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  1. Upgrade from Macbook Pro 13" 2017 to Macbook Pro 16" 2019 And GF's new PC:
  2. Doing some studying.
  3. Use your public IP address and the port number.
  4. Aside from work, this has been my life.
  5. It's been a while, but: 1. New Macbook Pro 2017 (Got it refurb). 2. 2015 Buick Enclave I didn't really want much this Christmas. Just bills paid lol.
  6. I'm a full-time UNIX Administrator on-premise for a client and a Cloud Administrator for my company.
  7. $2000 worth of Apple debt. Girlfriend's iPhone 11 and my refurb 2017 MBP 13" (No touchbar).
  8. New house. Moving in this Saturday, if this Hurricane will permit...
  9. New house. Closing on it in August. Can't wait to get out of this shitty apartment.
  10. I'd imagine this ties into their announcement for Ground Station at Re:Invent. I'm no SATCOM expert, but I'd imagine only having two regions available is probably killing bandwidth requirements.
  11. Are the DE/WMs necessary to use SAPP? If not, they can probably get away with t2.small t3.small EC2 instances
  12. Ironically looking at chairs myself and this is one of the ones I was considering.
  13. Don't know if I posted before (probably did). Currently using 16GB and I think I need to increase to 32GB for VM's sake. I max out pretty easy running 4-6 VMs.
  14. Judging by the picture above it looks like somehow the pilot may have hit the underside of the other eurofighter. Either the top one descending or the bottom one ascending into the other one.