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  1. tp7 liked a post in a topic by Kavawuvi in Chimera Download, Source, and Discord | Updated: 2022-03-12   
    (Icon is by SteamFox)

    Download: chimera-1.0.0.r912.750e082.7z
    Readme:  https://github.com/Kavawuvi/chimera/blob/master/README.md 
    Discord server: https://discord.gg/ZwQeBE2
    Source code: https://github.com/Kavawuvi/chimera
    License: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html
    Have a question or an issue? Post here: 
  2. tp7 liked a post in a topic by Kavawuvi in Build 44 is released: More interpolation enhancements   
    There's a new build out already.
    Chimera build 44 changelog New features: - chimera_block_vehicle_camera_leveling - This prevents the camera from automatically leveling in vehicles. Note that if you aim your vehicle higher or lower than allowed, your vehicle may not handle properly. Changed features: - chimera_interpolate:   + vehicle antennas are now interpolated (level 1+)   + flag cloth is now interpolated (level 3+)    Other things: - chimera_interpolate uses considerably less CPU time  
  3. Takka liked a post in a topic by tp7 in Chimera Questions & Suggestions   
    Hi and thanks for your great mod.
    Halo's mouse acceleration has always been an issue for me on PC. Is there a possibility that the mouse accel can be fixed by this mod? It would be great to have raw input or similar.
    EDIT: A raw mouse input fix is already being developed by Methanhydrat. So that answers my question.