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  1. She is absolutely beautiful! Congrats! And you chose one of my most favorite girl names x3
  2. Awe, I'm sorry to hear you're going through all of that, it's such a horrible experience : ( well I know if you have to get looked at, you'll do just fine, you're a big tough lady, remember? x) Wish it was easier to fix problems like this!
  3. Did you go to a natropath? :< That's what fixed my year-long battle with uti's and bladder may seem super serious right now, but it might be something simple like you're getting yeast infections and they're causing you to get the uti's etc. I really get how frustrating it can be though!
  4. Hey OC peoples, it's been a while! Got my dreads fixed, so now they're much nicer to look at: fuck me, that's a big pic! I don't remember how to hide them behind the "show" button :< Anyways, been working on makeup, Halloween was fun: and basically just been partying and getting ready for the film in December for now...had a new photoshoot with a friend, which was too much fun!
  5. Hello there! Good to have ya
  6. Ramen! FUCK YEAH!
  7. What I did a few days ago: And then today I'm off to a photoshoot, then monday/tuesday I'm doing a web series, then next weekend is the wedding show! (Of course I mean I'm doing the makeup for all these events) Woo!
  8. I scored 112 and was strong in Visualization...can't seem to copy the analysis though :/ I am *Higher Average* Cool c:
  9. ...He made me post this, I-I'm sorry! Run!
  10. Fucking. Amazing. I miss Tarja, and now I'm going to miss Annette too! : (
  11. Dude who I was going to go clubbing with isn't texting me uncool
  12. Day started out normal until my dad came home only an hour after leaving. He stumbled to his bathroom before continuing to puke (very, very loudly). Worst part is my mum isn't here today (trip to US) and I have no idea what to do if shit goes south, because it has before. Dad's got some sort of vertigo shit going on with his ear, and it makes him throw up. I'm glad he didn't crash while driving, at least :/
  13. For all you Potter fans who are feeling a bit nostalgic The song is The War by 30 Seconds to Mars The vid is just so great :3