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  1. I believe this is even easier to accomplish with something like OS and it's project yellow system, where you can set up global-explicit, or scenario-explicit references in the form of a .tag_collection, where you would include the fp .gbxmodel tags themselves, and then could use a method involving lua scripting to swap the model out as you would see fit. I'm not sure how this would be performed specifically, but Nickster says this would be done by finding the memory address for fp arms in the globals tag, and then swap them out with the fp models referenced in the .tag_collection associated with a project yellow tag, or something along those lines.
  2. I made a horrible mistake. I used "SAPP scripting" interchangeably with "lua scripting," without even realizing it. Sorry if that came off as foolish. The idea is still the same, however, that with lua scripting features within this test build of Chimera, OpenSauce users can emulate what SAPP is currently capable of doing with lua scripting, unless that assumption is also incorrect. I understand there's a large difference between what is capable of being performed with a server-side application, and one of a host-and-play setup.
  3. This is the post I was referencing: Now, with the experimental lua build of Chimera 45, us OpenSauce folks can experiment with SAPP scripting in our maps, and team-specific bipeds is something I've always wanted to take a shot at. However, there's a consistency issue with FP hands when you decide to set something up like spartans for one team, and elites for another. I'd like to see about getting around that, if possible. Covenant weapons would be configured in such a way that their thirdperson weapon labels, and their first person animations, are set up for and only usable by elites, whereas the contrary applies for human weapons and the spartans. Then, somehow have two different FP models that the player will switch between depending on their team.
  4. I still can't believe you were able to get interpolation to work in FP. I'd love to get a general idea of how you even did it, since (I assume) FP assets aren't exactly [obj] tag classes in the memory, or are not easily accessed. I like to imagine the method must be relatively abstract. On a potentially unrelated note in regards to Chimera, will interchangeable FP models in-game ever be a thing? I know you've made mention of it before in another thread, even making mention of writing some kind of app.
  5. Sounds to me a lot like the equivalent of "Triple Buffering", which is a function that, when used in conjunction with vertical sync, improves overall performance, but will increase the amount of experienced input lag associated with vertical sync.
  6. If you're indecisive about fully implementing lua scripting on a per-map basis, just know that me and a large group of my friends, who are OpenSauce folks, would greatly benefit from seeing such a feature so we could use it in our player-hosted games on the maps that we like to throw together. It would be fantastic to see something like this become a staple of Chimera, so we don't have to rely on both dedicated servers and SAPP (which, as we know, doesn't support .yelo). Also, I want to generally extend my gratitude towards you for developing such an amazing application for Halo: Custom Edition that's jam-packed with features, some of which I thought were never possible within the ramifications of the engine. It took me visiting this thread this morning for the umpteenth time this month to finally decide to make an account here at OC, but I suppose it would've happened sooner or later. Please, by all means, continue the good work. I am very appreciative of all you've done already, and it continues to grow as you continue to solve problems and come up with the coolest shit.