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  1. This is a true statement. Military "doctors and dentists" are the kind of people that will turn you into Frankenstein and then give you Motrin 800 to "keep the edge off."
  2. Mine is actually a smaller monitor, you should see the one I'm using at work now. Ultra-wide curved monitor
  3. 2560x1080 I love ultrawide. So much real estate to work with.
  4. State and federal taxes raped me this year. I didn't have health insurance last year so they penalized me almost $900. Kinda salty right now. Thanks ACA.
  5. Geez, that upload though...
  6. Headphone amp and MIDI controllers for my music stuff.
  7. Comm/Radio racks at one of the sites I support. They have fiber cables hanging from the ceiling from paperclips... Edit, stupid fucking picture rotation Wish I could take some pictures at some of the other sites. Birds nests/dead animals in some of the shelters, bastardization of cables for temporary fixes, shit that would make OSHA have a heart attack.
  8. One of them works in the tech industry in Silicon Valley. Do tech supports have unions now? Nevermind, I answered my own question. https://www.cwa-union.org/customer-service
  9. I have a coworker I try to avoid talking to. He's okay, but when he gets on his "my opinion is superior because I'm 40+ years old" it gets kind of old. He's got a hint of wisdom and a pile of shit for the rest of it.
  10. I didn't think this was the case in California. Maybe only in certain counties? My friends have to sign up with the unions in the bay area. Maybe that may be hourly wages only.