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  1. This week has not been pleasant for my girlfriend and I. My girlfriend's mother is in the ICU and now on a ventilator. Things went downhill pretty quick but at least on the ventilator it's under control and she's stable, but the doctors are concerned that she's going to become dependent and go into a coma. Some back story is that her mother is last-stage COPD and already has a hard time breathing. She came in with an infection and her organs were failing one after the other. I have to leave here tomorrow because I need to go back to work and take care of things back home, so my girlfriend is stuck here in her hometown with her sisters until she either pulls out or worst case scenario, have to pull the plug.
  2. TermTrack - Terminal Satellite Tracker
  3. Pretty much all of this. You will also need to figure out what the average peak usage is so you are not suffering from latency issues. A $5 VPS is great until your services stop responding due to over-allocating resources. Then you may as well spend the $10-15 to offset the overhead usage. Also check your host's network bandwidth limitations as well for these types of hosting as they can start charging you extra if your game servers start using a lot of bandwidth and activity.
  4. The compression quality on Imgur is pretty bad tbh. This is on my Thinkpad X240.
  5. From the video this seems more like a network/desync issue than a executable gone rogue. It's possible this may have something to do with the way the NIC on the box is configured itself. IE, is the MTU set to low? Does the switch that the server is connected to have the wrong port speed associated with the port (ie, 100Mbps instead of 1Gbps or higher)? Is QoS incorrectly configured on the switch? Another server that's on the network could also be hogging bandwidth as well. It may be deeper than your server and you will have to coordinate with the datacenter that's hosting the box to find this out, as you won't have access to any of that hardware. I would add the console parameter to the end of your dedicated server launch line and view the output of the dedicated server. Edit: If you have antivirus running, make sure the server and directory have the appropriate exceptions. Edit 2: After running Wireshark on the box, I definitely do see that there's some UDP packets being dropped (malformed packets). I was going to check the MTU size and enable Jumbo Frames, but then I realized that the NIC version was outdated (default shipped with 2008 R2). We're updating the NIC now to see if this fixes the packet drop issues. Edit 3: They moved him from one switch to another to maybe see if it was congestion on the switch. It helped a little but the issue still persists.
  6. Looking at the output of Get-Process | Select ProcessName,PM,CPU,StartTime that you provided me on Discord, it looks as if certain threads of the haloded executable are running higher than average CPU usage. I am still looking through the output of Get-Hotfix | Sort InstalledOn I'm trying to pinpoint if there's a botched update. The .NET Framework updates are usually a problem child from my experience, as well as the variations of the Meltdown/Spectre patches. There's not a lot of performance metrics against the newest Intel CPU update for the newest vulnerabilities. I would recommend setting up some filters in Performance Monitor and letting it run over the course of 48 hours to see what processes are getting hung. Is there also a debug mode in the Halo dedicated server, that would be nice to collect logs on as well.
  7. Not the best picture, but I recently got a tattoo. I will have to take one to show it after healing. Also made some progress at the gym. Gained 50lbs (from 165ish) when I quit smoking, now I'm back down to 200ish. Me and the ball and chain. That's been my life lately.
  8. Good ol' 5 inches of disappointment.
  9. Been trying to get back into shape.
  10. Bought my girlfriend a new 1TB SSD (SATA III) and some A+ study material since she is going to be shifting into the IT world.