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  1. If you need help with anything in that realm, just hit me up. Working as Govt. Services contractor doing SysAdmin/IT work.
  2. At one point, the F-22 Raptor's onboard radars were so sensitive they were picking up dragonflies on the ground. Ground based radars are a lot more capable than aircraft radars as well, which is why they're a primary EW target in any modern theatre of war. You shut down airspace, you shut down advancement of forces.
  3. Gantz: O The animation in this was amazing.
  4. Procrastination/self suppression. It's mostly due to my anxiety. I shut down when I think it's too much and it never ends up getting done. This new medicine is helping though and I'm pushing my boundaries a bit more. Getting a lot of stuff done/doing a lot of things I wouldn't normally do.
  5. Little late, but I went out and shopped for a bunch of stuff for my apartment yesterday. Closed it out with watching a movie for the first time in forever. Gantz: O was pretty good.
  6. I used to do this years ago with a friend modding Halo 2 on the Xbox, but that was all memory dumped over time. I believe we also attempted to do the same with Halo: Combat Evolved but found out something was different between the PC map formats and the Xbox map formats. I can't remember exactly what was different though.
  7. I feel like I'm dying on this new anxiety medication. Took a sick day because this medication is fucking me up. I was in no shape to drive this morning. I called the doctor's office and asked them what exactly they prescribed to the pharmacy and someone ended up prescribing the 20mg, then realized their mistake and put in for my 10mg dosage. I ended up picking up the 20mg dosage and couldn't sleep for shit all weekend waking up to crazy dreams, throwing up and shaking. I got it resolved today and I picked up the right dosage, so hopefully I'm not going to die taking this crap.
  8. Dawn of War III, but I want to wait before I even pre-order. I've been hearing that they've turned it more into a MOBA than an RTS and that shit is just not cool.
  9. My little workstation laptop.
  10. At work it's like 50+ tabs and usually either Microsoft Technet or Stack Overflow/Unix Stack Exchange lol At home it's Google Play Music, Facebook, OC and maybe Reddit.
  11. My coworker and I were playing around with her iPhone 7 Plus camera. It takes really good photos for a phone camera. I went to World of Beer in Arlington, VA and they have beers from a bunch of different countries on top and in bottles. I was drinking Allagash White in the photos. It's pretty damn good.