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  1. Oh gods, yes. Instead of improving upon one concept or expanding, "Nope, we gotta start from the bottom up from scratch with something completely new." It's a ridiculous waste of time and money.
  2. It's a little bit more than juggling different tasks throughout the day outside of my job description. A lot of stuff is gray area requests, a lot of hats I'm not technically supposed to wear and it always makes me feel uncomfortable and paranoid. The clients like to cut corners by doing something without going through the proper processes and then points the finger at people when they get called out for it later on. I'm not going to get thrown under the bus for other people's incompetence and laziness.
  3. Started applying for new jobs. I'm wearing too many hats and I'm tired of being the central point of failure in everything that happens to this project and projects I'm not even charged for (ie, giving a helping hand). Give me one job and let me do it well. That's all I ask.
  4. Started applying for new positions out of curiousity and I got better responses than I initially thought I would. I am going to be in good shape when I decide to leave this job at the end of my lease.
  5. Ah, your case is a bit different than my own. I was running my host on Ethernet and my guest on a USB adapter I had bought. I've also tried it just using virt-manager through my Ethernet.
  6. Just thought I would ask as well, is your wireless adapter USB or a PCI/e card? If it's a USB adapter, you can just add that through virt-manager via USB passthrough.
  7. All of my baseline images for my environment are made and all that I have to do at this point is add updates and configuration changes to them on occasion. It will get a lot more streamlined in the future when I can run stuff like Ansible and WDS in my environment. For now it's just generating a WinPE/WIM image for Windows platforms and creating kickstart ISOs for RHEL. Busting my ass is starting to pay off.
  8. I am still alive, I think... From what it sounds like, you are using systemd so you may or may not be able to still use the wpa_supplicant package. NetworkManager, however, can do all of this. Don't try to bridge connections from NetworkManager or other utilities. In my experience, just using the standard adapter that can be created in virt-manager does enough as it automatically bridges those connections for you. It took me a while to figure this out as well. Aside from your network issue, I've done this project before and it's pretty neat. I'd recommend using a separate HDD for your virtual machine since it will use a lot of HDD/SDD I/O if you're running both the host and guest off the same drive. I don't know what the current situation is with Nvidia, but if you have an Nvidia card, be ready to do a couple hacks to get the driver to install. The last time I tried it with my GTX 970, the driver was being blocked from installation because it uses WMI to probe to see if it's being installed in a virtual environment. It's also worth noting that the information on the Arch Wiki (at least the last time I looked at it) was outdated information. You're better off asking r/VFIO and r/KVM on Reddit on if they've been able to properly install those drivers without those hacks or if someone found an easier way to bypass it. Edit: My GPU passthrough.
  9. I did man stuff with the car today. Found out that my entire issue was the Manual Safety Switch which was causing my car to not start up on occasion. It's apparently a common problem with Ford vehicles.
  10. Yes. We have to be paying attention to everything, all at once, all the time and complain that doing that is a violation of our privacy.
  11. This already makes me cringe a little on the side of caution, but at least you'll be doing something you like. That's kind of how I ended up in this job. The senior/lead admin on this project is getting old and I'm going to eventually be a one man band supporting almost 22 sites. I just hope they understand you are one person and they do not have unrealistic expectations.