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  1. Bought my girlfriend a new 1TB SSD (SATA III) and some A+ study material since she is going to be shifting into the IT world.
  2. I would use a multimeter on your power connectors and verify that the pinouts are getting the correct voltage. Sounds like a PSU issue to me. Did you happen to install any of the Spectre/Meltdown patches? It's been reported that those have caused a lot of issues with instability and reboots.
  3. Happy mass exodus from Modhalo!
  4. I made the unfortunate decision to buy a bookshelf from Walmart... it came with shitty hard-to-follow instructions with zero editorial review and not enough parts.
  5. I accepted the new position. Gave my two weeks notice on Monday. Client was not too happy about it, but whatever. I start the new position on the 26th.
  6. Went to an interview today for a SysAdmin position for a datacenter. I come back home and not even 30 minutes later they're giving me the offer letter.
  7. Here is a more recent photo of my fat ass.
  8. Some more adventures, will have to upload more photos later. I actually got to go out during the day after work. I was disappointed because I couldn't go to the top of Sandia Peak without a parking pass and I didn't have any cash, so I had to turn around and go back down the mountain... But, I drove up to over 11,000 feet. These photos were taken at around 7,000 or so. After I came back down the mountain, I was going to go back to the hotel, but I said fuck it, and went the opposite direction and just followed the road. I started getting to this strange area on the road where there started to be Cow crossing signs with UFOs on them, it was kinda funny. I couldn't really stop on the side of the road to get a picture of one, but here's an example.
  9. Tried to make it up to Sandia Peak before it got too dark, but I got out of work too late. I at least got a nice sunset photo from the parking lot. I am going to try to get more shots tomorrow when it's actually daylight outside.
  10. Traveling to Albuquerque, New Mexico. It's okay, but it seems kind of shitty here. People here are inconsiderate as hell and will trample all over you if you don't get out of the way.
  11. I did my annual review and I am not only getting a raise, but a new job title. The raise is going to be substantial with the job title change. I'm going from an Engineering Technician II title to a System Anal(yst) II, which is substantially higher on the pay scale than what I'm currently making. The only downside is that they're talking about making me salary, so no more overtime pay, especially if I'm traveling.
  12. Yep, and the majority of the voting populace here do not realize the irony in that. They think they are saving small business by doing so.
  13. We have a shitty ISP here called MetroCast (irony) because the county didn't want COMCAST to have a monopoly over Southern Maryland. They passed some laws that drew a line in the sand of where ISPs could service and effectively killed any competition that would compete with MetroCast. They've effectively blocked Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner, Comcast and even companies like Google from entering the area because a bunch of gray hairs don't want these companies killing their local business, even though that local business isn't worth a damn. The service they provide is terrible during peak hours with dropouts and latency spikes for even the most basic traffic. It's even worse around the holidays. Edit: And unfortunately I'm in an apartment complex where I can't change ISPs even if they did lift that stupid crap.
  14. When I lived in a smaller town, the state/county allowed for more competition in the telecommunications market because people were fed up with the smaller ISP never delivering on their service. Cox, CenturyLink and Time Warner were the big players. The small ISP was bought out by CenturyLink, people bitched about it because they didn't uphold their SLAs to the consumers and to the state, so they sold off the infrastructure to Time Warner. CenturyLink has always been shit as far as I'm aware. That sucks dude. You got anywhere you can crash until you get on your feet again?