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  1. I'm glad to see this released. I'll play it soon.
  2. Dude nice stuff, base on the images. But come on man, this is why you are banned from so many places. In fact, your comments/attitude is what keeps me from playing your maps or taking them serious. Release notes/info are important when presenting your released project. Making bad comments towards unrelated things will keep people away from your work. In fact, I will not download and play your map until you fix your release info. If you do fix it, I will give you a like and download it. That's up to you though.
  3. Thanks. They have their flaws, but it makes up for funny memes.
  4. The kit is complicating for someone new to level design for sure. Someone who has had past experience with other engines for level design could probably figure it out easily. The level design portion of the HEK Tutorial sucks, but it does have decent info about other things (Portals, materials, errors, etc).
  5. lol Interesting. Congrats DSal.
  6. Yeah, I feel like they could have made a better teaser There should have been more environment interaction that led to the monster suddenly appearing. But I guess a teaser is a teaser.
  7. They are certainly a pain to make. You got that right.
  8. I've been following this game for quite some time. The progress they have been making in their discord has been absolutely amazing. The main reason I'm excited for this game is because of how similar it is to Dead Space. In about 13 hours from now, a gameplay trailer will be revealed. Here are some renders of the game from their discord: Trailer has been released. Although it is quite brief. The animation looks great. But the male leads voice acting is a bit cringe. In case any of you are interested in the game, they have an official discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/gEj6NZk
  9. Interesting, looks like it will be quite the maze/puzzle.
  10. Happy Birthday Giraffe!
  11. Broken shaders and other visual features for the most part. Some of the visual features on the xbox were not ported over successfully to the PC version. But this is technically the default 'ported' PC version of the campaign.
  12. I do plan on making some custom flood scenery to populate the tunnels some more. Some of the scenery will hopefully be used as a way to light up the caves. Also some flood blood, dripping effects, etc. Hopefully for the tunnels and I can keep the fog as it is, but add flood spores as a weather effect.
  13. Interior for the central structure has been modeled. Next step is the exterior. The flood paths may be a little redundant/symmetrical looking, but I'll try to mix it up later.