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  1. Merry Christmas
  2. My rant of the day: 1. Broke my Red Hat Satellite server with a major release version upgrade attempt, worked with support and ran out of time to finish troubleshooting before our last maintenance window. Team agreed it was probably better just to restore from backup, resync packages, update content views and call it done. 2. Our backup and recovery team not only had us in the wrong backup policy, but also had our only backups going to AWS S3. It took over 9 hours to pull down. 3. After backup and recovery team restored it on their vmware cluster, they attempted to migrate it. After an hour and a half the migration was only at 31% complete. I had to cancel the maintenance window and get an earful by upper management about it. By this point it was midnight and told them just call me when the restore migration is complete and I can log into my shit. 4. After all that time, it failed at 90% after 7AM. They told me they would restore and migrate it a different way. 5. About noon they tell me the server is back up. I log in, try to do the thing, server still fucked up. They ask me if I want to try the restore again and I tell them to fuck off and let me handle it. 3 days later, I have it fixed. 6. The kicker... talking to someone who double-checked the backup team's work, they not only downloaded the VM snapshot from the wrong date from AWS S3, but they also used the most recent backup to restore, not the date we requested.
  3. As of last Friday, I am a married man.
  4. It's been about a 60-70 hour week so far. I am burnt.
  5. Our family tested negative for everything under the sun yesterday, COVID included, and my fiance and I got hit harder than when we did have COVID. The PA wrote it off as a viral infection, gave us motrin and tylenol and sent us on our way.
  6. This is my current WFH setup. My fiancé and I can no longer sit next to each other, otherwise we have competitions over who can talk on their conflicting meetings the loudest. So I got to move my stuff to the 2nd floor next to our sliding glass door. Win.
  7. Passed my CAS-004 exam today.
  8. We will definitely try that the next time we make it
  9. COVID finally caught up to me.
  10. If you have never had meat loaf with BBQ sauce, I highly recommend you try it. I don't think I could ever go back to using ketchup.
  11. I found this neat thing
  12. FAR: Lone Sails and going to play the 2nd game sometime soon. Was pretty good. Haha, good joke
  13. On Wifi right next to our Xfinity Gateway. Comcast's backbone routers in Ashburn, VA are the worst. I frequently have to re-establish connections by restarting the gateway to reduce latency and packet loss. Sometimes it's so bad that packet loss is in the 80% range.