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  1. I'm Jewish and I'm offended.
  2. Like I said on Halomaps, nice work. The terrain is basic, but the layout as a whole seems solid. Good utilization of the pipes as cover and having different pathways to get to each base. Looks like it could be a stock map that came with Halo.
  3. Being able to live anywhere you want. I find it a luxury that I'll be living by myself in my own place. Something about having more control of my own life. The older you get, the more money you make, and the more control you have on your own life.
  4. Wool, by Hugh Howey
  5. Good competition guys!
  6. Yeah, I tried to make the FRG be a 'high risk, high reward item'. As for the over shield, that is a good point. I think the default is that it switches between over shield and invisibility. Primarily, the reason why I think an over shield would be useful is because of all the vehicles. But yeah, it's hard to tell if someone has an over shield before it's too late. It would be cool to have a solution to that problem.
  7. IT work. Basically, I want to be a data center tech or a network engineer. Right now I'm starting as a desktop support tech, but they offer promotions almost instantly once you get certain certifications. Where are you at now? That's awesome you were born in Kodiak. But in terms of the topic; bacon could have been another possible reason for moving to Texas, not the job....heheheh.
  8. I'm actually surprised by the fact that Halo 3 is favored for Covenant architecture. There weren't a lot of maps that had covenant architecture for Halo 3 that I'm aware of. The only multiplayer ones I can think of are Assembly and Snowbound, which are good. But as far as singleplayer, most of the covenant architecture was underneath flood biomass (Cortana mission).
  9. Anchorage. Lived there for 25 years, now I'm in Texas. I was recently hired, and now I'm moving to San Antonio to move in my own place. Which is something I could never do in Anchorage unless I had a high paying job....
  10. I like moose bacon. Unfortunately, I can't experience that amazing taste anymore since I moved away from Alaska.....
  11. That's unfortunate that the snipers were overwhelming on the map. I wish I could have tested weapon balance. How about the rocket spawns when you exit from the teleporters? Was that good or not? I tried to make it so that if an enemy has a flag, then it gives the opposing team a chance to cutoff the opponent if they are in a vehicle. I wasn't too sure if having rocket launchers at the teleporters and a fuel rod gun on the bridge was too OP.
  12. Because I'm trying to get an idea of what architectural scheme I should use when making maps in terms of higher polycount/quality. As much as I love modeling H1 and H2 styled maps, I'd like to step up the detail level.