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  1. Not the best picture, but I recently got a tattoo. I will have to take one to show it after healing. Also made some progress at the gym. Gained 50lbs (from 165ish) when I quit smoking, now I'm back down to 200ish. Me and the ball and chain. That's been my life lately.
  2. Good ol' 5 inches of disappointment.
  3. Been trying to get back into shape.
  4. Bought my girlfriend a new 1TB SSD (SATA III) and some A+ study material since she is going to be shifting into the IT world.
  5. I would use a multimeter on your power connectors and verify that the pinouts are getting the correct voltage. Sounds like a PSU issue to me. Did you happen to install any of the Spectre/Meltdown patches? It's been reported that those have caused a lot of issues with instability and reboots.
  6. Happy mass exodus from Modhalo!
  7. I made the unfortunate decision to buy a bookshelf from Walmart... it came with shitty hard-to-follow instructions with zero editorial review and not enough parts.
  8. I accepted the new position. Gave my two weeks notice on Monday. Client was not too happy about it, but whatever. I start the new position on the 26th.
  9. Went to an interview today for a SysAdmin position for a datacenter. I come back home and not even 30 minutes later they're giving me the offer letter.
  10. Here is a more recent photo of my fat ass.
  11. Some more adventures, will have to upload more photos later. I actually got to go out during the day after work. I was disappointed because I couldn't go to the top of Sandia Peak without a parking pass and I didn't have any cash, so I had to turn around and go back down the mountain... But, I drove up to over 11,000 feet. These photos were taken at around 7,000 or so. After I came back down the mountain, I was going to go back to the hotel, but I said fuck it, and went the opposite direction and just followed the road. I started getting to this strange area on the road where there started to be Cow crossing signs with UFOs on them, it was kinda funny. I couldn't really stop on the side of the road to get a picture of one, but here's an example.
  12. Tried to make it up to Sandia Peak before it got too dark, but I got out of work too late. I at least got a nice sunset photo from the parking lot. I am going to try to get more shots tomorrow when it's actually daylight outside.