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  1. apparently we are not the only one using this new system; it works for Halo CE to. Mirrored here: New Vegas DSOAL & Open AL Soft pack v1.2.7z (that way you don't have to get an account) seems people want to call it DSOAL, but technically thats only half of the system, Open AL soft is the sound engine after all, the PCGamingWIKI call's it DSOAL, so i will to. EDIT: DSOAL(A DirectSound wrapper for OpenAL) , i'm so wrong, should have read first. it also seems the only real thing i could do is help by giving bug reports, else i'll have to just wait for others to develop this, should be fun watching. i think good times are coming for Halo CE's audio.
  2. ok i has thoroughly confused, OpenAL has Supported EAX(but not DirectSound3D) for a long time, in fact halo is one of about 20'ish games to use EAX 2 without OpenAL support, instead DirectSound3D(called Hardware Acceleration in game, uses your Sound Card to process commands) & user mode/software mode( that uses your CPU to process commands) sound. & sense Environmental sound is EAX based on Halo PC we want EAX support, so what we have here is a driver(in this case in the form of a .dll that halo uses) that pretends it's for a DirectSound3D EAX 2 compatible Sound Card, with the help of are CPU to do it. so really some one just made software that says it's a DirectSound3D Sound card with EAX support & answers all the instructions Halo gives it just right. Creative did this with ALchamy but locked it down to run only on there hardware or if you buy there SOUND BLASTER X-FI MB software, so it's not surprising some one made an Open Source version, i mean they even had Creative's own OpenAL code,which already supported all EAX functions though EFX, so all they had to do was add DirectSound3D support, use EFX to translate EAX 2 buffers & bam! we got it boys :) i bet Creative is not happy, maybe thats why they went closed source, so they could keep money going to there pockets. iv'e heard the Sound engine fmod supports DirectSound3D, but it's not open source, so harder or expensive to use for this. sense this is mostly me having fun learning stuff come join me.( yes it's just me coming to grips with basic's, but thats fun so it's looks like we have Chris Robinson mostly to thank, he seems to have added the first EAX 2 comment in 2012, he started it on 2011-07, but it seems it took an other 4 years before it's was usable, i guess i'd have to go compile some versions to see how long this has been possible, i fear we are slow & could of been doing this long ago. not sure where @Vaporeon got his files from & what the significance to the r294 is, maybe he will tell me? it's being actively developed so one might want to try a later version if he fixes Compatibility.
  3. there are two fixes, one by Btcc22 & one by (SBB) Michelle, although it seems she is not proud of her fix with this to say NOTE: on windows 7 opensauce and hac2 already work together if you turn off opensauce's hud scaling, open OS_Settings.User.xml Documents\My Games\Halo CE\OpenSauce & change <ScaleHUD>true</ScaleHUD> to <ScaleHUD>false</ScaleHUD>. or in a match press F1 & find it there. considering i don't have a Windows 10 PC & i'm not the author of ether one i simple relay the information given to me with the hope it will be useful. iv'e tested Btcc22's fix & it worked for me. with Chimera's compatibility with HAC2 being depreciated it seems having multiple install's of Halo CE is the way to go.
  4. Recently i have been told about this new way to enable EAX in Halo CE called DSOAL(A DirectSound wrapper for OpenAL) when used with OpenAL Soft, @Zetren said it's better then Creative's ALchemy, so i tried it & didn't notice anything other then it being less 'echoy'. until he said:"listen to the foot steps compared with each other, huge difference, also DSOAL properly reverberates bullet sounds" after i focused of those ALchemy now sounds loud & 'echoy' compared to the more precise sounds of OpenAL Soft. what do you think? it's available currently on his Ultimate Enhancement Guide under "Restore EAX effects" OpenAL Soft has been around sense at least 2013, & ALchemy sense 2007, why is this coming up now? OpenAL Soft is modified Creative code to boot, so did they make an open Source version of there own proprietary software? & when did OpenAL, a competitor to DirectSound3D, start supporting the EAX Extension? on the web site it says "Remember EAX and A3D? Forget them. OpenAL is vendor neutral." so i guess creative is trying to replace there coders with community coders, & there second rate EAX with OpenAL(the preferred standard), a lot like Microsoft actually. sorry for the questions i know you can't answer, i'm trying to rationalize how & why this is! if anyone can explain this to me please do! i'm clearly confused. although there are many solutions to emulate EAX support ALchemy is by far the contemporary, go to one, i'm glad to see better Open-Source Software replace proprietary software, but the lack of user oriented documentation/use cases is killing me right now, i bet you @Vaporeon & Anton know, so please enlighten me! i see your hosting a custom binary package or is that just the way it comes after being build? is this an original idea of yours or did you copy someones else's example? there are many other games that could use better sound from this. i tried the version linked on the PCGamengWiki but it just crashes Halo. @Zetren says it's a newer version & regressed compatibility, no wonder iv'e never used it be for! EDIT: ok after reading the Readme i think i know why it crashes halo"The DLL(OpenAL32.dll) is built with DirectSound support disabled" um i'm a dummy, although i quite understand why that would be, but i'll go read some more of those ReadMe's before i come here and waist you time... some excerpts form the DSOAL read me
  5. Suggestions you say, well here are mine [CS117]_heretic by Brandon117 Arrival by FireDragon Foundry CE by jesse Halo3 Guardian rainbow-road lol, yes TSCE_MultiplayerV1 looks good immure cmt_Snow_Grove by CMT precipice church by pope ascension-bk by naked chick, there are many variants of Ascension on Halo CE, i like this one Dredwerkz_PB2 i'm not one to suggest game types, thats up to your. i just like those maps. i think there are some what odd though, & i like that.
  6. if you could point me to whom & where a would be great full! i have shared this on Halomaps but thats all.
