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  1. I'm still trying to decide between vuths map and altis map. I'll need to check them both out when I get back. So sorry if I end up changing up my vote.
  2. Thanks guys. The overall map is only 1/2 the size of bloodgulch. Expect it to be timberland/bloodgulch size. The fog will most likely be toned down big time, so portals will certainly be implemented. I just didnt have the time to implement them. I can tell you all, if I had the extra 4-5 days, the map would have been better. So expect some good things for the final product. Also Storm, I think I got lucky with you being unable to reach the flag from underneath haha.
  3. I'll need to play this when I get back home. But from what I've seen so far, this is pure smex. Love you aLTis!
  4. Thanks! Juneau should be fun. I plan on doing a lot of fishing.
  5. Quadrastasis, early release due to leaving for trip early. Expect a better product in Round 2. :Wink: Download link for Alpha: quadrastasis_alpha.7z
  6. So...........Due to my trip to Juneau. I'm not going to be able to release a good product. But I'll at least release something so that I can compete in Round 2. I'm very disappointed with releasing this right now...Like it actually pains me. But it will give me better motivation to create an absolute beast of a final product. Map Download: quadrastasis_alpha.7z
  7. Are you going to do something special for Round 2 btw? Just curious.
  8. No sir. Unless that's the reason for round 2 lol.
  9. I have 1 week because I'm leaving for Juneau next Tuesday.
  10. If any of the MCC games came with modding capability, how would you guys like the tools to be implemented? Would you like it to be: A) Similar to the HEK? Same process with tagging and populating through Guerilla and Sapien? B) Something that is like an All-in-one tool. Something like Forge, but with the ability to import custom assets if desired. C) Perhaps something entirely different? What are your thoughts/ideas?
  11. Looks good so far! I'm glad you are using metal trims. UwU
  12. 16GB for me. I honestly don't do much, except for 3d modeling and gaming. So it probably is too much RAM. But 8GB just seems small to me for some weird reason.
  13. I think it was aLTis that showed me this site. I think it was around the time the 1st mapping competition took place.
  14. Yeah, I'm just experimenting with having 4 different factions in one map. It might not be optimal gameplay wise, but I'm more focused on making this map for fun. But no, all 4 structures will not have identical layouts. Only the covenant base and UNSC base. The forerunner structure will be its own centralized structure, and the flood infested areas will be contained inside the centralized forerunner structure. I might do something about the light bridge texture, maybe just steal the plasma texture from the jack shield. Or like you said, steal the midship one from halo 2. In-game it doesn't look too bad right now as a light bridge, but I see your point. The tiling is honestly not bad in-game, but some of the textures do show up as highly repetitive. I may need to change up some of the consistency. Yeah, I was planning on using the field shield generator. But I see your point about the human shield having the advantage. Isn't there a way to disable the shield generator from being destructible when damaged? Even if that's the case, I don't know if it would protect the player from rocket fire/grenades. I'll probably come up with a custom shield design that can be integrated onto the bsp. Thanks DSal
  15. Exterior for the Covenant base is coming along nicely! Covenant base pretty much completed. Time to move on to terrain.