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  1. I have a 1 hour timelapse of Brumal. There were a lot of spots in which I forgot to press 'record'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2-W7hZftSM&lc=z22ydvlqboj1hfedkacdp432txjlgx340bldohiieydw03c010c
  2. Downloading now.
  3. Congrats to you and Killzone! You guys created a beautiful piece of art and gameplay. :3
  4. I should have made my map a giant health pack, then everyone would be happy.
  5. I was not expecting this....Awesome!
  6. My submission as well.....
  7. Spent only 1 week making this map with limited time due to work.....lol. I hope you guys like it. ------------Link to the map file-------------------- http://www.mediafire.com/file/swubwk0qh08ipra/brumal.zip
  8. HHOOOOOOTTTTT! Good stuff getting this in game!
  9. YESSSSSSSS! I look forward to this competition.
  10. Pickles and Sausages aye? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  11. I'm Jewish and I'm offended.
  12. Like I said on Halomaps, nice work. The terrain is basic, but the layout as a whole seems solid. Good utilization of the pipes as cover and having different pathways to get to each base. Looks like it could be a stock map that came with Halo.
  13. Being able to live anywhere you want. I find it a luxury that I'll be living by myself in my own place. Something about having more control of my own life. The older you get, the more money you make, and the more control you have on your own life.
  14. Wool, by Hugh Howey