  7. NOTE: Depreciated, use DSOAL for better sound Halo CE uses a Depreciated API for the Hardware Acceleration of sound, if you have Windows 2000/XP with a Creative Sound Blaster Card from that era (2001-2005) it's natively supported, other whys the "Hardware Acceleration" & "EAX" options will be disabled, but you can Emulate the API calls with one of many different ways. we will use "Creative ALchemy" here to install: simple copy the extracted files of EAX to Halos main folder. in the games sounds settings Enable "Hardware Acceleration" then "EAX" for it to take affect. note that the Emulation of EAX is worse then real EAX. note that in dsound.ini the Duration value has been Modified from the default in accordance with @Zetren's & my testing to improve your sound experience. you can tweak the settings by Modifying the values of 'dsound.ini" detailed below about why we are using ALchemy in this way i made this post to help clear up things for any one who might have questions. more information in my above post. EDIT here are some links related to Environmental Audio Extensions (EAX), Creative ALchemy for the curious about history.
  8. I'm here to thank you(again) & i have a few things i think i should add OpenSauce & HAC2 can work together(sometimes) if you use this work-around, but the ideal solution is to make two installs; one for Single-player (OpenSauce) & another one for Multi-Player (HAC2) ReShade can Beautify things greatly, here's a Video (note that SPv3 Looks great anyway) The PC-gaming-Wiki Has good Information on things others miss Halo CE has an ever Evolving Community, so bookmark this page & check back some time! Quick TIP: Mouse right pastes in console! This is based on Zetren's old post on, in the interest of posterity here are some old versions of this guide I'm here to to improve what i see, feel free to contact me if you need anything
  9. well i have done some detective work & found out they credited them selfs as to the source some google searching for `Creative ALchemy Universal` leads to, it states & upon installation you get the same `dsound.dll` (it hashes out the same), meaning the author is "Creative Technology Ltd." & it's patched by "Daniel Kawakami". now on to the whole reason i started this; one can patch later versions of Creative ALchemy from Creative Technology Ltd. to work with all sound chips, which i have done & here is the dll: dsound From patched CreativeALchemy 1.45.03 .7z (made by "Creative Technology Ltd." patched by "MST") this also works with Halo CE(at least on my Realtek chip) but what is the difference? did they improve it? that's what i wan't to know. in MST's words also for those who have surround around speakers look into found a comparison of Real EAX vs ALchemy Universal emulation (the one linked from OP) to me ALchemy sounds too echoey & in the authors own words "noisy and extremely exaggerated" so i'm questioning how good the EAX emulation is on Halo with non Creative sound cards, i know that 99% of you will not care but if you do what to go down the Rabbit whole....
  10. Are you the author of this? i think not, you should know better then reposting something without proper crediting. also helps us in are research you know. i don't what to sound mean or hold anyone back from improving just because they can't reasonably get crediting information but i expect an administrator to set a good example. thanks for posting it as i would not have found it until SPv3 used it.
  11. A collection of Menu UI's for Halo CE & batch scripts to easily use them, about every UI ever made is in it (well just the ones still available for download) i have organized, tested, & screen-shotted everyone of them, if you have ever wanted to try something different as a menu then this will allow you to easily do so. Now about the batch scripts, i made these my self in about 20 hours of leaning & writing, so that using any UI is as easy as two clicks, i hope you enjoy trying the many made in those 14 years of mod-ing. Download here: Halo CE UI collection.7z (though 7-Zip will extract it. i wish i organized them better but with zero feed back it's hard to guess what you might like, if you do give me positive feed back i might make a 'favorites' version with like 20 of the coolest, most nostalgic & creative of them, so do tell which ones you like the most.
  12. The problem: Mouse acceleration (& we all know it's the worst) The fixes: AWilliams17 & Grogel have made progress & there fixes work ok some of the time but they are noobs compared to you, plus i really don't like using external Tools & fiddling with HEX values in Cheat engine, if you could add a command to disable Mouse Acceleration that would be great. P.S. thanks for making chimera! P.P.S. i know you've been asked this before: Raw Mouse Input Hack, Croire98 requested. if you can't maybe someday when it's open-Source.... -SomeGreatfullFan
  13. Is Halo Anticheat 2 causing your game to crash? Well you can thank OpenSauce for that, because they are not compatible with eachother! Here i will detail how to fix this with a little history, for posterity. On Mar 3, 2015 Btcc22 Released a dll to fix Halo CE crashing when using HAC2 with OpenSauce v4 installed. As of November 8, 2016 he stopped hosting it, but thanks to an Internet archive you can still download version (saved March 4, 2016) only Windows 7 is supported by this version. Rîshî Rãj made this video to help people understand how to use it. How to install 1. Download hac.dll from: The Internet Archive , also mirrored here: OpenSauce v4 & HAC2 compatibility fix for Halo CE 2. unziping if necessary, copy hac.dll & place it in Halo CE's main folder 32 bit OS's "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition" 64 bit OS's "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition" Running as administrator might help map downloading On April 9, 2017 (SBB) Storm & (SBB) Michelle Released their own fix, but this one uses a completely different method to fix the problem then Btcc22's version. They did not intend to make one, but accidentally did in the process of trial and error! This version supports Windows 8 and 10. How to install Download hac.dll from there discord channel, also mirrored here OpenSauce v4 & HAC2 fix for WIN Copy hac.dll to your Halo CE's installations main folder "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\" (you will see haloce.exe in there). Add -no_os_gamestate to your shortcut's "property target" as shown: Un-tick map downloading in Open Sauce to avoid irregularities:, please note that these will not work for some, sorry that i don't know the reason but i'm willing to try & fix your issue. these are also open-source so You can make it your own: Open-Sauce source, HAC2 source.