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  1. Oh, sweet! An official release topic! I'd recommend everyone use only Chimera 0.50-581 since it's slightly less crash-happy.
  2. A separate release channel for scripted maps would also be cool if it's not too much work.
  3. Could this be done as a yearly map-pack sorta thing?
  4. Academic Source: https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.3847/1538-3881/ab2986 (linked in article)
  5. Academic Source: https://science.sciencemag.org/content/365/6452/478 (linked in article)
  6. I'm happy to see other Halo fans have grown interested in dgVoodoo! Currently, dgVoodoo doesn't support AMSAA, otherwise known as Transparency MSAA. Without this, textures with transparency will not be antialiased including plant leaves and human and covenant grates.
  7. There's also the classic custom maps including Hugeass, Yoyorast Island, and Immure if you want to talk about history. I vaguely remember a time when the custom maps servers would be dominated by those three.
  8. Missed your chance to use Jesse's High Res HUD for brownie points.
  9. Google "analogue stick deadzones" http://blog.hypersect.com/interpreting-analog-sticks/ It's likely that your right stick is slightly tilted and most games ignore that slight tilt. I believe Chimera will introduce deadzones adjustment at some point.
  10. Yeah, it seems I was getting the 2 from 572 mixed up with 581. On an unrelated not, I've been experimenting with dgVoodoo Work-in-Progress releases which support DirectX 9. The most notable feature in the context of Halo CE is functional MSAA. EDIT: The only issue I've had with dgVoodoo is forcing SSAA via the GPU control panel. It causes some weird kaleidoscope-esque artifacts which are possibly related to Open Sauce's g-buffer. Also, it prevents SPV3's launcher from displaying, which can lead to the user attempting to open it repeatedly and having multiple spv3.exe processes running. EDIT tü: Michelle has a work-in-progress extension she's calling Vulpes. I'm mentioning it because she's getting a lot done in very little time and it's super impressive.
  11. Update the link to the Chimera Binaries to use Michelle's 50-582 581 build. She figured out how to fix the crash related to reverting to a checkpoint in a previous BSP (e.g. B40 AOTCR). This is a clean solution as opposed to her previous Lua-based workaround.
  12. To anyone else who ends up here wondering how to configure DSOAL, here ya go. Might be slightly outdated depending on when you find this. For most laymen purposes, the configs included in Vaporeon's builds will suffice with little or no modifications. alsoft-reference.ini Oh, right. This is included with OpenAL-Soft-1.19.1-bin.zip (Windows Binaries) from OpenAL-Soft.org.
  13. Sucks that Apple is dropping support for 32-bit applications, including Halo MD and Halo CE via Wine. Let's spread some love for Halo MD and Wine-HaloCE while we can!
  14. I'm just going to leave this here and hope it's what you meant. ally_reticle_enabler - Devieth Edit - v001.lua
  15. After recent discussions with SBB Michelle in the Chimera Disccord server, I've learned that this fix is only valid for an older version of HAC2 and will turn off most if not all of OS's functions. In the end, not a very effective fix.