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  1. Seriously, this popped up in my feed.....Did Nakedchick intentionally name this map 'Alaska' for a reason? Also, thanks for still uploading Storm. :3
  2. In my pants.
  3. Wow, such PP. Much big.
  4. lol the community is so small, people can figure out whos tags are whos now.
  5. Great job, Raichu.
  6. lol. Who even wants to protect tags for such an old game?
  7. Congrats on hitting 10,000+
  8. Squawk all over your logs.
  9. They need an SDK. That will fix a lot of things.
  10. Do you have VSYNC enabled? Try turning VSYNC off and see if your framerate improves. You might deal with screen tearing, but it's worth the sacrifice.
  11. That biped totally kicks ass.
  12. Just completed the game on Ultra Violence. Fantastic ending boss fight. Currently going back through the missions to find secrets that I missed, and also going through and unlocking all weapon mastery's.
  13. Looks like BFG Division has been replaced with this epic piece of a theme: