reclaimers map competition hosted by CE3. The map is a public beta. The map is obviously an inspiration of the Halo 3 map Snowbound. I wanted to create a larger symetrical version of the map for CE. Plus, there aren't a lot of covenant maps. Overall, I'm highly satisfied with where this map is now. Recommended Gametypes: CTF and Team Race. Please post any issues here as well, I eventually want to release a final version of this map, which will be 10x more prettier. Thank you OC for remaining cool. Link to the map file: Snowbind-PB.zip
  5. You could modify the walls to the ^ symbol on the BSP material. It essentially would make the walls a climbable surface. There probably is a script tho.
  6. I remember this from a long time ago on Modacity I believe! Thanks for providing this stuff.
  7. Good to see you here. :3
  8. Does this mean I can make similar maps using your tags?
  9. Seriously, this popped up in my feed.....Did Nakedchick intentionally name this map 'Alaska' for a reason? Also, thanks for still uploading Storm. :3
  10. There are businesses that offer benefits such as matching employee contribution towards 401k. But I'm curious if there are businesses that will give employees the choice to either choose a 401k plan or student loan payment plan. The employer would contribute the same % regardless of what you choose, as long as you also match the required %. And let's say, you either: A) Don't have any student debt, B) Finally finished paying off your student debt, or C) Rather deal with student debt without employer intervention, then you could simply switch to a 401k plan. Has anyone seen this practiced by an employer? Just curious.
  11. In my pants.
  12. Wow, such PP. Much big.
  13. lol the community is so small, people can figure out whos tags are whos now.
  14. Great job, Raichu.
  15. lol. Who even wants to protect tags for such an old game?
  16. Congrats on hitting 10,000+
  17. Squawk all over your logs.
  18. They need an SDK. That will fix a lot of things.
  19. Do you have VSYNC enabled? Try turning VSYNC off and see if your framerate improves. You might deal with screen tearing, but it's worth the sacrifice.
  20. That biped totally kicks ass.
  21. Just completed the game on Ultra Violence. Fantastic ending boss fight. Currently going back through the missions to find secrets that I missed, and also going through and unlocking all weapon mastery's.
  22. Not sure how many of you guys have the game, but I played about 3 hours last night. The game is absolutely amazing so far, you can really tell the difference between Doom 2016 and Eternal. I'm playing on Ultra Violence for now. After I get through the story, I'm going to try nightmare mode and attempt to unlock all secrets/gates/etc...Let's just say I'm not going to have a life this weekend. Not that it matters, I can use the good ole 'quarantine' excuse. Anyways, rip and tear until it is done fellas.
  23. Looks like BFG Division has been replaced with this epic piece of a theme: