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  1. Looks nice. Good job with this map Altis.
  2. Don't know how it got a 7.1. Lots of folks were voting between 6/10 to 7/10 . I guess a D to C- rating isn't bad for a 3 month map that went through 3 beta tests. Thanks. Much appreciated.
  3. Thanks DSal. I agree, I wasn't too happy with the final lightmaps. But I wanted to release it before the new year so that it's out of the way. I've been working on the map for about 4 months or so. On and off. It's probably my last map though, too much stuff going on with my mothers health.
  4. Here is my map Infint. It's a small 2v2 map, great for team-based gameplay. The readme has more info. But this is probably not going to be the final build. Lighting has significantly changed since the time the images were taken. Infint.zip
  5. Thanks! You rock.
  6. Would you mind upscaling the cyborg textures for me? Thanks. cyborg.zip
  7. I stopped playing my switch for about 6 months, then this game came out. After about 1 hour of gameplay, I stopped playing again. I ended up selling my switch and games to a co-worker. They gave the switch to their kid for Christmas. I just don't play Nintendo games like I use to anymore. Even smash bros was boring to me. Nothing against switches or nintendo. I just don't enjoy those types of games anymore.
  8. Is your beer empty?
  9. 1st mission ran smooth as butter for me. Enhanced graphics are nice too. I'm running on a RTX 2070.
  10. I'm glad to see this released. I'll play it soon.
  11. Dude nice stuff, base on the images. But come on man, this is why you are banned from so many places. In fact, your comments/attitude is what keeps me from playing your maps or taking them serious. Release notes/info are important when presenting your released project. Making bad comments towards unrelated things will keep people away from your work. In fact, I will not download and play your map until you fix your release info. If you do fix it, I will give you a like and download it. That's up to you though.
  12. Thanks. They have their flaws, but it makes up for funny memes.
  13. The kit is complicating for someone new to level design for sure. Someone who has had past experience with other engines for level design could probably figure it out easily. The level design portion of the HEK Tutorial sucks, but it does have decent info about other things (Portals, materials, errors, etc).
  14. lol Interesting. Congrats DSal.