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  1. New MacOS Malware, Signed With Legit Apple ID, Found Spying On HTTPS Traffic
  2. I kind of regret it now, but I used to talk to this really cute girl in high school who was in my theatre class. She had thrown out there that she was kind of infatuated with me, but I had turned her down because I had just gotten out of a long relationship with another girl. We kinda both moved on and I haven't really talked to her since then. I met my current GF on a game, I had the impression she liked me because she was very flirty and whatnot. I did the cliche "would you be my valentine" crap on valentines day and we've been with each other since. Going on 3 months now. Otherwise, I'm very oblivious to it unless it's direct or obvious.
  3. People would stop acting mightier than thou and trying to push a public image.
  4. https://electrek.co/2017/04/27/elon-musk-tunnel-boring-machine-spacex-first-image/
  5. Yes, but coming from the norks, they have a very limited stockpile, so it's not an entire barrage of IRBM or ICBMs coming to destroy every square inch of the North American/Australian continent. I don't think intercepting them would be too hard. Even ground based radars that have a range of 240nm could more than likely pick up some of the launches closer to their range on the DMZ. Destruction of the vehicle should be fairly easy. I don't really believe the North Koreans would have very much capability in an electronic warfare front, prevent radar locks, which is exactly what I believe would be the crux if they ever happened to try to preemptively strike.
  6. There's too many ways to intercept a North Korean payload if they could ever acquire or build the technology to reach that distance. Now if Russia had unleashed their stockpile, that's a different story.
  7. Bought a PS2 Slim and Mercenaries at a game shop (kind of impulse). I just ordered $220 worth of games and accessories for it on Amazon...
  8. A lot of people that used to be hot shit where I went to school aren't doing anything with themselves now.
  9. Only because I haven't listened to this in ages.
  10. Flew to New Orleans and then drove to Gulfport, Mississippi.
  11. I've come to the conclusion that I need more RAM in my workstation at work, especially when building baseline images in virtual machines. SSDs would be nice as well.
  12. Plot twist, it was a teaser and hoax promotion for the new LOST