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  1. OpenSUSE Leap 15 on my Thinkpad X240 What icon theme are you using?
  2. Ya'll found my wallet.
  3. Time Warner gave us a quote today to run lines to the house. Now we need to comfirm it with the landlord. happy/10
  4. A little more information would be helpful. What platform is this running on? The error itself seems like you're attempting to run this in Wine on Linux or container instance. Is Winetricks installed? Edit: Can we get the full output of what you're getting in your terminal?
  5. Holding my daughter. <3 She was born on March 15th @2340 EST. 7lbs 13oz. 20.5in Long.
  6. I'm only looking at their hosting map. I highly doubt they have servers hosted in every single one of those locations. That would be ridiculously expensive for them. I'm going off the assumption that they're most likely upcharging EC2 instances and creating a managed service for game hosting. If they at least don't even provide maintenance on those servers then you're being ripped off. But I agree, know the technical limitations of the services you want to run. Sounds like a crock of shit they're trying to sell or they just threw some $GAME global variable onto a page template. You can still host bare metal in AWS, but it's generally a lot more expensive and really only useful for customers that need to meet some kind of compliance (ie, requirement to not share compute resources with other customers for privacy/security) or licensing. You also have Dedicated Instances, which is like running on a dedicated host on bare metal, except on top of a hypervisor on a single host.
  7. I don't know about maximum player limit extensions, but I know from looking at their hosting map that they are either spinning up VM instances in Azure or AWS and claiming to be a dedicated host.
  8. I want to see those "shitty internet speeds" you guys are always complaining about... Come at me. I got top tier internet.
  9. I'd also like to say that AWS EC2 and Azure should be considered as well. Create on-demand instances and only pay for what you use.
  10. Unfortunately I haven't. Life stuff has kind of gotten in the way of my lab setup. Less tech and more baby stuff. I've been curious to see if this can be done USB as well, but you would have to write custom drivers. That would make it more universal for controllers like Raspberry Pi and other boards. I'd assume you could use the GPIO pinouts on the Raspberry Pi as well to interface directly with the serial on the radio.
  11. I've switched jobs to where I don't have to travel as much. My previous job had an install/upgrade schedule that was 1 week in Maryland and then 1 week out somewhere else. So I would have been gone every other week. I realized how underpaid I was for that position (essentially a systems engineer making only $48k/yr...) and I decided it was time to move on. I really miss those guys, but the lack of compensation didn't pay out for the time missed back at home with my SO. I'm a SysAdmin at a data center making a little more than I was making, but I am hoping to get a pay raise soon. I spend most of my days monitoring my systems, rack and stacks, cabling, some troubleshooting and writing PowerShell scripts for monotonous tasks. I am also getting certified for AWS Solutions Architect. My company just pitched that they would like to move me from my current role into a consulting position to migrate clients into AWS and Azure, which I'm hoping will be a large pay jump. My SO and I have been together for nearly 2 years and are having a baby girl due in late-February/early-March. I moved into a new apartment, so the rent is cheaper. Trying to consolidate debt and be smarter with my money and what I'm paying for. It's been rough since I'm the only source of income for our house right now and between work, house chores and running errands, I have limited time for myself these days. My girlfriend has had a really rough pregnancy where she's been sick the entire time, so she's been unable to work or help out around the house, and the doctor told her she's pretty much on bedrest since she's having blood pressure/migraine spikes. I'm a one-man-band at this point until we finally have the baby. Had a lot of life crap happen in the past year. My great uncle died, my grandmother on my mom's side died, my SO's mother with 4th stage COPD nearly died in the hospital due to a really bad infection and her colon burst... All within a few months of each other. That's terrible. I am so sorry that's happened to you and I can see why trust is such a hard thing. I was like this after I realized my long-term ex took advantage of me to fill her voids between relationships and it made it very hard to trust anyone. I focused on myself for a long time before I entered my current relationship (7 years later) and it's still taking me effort to trust people. It's given me pretty bad anxiety and when I feel like I'm starting to lack control of situations, that's when it gets really bad.
  12. 1. Check light sources. Reduce sunlight in areas you want to read. I use blackout curtains to reduce glare in my bedroom and also for my living room. 2. Check your contrast settings on your devices. On my Mac I use Night Shift for the evenings (warmer colors) and for the daytime it cranks the brightness and blue light settings. This WILL be a drain on your batteries though. Outside of that, #1 is going to be the biggest fix. I hate that I have to cut out a lot of sunlight in my house, but that's what I have to do to cut out the glare.
  13. This week has not been pleasant for my girlfriend and I. My girlfriend's mother is in the ICU and now on a ventilator. Things went downhill pretty quick but at least on the ventilator it's under control and she's stable, but the doctors are concerned that she's going to become dependent and go into a coma. Some back story is that her mother is last-stage COPD and already has a hard time breathing. She came in with an infection and her organs were failing one after the other. I have to leave here tomorrow because I need to go back to work and take care of things back home, so my girlfriend is stuck here in her hometown with her sisters until she either pulls out or worst case scenario, have to pull the plug.
  14. TermTrack - Terminal Satellite Tracker
  15. Pretty much all of this. You will also need to figure out what the average peak usage is so you are not suffering from latency issues. A $5 VPS is great until your services stop responding due to over-allocating resources. Then you may as well spend the $10-15 to offset the overhead usage. Also check your host's network bandwidth limitations as well for these types of hosting as they can start charging you extra if your game servers start using a lot of bandwidth and activity.
  16. The compression quality on Imgur is pretty bad tbh. This is on my Thinkpad X240.
  17. From the video this seems more like a network/desync issue than a executable gone rogue. It's possible this may have something to do with the way the NIC on the box is configured itself. IE, is the MTU set to low? Does the switch that the server is connected to have the wrong port speed associated with the port (ie, 100Mbps instead of 1Gbps or higher)? Is QoS incorrectly configured on the switch? Another server that's on the network could also be hogging bandwidth as well. It may be deeper than your server and you will have to coordinate with the datacenter that's hosting the box to find this out, as you won't have access to any of that hardware. I would add the console parameter to the end of your dedicated server launch line and view the output of the dedicated server. Edit: If you have antivirus running, make sure the server and directory have the appropriate exceptions. Edit 2: After running Wireshark on the box, I definitely do see that there's some UDP packets being dropped (malformed packets). I was going to check the MTU size and enable Jumbo Frames, but then I realized that the NIC version was outdated (default shipped with 2008 R2). We're updating the NIC now to see if this fixes the packet drop issues. Edit 3: They moved him from one switch to another to maybe see if it was congestion on the switch. It helped a little but the issue still persists.
  18. Looking at the output of Get-Process | Select ProcessName,PM,CPU,StartTime that you provided me on Discord, it looks as if certain threads of the haloded executable are running higher than average CPU usage. I am still looking through the output of Get-Hotfix | Sort InstalledOn I'm trying to pinpoint if there's a botched update. The .NET Framework updates are usually a problem child from my experience, as well as the variations of the Meltdown/Spectre patches. There's not a lot of performance metrics against the newest Intel CPU update for the newest vulnerabilities. I would recommend setting up some filters in Performance Monitor and letting it run over the course of 48 hours to see what processes are getting hung. Is there also a debug mode in the Halo dedicated server, that would be nice to collect logs on as well.
  19. Not the best picture, but I recently got a tattoo. I will have to take one to show it after healing. Also made some progress at the gym. Gained 50lbs (from 165ish) when I quit smoking, now I'm back down to 200ish. Me and the ball and chain. That's been my life lately.