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  1. Nobody can help me? If someone helps I could give you some dollars for paypal. And I also look for something for the sv take out all the players that come from a country.
  2. I found this: https://github.com/aLTis94/Halo_CE/blob/master/ai_sync.lua but it says that blood does not work and I look for one that works on all maps. I hope you can help me.
  3. For each kill +30 in score. This server has the script I want. IP:
  4. Could anyone help me with this script? Maybe someone already has it, or if someone can create it, I would really appreciate it. - For each kill you gain +30 in score. - With the command /money you check how many points or money you have. - With the command /market you can see what to buy: Camo, god, grenades, shield, hp, speed, etc. That each item costs a number of points or money: Camo=$60 30 seconds God=$200 30 seconds Granades=$30 2 granades Shield=$100 Hp=$100 Speed=$60 After each purchase, subtract the points or money. This server has the script I want. IP: I hope you can understand me, I do not speak English.