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  1. About damned time. There is no reason that users and companies still need over 20-year old 'legacy' systems.
  2. What exactly is the ARM exploit? From what I understand, the AMD exploit is only vulnerable if certain kernel flags are enabled.
  3. I did my annual review and I am not only getting a raise, but a new job title. The raise is going to be substantial with the job title change. I'm going from an Engineering Technician II title to a System Anal(yst) II, which is substantially higher on the pay scale than what I'm currently making. The only downside is that they're talking about making me salary, so no more overtime pay, especially if I'm traveling.
  4. Yep, and the majority of the voting populace here do not realize the irony in that. They think they are saving small business by doing so.
  5. We have a shitty ISP here called MetroCast (irony) because the county didn't want COMCAST to have a monopoly over Southern Maryland. They passed some laws that drew a line in the sand of where ISPs could service and effectively killed any competition that would compete with MetroCast. They've effectively blocked Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner, Comcast and even companies like Google from entering the area because a bunch of gray hairs don't want these companies killing their local business, even though that local business isn't worth a damn. The service they provide is terrible during peak hours with dropouts and latency spikes for even the most basic traffic. It's even worse around the holidays. Edit: And unfortunately I'm in an apartment complex where I can't change ISPs even if they did lift that stupid crap.
  6. When I lived in a smaller town, the state/county allowed for more competition in the telecommunications market because people were fed up with the smaller ISP never delivering on their service. Cox, CenturyLink and Time Warner were the big players. The small ISP was bought out by CenturyLink, people bitched about it because they didn't uphold their SLAs to the consumers and to the state, so they sold off the infrastructure to Time Warner. CenturyLink has always been shit as far as I'm aware. That sucks dude. You got anywhere you can crash until you get on your feet again?
  7. Supposed to be getting snow this evening. 4 inches worth and everyone here is panic shopping. I think I'll skip the store today.
  8. I'm going to call bullshit on this for a few reasons I'm not going to disclose, but until they detail the method of how it's being transmitted, it's simply not possible with the F-35 unless they've modified it and purposely let it connect to open network infrastructure. That would be their own fault and I highly doubt Lockheed is just remoting into F-35s around the globe, on a non-sensitive network. That would be a massive security risk and Lockheed would be penalized for it, both internally with DoD and from the US Govt.' I also like how the author tries to compare the F-35 with a smartphone. They are nothing alike in any aspect. In short, proof or gtfo. Edit: Also, on their 'ALIS is AI' spiel: https://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/products/ALIS.html This is off of publicly available information, so there may be a lot deeper of an explanation for these that are in documents not authorized for public release. Distributed network being that they would have to be connected to some other kind of network to allow this type of traffic to pass anyway. Whether it be NATO network or some backdoor in their network infrastructure. This kind of traffic would have to be authorized first. It's not AI because it doesn't autonomously deliver these results without some kind of human intervention. Either via a physical connection or something they set up. The ALIS software like a smart-car system where it will tell you that your fluids are low, need maintenance, something mechanical is wrong, etc. It's nothing more than diagnostic information. If it transmitted operation/mission conditions, that would be a huge breach of information. The US Govt has regulations on how classification/sensitivity is separated. The F-35 is tested and accredited for these standards. This is not only logical measures, but physical ones. This means that they (Norwegians) are connecting both the sensitive networks within the aircraft and/or storing sensitive information on their non-sensitive equipment. It's their own damn fault if this is the case. That's like blaming a computer rather than the user for leaking classified data on an unclassified network. There's a lot of assumptions that can be made, but until they release details of how their sensitive information is being leaked, other than the programs working as intended and it not being their (Norwegians) own stupidity for having a shitty information compartmentalization/classification domain policy, it's just this reporter talking out of their ass.
  9. For your daughter if she is just getting into it, yes. 3DS Max and other products are expensive. GIMP (Free), Krita (Free) and PaintTool SAI (Paid) are also good alternatives to Photoshop.
  10. NO. STOP. Is your server hosted on bare metal or a VM? If it's a VM you should have the capability to connect to the guest remotely and control the startup/shutdown depending on how the host has their hypervisor set up. (ie, connecting to Virtual Box on 3389 (RDP) via Remote Desktop) If it's bare metal you will NOT be able to start into Safe Mode (Networking) and connect remotely since it does not start up the Remote Desktop Services service on boot. This would require physical intervention and manual start of the Remote Desktop Services service on the Windows Server. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In relation to your WMI query. It's not the most efficient way of seeing what's causing the WMI bottleneck, but it'll definitely pinpoint the source. It may be a poorly coded game server/netcode trying to talk with the NIC driver on the OS, it could be a virus, it could be any number of things. Edit: You can also find these things under Event Viewer and filtering for WMI Provider Host Warnings, Errors and Criticals. These should be more human-readable.
  11. Stories to tell and bamboozling kids with old tricks.
  12. What is the general age demographic for the people that leave bad reviews? It's been in my experience it's usually the older generations that tend to feel entitled to discounts, refunds and try to play the system by bitching about everything and anything. Edit: Better Business Bureau (BBB) used to be decent but they fell under the same trap of crappy reviews and most of the time it's bots that are employed by a competitor to shut down competition.
  13. I was a dumb ass and threw away the receipt for the car battery from Advanced. We asked if they could find out the warranty information from the serial of the battery and we had to wait for a manager to come out to the store to do it, so I'm just going to keep the battery for now and take it in when I get this whole thing situated. I told them to let me keep the battery, but without the receipt I think they're only going to give me a replacement, not a refund. I'd much rather go to an O'Reilly's than Advanced. I've had hit an miss experiences with Auto Zone. Mostly just due to lazy staff that didn't want to replace a battery, because they didn't want to get tools to unscrew my chassis.
  14. I feel like Blender has come a long way. 3DS Max used to be the king of 3D modeling and animation, but Blender is pretty comparable once you learn your way around the tool sets. At that point it's really your dedication to what you're working on that determines the output.