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  1. That was going to be my other suggestion. Probably rate limiting or max concurrent connections set on an untrusted port.
  2. Any error messages or does the console just halt, as in no commands can be run?
  3. What I would normally ask people in this situation: When did this start? When was the last time it happened? Does it happen in intervals or is it random? Does it happen when something on the server itself happens? (ie, server crash?) What are the laptop specs? Are you using an SSD or spinning disk? Is Server 2022 running bare metal or a VM? If a VM, what hypervisor are you running it on, also Type 1 or Type 2? Did this start occurring from a fresh installation or after an update? Wired or Wireless? What are your NIC devices? (ie, Intel Gigabit Ethernet, etc) What make/model of Modem/Router/combo/etc? Are you using NAT? Are you using a proxy? What are Firewall settings and Port Forward settings? AV/Endpoint Protection products running? If so, do you have exceptions in place to not scan the server directories and executables? Last but not least, does Event Viewer > System/Application logs show anything for this?
  4. sweet, now i can link my onlyfans
  5. One of the first objectives they went after was destroying the dams controlling the flow of water to Crimea. Not 100% successful down the entirety of the river, but still one of their primary targets.
  6. San Andreas Multiplayer (SAMP)
  7. I was thinking about doing something similar in AWS for several other game servers piping information into CloudWatch monitoring which would also kick off autoscaling as needed. I'm interested to see where you take this.
  8. Getting close to taking my CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) exam, so studying for that. It's about in the same league with CISSP, but more focused on the technical. Closing on the end of the course and I am getting into the juicy stuff (SQL Injections, XSS, CSRF, etc). I've found that after I get this cert I want to explore more red team infosec side stuff.
  9. Time Warner gave us a quote today to run lines to the house. Now we need to comfirm it with the landlord. happy/10
  10. Back at old org, different company. Long story short, got bait and switched at one job on telework. The other one wasn't working with our COVID situation and overall just toxic. Rather than keep kicking the can down the road, I figured it was a good idea and go back to where I was valued, and where I earned my respect and reputation. They also worked with me to get 100% fully telework status, so when the kids' daycares close for COVID exposure, I won't have to fight tooth and nail to take responsibility of my own kids. I took a pay cut, but sometimes money isn't everything.
  11. COVID-free and somewhat back to normal.
  12. Reseat and clean contacts? I would do that as a last resort, but it's very rare the contacts on newer RAM gets dirty.
  13. Daughter's day care had exposure to COVID, closed for two weeks and my daughter tested positive. Now fighting with my employer over the week I had to take off for being sick and now this COVID thing back to back as I need to quarantine/telework and also provide child care for my kid who can't go to day care.
  14. New desks. Went back to mATX case because the fans I got were too thick for the ITX case, and tbh I can't be arsed to dump more money into that project. Scored both of these monitors on Facebook Marketplace for $150. They're not bad Dell panels at all. Basic but it works.
  15. Put my house up on the market 2 days ago, realtor did our first round of showings today and already have an offer 10k over asking price.
  16. I always thought people meant bite it in the ass, so that's what I always went with.
  17. I would highly recommend watching these videos. A lot of it is speculation, but it's solid information based on trends and historical data, and sets the tone of what China's ambitions are for the Pacific and Indian oceans. China’s navy is tipping the balance China could invade Taiwan by 2027 Some key points to take here is that this would solidify China's hold on their territorial ambitions in the first island chain after securing Taiwan. From there, they can project power over shipping and global economy in and out of China, and surrounding nations, as well as secure their own borders (due to historical losses from sea-based attacks). Their land-based area of denial systems (as well as long-range ballistic missile capability) is meant to deter western nations from interfering with China's goals in projecting their sphere of influence. It's all power play. This also ties into what Russia wants with expanding its borders prior to the Soviet Union collapse, but we will soon see that China and Russia's ambitions will collide in Eurasia/Middle East. So far Russia has tried to spark ethnic conflicts in countries it wants to control under its sphere of influence, but that has backfired as those countries realized what Russia was doing and dragged NATO countries and others into the mix.
  18. Influence (coercion), power and limiting the long-term effects of post-nuclear war. It's holding a gun to the world's head to cave into demands or face destruction, and extremely dangerous with countries who are extremely trigger happy. My personal belief is no one should have them, just because of the long-term effects it causes on the planet post-war (if there's even anything left to salvage). We do not face an external threat other than ourselves to warrant their use. It's a political tool and in worst-case scenario, pulling the trigger and destroying everyone, along with yourself, as last-resort. It's a cop-out. Basically saying "if I can't have it, neither can you!"
  19. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/satellite-images-expose-china-s-rapidly-expanding-nuclear-arsenal/vi-AAN24de?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531
  20. Yes and no. We went in with tax refund and put some of the purchase on my card that I used to finance from them previously (Synchrony Bank). Mostly paid in full with exception of the credit line I already had. One thing to note, it took A LONG time to get our furniture. We basically had to threaten to get a refund because our entire order was being held up by these two couch pieces they couldn't find. Finally got the majority of it yesterday, just waiting on the critical piece, which is something for us to sit on in our actual living space. Also; SO and I's new desks. Going to migrate our current setups upstairs today or tomorrow.
  21. Received most of our new furniture. Bed, mattress, night stands, dresser and 2x desks for the master bedroom. New dining room table and 6 chairs for the dining area and a new coffee table and end table for our living space upstairs. Waiting on our sectional, sofa and recliner. Starting to feel more like a house in here now.