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EST. 14th of February, 2012

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  1. It has to be well done for me. I cannot stand red or pink in my steak, burgers, etc.
  2. Just gas for the jerrycans and diesel for the truck
  3. It's been raining for nearly three straight days....FINALLY!
  4. It's been raining for most of the day so we've just been catching up on television series for the most part.
  5. The last game I played was the European stack of Energy Cycle.
  6. In a very surprising move, Atari CEO Fred Chesnais has confirmed that the company has indeed been working on a new console, stating that it is based on PC technology and that they are still working on the design - which will be shown off at a later date. What do you think of this news? Can Atari make any sort of dent in today's console market? Source
  7. It's been raining off and on all friggin' day.
  8. Watched another two episodes of Game of Thrones before running back and forth outside between the rain showers.
  9. Nevah!!!
  10. It's free on PlayStation + this month
  11. MmmmmCanadaDry Diesel on the weekend after coming back from the lake
  12. 14c and quite damp out there right now
  13. Game of Thrones S01E07-10
  14. Loool xD The weather was quite shitty again today so we finished up the final 4 episodes of GoT S1
  15. Thanks for all the greetings! You really should, it was an amazing experience!
  16. Hey guys and gals I'm not very good at these so I'll keep it short. I love gaming, particularly console gaming and have loved it ever since I was a young lad. I've either owned or played (those my brother's owned) every console out there released by Sony, Nintendo and Sega. Ever since the release of the PS2, I've only been a PlayStation gamer, though I do still enjoy starting up the SNES and N64 from time to time to relive those childhood memories on the Mario Karts. My favourite game this generation is Horizon Zero Dawn. It was absolutely stunning and I highly recommend it to anyone out there who loves open world RPG action games
  17. You've got that right Guerrilla aren't too shabby either though, with HZD and Killzone.
  18. Has anyone here played and enjoyed the masterpiece that is Horizon Zero Dawn on the PlayStation 4? It's been some time since I played through it, spending nearly 60 hours getting the Platinum for it, and I still to this day think about it nearly every day XD I was VERY excited to see Guerrilla Games and Sony show off its upcoming DLC at E3 this past week, and I for one will be picking it up. Will you?
  19. Yeaaah, I'm not too sure what was meant by that either XD And alrighty
  20. The wifey XD
  21. An entry of mine from Watch Dogs 2
  22. 19c and it's just stopped raining.
  23. Game of Thrones S01E03-04
  24. Watched episodes 3 and 4 (Season 1) of Game of Thrones as we continue to work our way through the series again ahead of the new season!