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  1. The problem: Mouse acceleration (& we all know it's the worst) The fixes: https://www.reddit.com/r/halospv3/comments/5dk9ta/finallyhalo_ce_mouse_fix_tool_v10_also_open_source https://www.reddit.com/r/halospv3/comments/6aoxu0/halo_ce_mouse_tool_released_fine_tune_your_mouse AWilliams17 & Grogel have made progress & there fixes work ok some of the time but they are noobs compared to you, plus i really don't like using external Tools & fiddling with HEX values in Cheat engine, if you could add a command to disable Mouse Acceleration that would be great. P.S. thanks for making chimera! P.P.S. i know you've been asked this before: Raw Mouse Input Hack, Croire98 requested. if you can't maybe someday when it's open-Source.... -SomeGreatfullFan
  2. Is Halo Anticheat 2 causing your game to crash? Well you can thank OpenSauce for that, because they are not compatible with eachother! Here i will detail how to fix this with a little history, for posterity. On Mar 3, 2015 Btcc22 Released a dll to fix Halo CE crashing when using HAC2 with OpenSauce v4 installed. As of November 8, 2016 he stopped hosting it, but thanks to an Internet archive you can still download version (saved March 4, 2016) only Windows 7 is supported by this version. Rîshî Rãj made this video to help people understand how to use it. How to install 1. Download hac.dll from: The Internet Archive , also mirrored here: OpenSauce v4 & HAC2 compatibility fix for Halo CE v10.zip 2. unziping if necessary, copy hac.dll & place it in Halo CE's main folder 32 bit OS's "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition" 64 bit OS's "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition" Running as administrator might help map downloading On April 9, 2017 (SBB) Storm & (SBB) Michelle Released their own fix, but this one uses a completely different method to fix the problem then Btcc22's version. They did not intend to make one, but accidentally did in the process of trial and error! This version supports Windows 8 and 10. How to install Download hac.dll from there discord channel, also mirrored here OpenSauce v4 & HAC2 fix for WIN 10.zip Copy hac.dll to your Halo CE's installations main folder "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\" (you will see haloce.exe in there). Add -no_os_gamestate to your shortcut's "property target" as shown: http://i.imgur.com/sp4UEwE.png Un-tick map downloading in Open Sauce to avoid irregularities: http://i.imgur.com/jayKXGZ.png, please note that these will not work for some, sorry that i don't know the reason but i'm willing to try & fix your issue. these are also open-source so You can make it your own: Open-Sauce source, HAC2 source.