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  1. I really like the big one. It looks very nice. Good job!
  2. Fractured_Peak.map
  3. I have no idea. I have lots of maps that I'm proud of. I don't even know if there is a single map that people define me from (besides the 10k map pack meme). But I gotta say, I think Gothra might be my most prized accomplishment out of all maps I've made. Coming back to this: Hemoasis is probably my most prized accomplishment.
  4. Added additional maps to the original post. I will update the download link for all maps later.
  5. This map is a blast to play. I wish it was a stock map in H3 matchmaking rotation. <3
  6. I forgot about this thread. Gothra was a map I was serious with designing a good Asymmetrical layout for. I wanted something similar to Rat Race but UNSC themed. It has Chrion TL-34 and Wizard inspiration in the middle areas, and some prisoner inspiration on blue side. I'm glad a lot of the fellas like it. <3
  7. Lots of people are having issues with MCC tools at the moment since the most recent update btw. Stuff seems to be breaking, and people can't compile maps as of now for H3.
  8. I guess I can make my 15th map. Already drew a layout today. Now that I think about it, I've never made a beach/island based map.
  9. Can't wait to actually play this map. It looks amazing and the layout is neat. Certainly seems like a map that would have shipped with CE.
  10. SOI my man, I've been looking forward to a version 3 of this campaign. But I'm a bit salty that you gave credit to my evil step brother PopeAK47. LOL I'm looking forward to playing this! Great work, I'm excited!
  11. This map was excellent! It was very fun to play on, probably one of the most fun maps I've played on. Great job!
  12. Map was decent fun. A bit bright, but not a bad arena map!
  13. I meant to post this map after the competition, but it seems I forgot! Author: PopeTX28 Map Size: Asymmetrical, 2v2. This is a map that was designed for Reclaimer's map competition #2. It's based on the 2nd blockout. My goal was to create a forerunner ruins environment in the middle of a oasis/desert. The map is only available for Custom Edition. ---LINK BELOW--- Ruins of Alph.zip
  14. Author: PopeTX28 Map Size: Small, Asymmetrical. Designed for 2v2. This is a UNSC themed map designed for 2v2 and other small party gametypes, the map is Asymmetrical in design. The map is inspired from Chrion-TL34, Rat Race, and Wizard. I hope you enjoy. Install instruction for MCC: 1) Navigate to your \steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo1\maps location. 2) Re-name the current putput.map (chiron-TL34) to putput2.map or putput.old. 3) Copy this map the maps folder. 4) Be sure to either remove this map and rename the original putput2.map back to its original name when you are done playing. --MCC Version Download-- https://www.mediafire.com/file/6mmxhwoq1h8rtba/Gothra-MCC.zip/file --Custom Edition Version--
  15. You can go ahead and link it. I completely forgot that there was a MCC section.