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  1. Congratulations!
  2. Thanks! Your work is about to make some of my regulars very happy. May the winds of fortune ever blow in your favor.
  3. Hello, folks. I have been poked several times by players on my server to add equipment persistence to go with SAPP's persistent scores. This is due to the fact that on occasion we either need to postpone a game part way through, or somebody gets disconnected somehow. I stumbled onto this script: It works, but it's manually used by players, and I have no idea how to automate it, or if it's even possible. If it is, I'd really appreciate the help. Basically, I want to somehow make the script load a player's stored loadout, if they have one, upon joining, and save their loadout upon leaving. Thank you in advance for any help or advice. EDIT: Clarification.
  4. Thank you so much, 002! You're a lifesaver! Also, I have a small question: Do I need to make sure not to run this on CTF and Oddball, or does this already not store the flags or Oddballs?
  5. If I have to set all of my players up that way, I will. The reason I'm asking is because I want the equipment saving and loading script to run its appropriate functions when a player enters or leaves the game. Would that functionality be possible with just a server-side script?
  6. Heya. Not sure if this is the right place for this topic, but I figured I'd try. I've been reading through the SAPP documentation, and I can't seem to find any way to force players to run commands on an event. is this possible, and if so, how would I implement such functionality?
  7. Sweet! I'll keep my eyes peeled. Looking forward to more of your fantastic work, dude!
  8. Wow! This is incredibly impressive! Would fit right in for a lot of maps, especially H2 and H3 maps. I love it! How stable/complete is this? Is it possible to use this script with any map, or does it require that you alter some tags?
  9. Thanks for the quick reply! I can definitely see the benefits of your approach. For one, it mitigates the utterly insane number of server-side related bug reports and user-error related "issues" you would be bombarded with, and I would assume makes developing these features easier and as stress-free as possible. At any rate, I'm looking forward to trying these features out, once deemed ready for the public eye. Until then, I wish you the best of luck. May the winds of fortune move in your favor.
  10. Hello! I've been watching from a distance for quite some time. Firstly, I just want to say that this mod is absolutely fantastic! You have managed to fix one of the longest standing gripes I and many others have had for the longest of time. Thanks to you, we can enjoy playing Halo Custom Edition with buttery smooth animations. It's like a new game. Thank you so much for your contribution! You're awesome, and I can't wait to see what all you come up with, moving forward! I just have a couple of questions: Are you still working on the server-side Chimera functionality? If so, is there a rough ETA as to when server admins can start deploying said functionality?