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  1. Do you have VSYNC enabled? Try turning VSYNC off and see if your framerate improves. You might deal with screen tearing, but it's worth the sacrifice.
  2. That biped totally kicks ass.
  3. Just completed the game on Ultra Violence. Fantastic ending boss fight. Currently going back through the missions to find secrets that I missed, and also going through and unlocking all weapon mastery's.
  4. Looks like BFG Division has been replaced with this epic piece of a theme:
  5. The longer I play this game, the better it gets. I like how the game gets you more comfortable with the upgrades/mechanics the more you play. So far, they have a perk that allows you to increase the speed of glory kills, which makes the game feel MUCH faster when slaying through hordes of demons.
  6. Not sure how many of you guys have the game, but I played about 3 hours last night. The game is absolutely amazing so far, you can really tell the difference between Doom 2016 and Eternal. I'm playing on Ultra Violence for now. After I get through the story, I'm going to try nightmare mode and attempt to unlock all secrets/gates/etc...Let's just say I'm not going to have a life this weekend. Not that it matters, I can use the good ole 'quarantine' excuse. Anyways, rip and tear until it is done fellas.
  7. Man....I've been listening to these restores on loop. Good times. Now I want to buy a super nintendo and play through the DKC trilogy again.
  8. nice map. uwu
  9. My 401k is the same, 4% match at 50%
  10. There are businesses that offer benefits such as matching employee contribution towards 401k. But I'm curious if there are businesses that will give employees the choice to either choose a 401k plan or student loan payment plan. The employer would contribute the same % regardless of what you choose, as long as you also match the required %. And let's say, you either: A) Don't have any student debt, B) Finally finished paying off your student debt, or C) Rather deal with student debt without employer intervention, then you could simply switch to a 401k plan. Has anyone seen this practiced by an employer? Just curious.
  11. Kinda a random question. But do you plan on doing a V2 of your original campaign in the future?
  12. Designing levels for Halo CE
  13. Sweet. Some singleplayer action. I'll be playing this tonight.