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  1. There isn't much that can be done [as far as server-sided detection is concerned]. SAPP's bot detection algorithm is somewhat volatile, based on my experienced with it—and seeing how it sometimes even rakes up false-positives. It has already been mentioned, but i'll reiterate it, just for posterity, and that is, the best way to combat cheating in Halo, is to simply enforce your own system of [1] identifying suspected cheaters, [2] banning suspected cheaters once you've obtained conclusive evidence. HAC 2's sight-jacker is the dawn of "Overwatch" [CS:GO anti-cheat system] for Halo, and it involves active effort from server administrators. You need server administrators that are experienced with the game, or else your "Overwatch" won't be as effective as you'd wish. The two major isues in Halo, as far as cheating is concerned, is "aim assistance" and "vision assistance": aimbots / wall-hacks respectively. Putting all of that aside, and digressing, just to stray off-topic, the damage is usually done before cheaters are banned and as a community, which is very small, bans are always going to be evaded. There's always going to be an incentive to cheat, especially in a small community where there's no third-party anti-cheat or matchmaking system. That's Halo 1 on PC for you.