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  1. It's been about a 60-70 hour week so far. I am burnt.
  2. Our family tested negative for everything under the sun yesterday, COVID included, and my fiance and I got hit harder than when we did have COVID. The PA wrote it off as a viral infection, gave us motrin and tylenol and sent us on our way.
  3. This is my current WFH setup. My fiancé and I can no longer sit next to each other, otherwise we have competitions over who can talk on their conflicting meetings the loudest. So I got to move my stuff to the 2nd floor next to our sliding glass door. Win.
  4. Passed my CAS-004 exam today.
  5. We will definitely try that the next time we make it
  6. COVID finally caught up to me.
  7. If you have never had meat loaf with BBQ sauce, I highly recommend you try it. I don't think I could ever go back to using ketchup.
  8. I found this neat thing
  9. FAR: Lone Sails and going to play the 2nd game sometime soon. Was pretty good. Haha, good joke
  10. On Wifi right next to our Xfinity Gateway. Comcast's backbone routers in Ashburn, VA are the worst. I frequently have to re-establish connections by restarting the gateway to reduce latency and packet loss. Sometimes it's so bad that packet loss is in the 80% range.
  13. Just werks
  14. I have one as well and I agree with the media keys. Haven't had as much of an issue with the wrist rest because I sit lower to the floor and kind of hunched (probably not good for my back tbh). I try to stick with static colors because I can't keep track of where my hands are (unconsciously) and my hands end up traveling.
  15. That was going to be my other suggestion. Probably rate limiting or max concurrent connections set on an untrusted port.