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  1. It's been raining off and on all friggin' day.
  2. Watched another two episodes of Game of Thrones before running back and forth outside between the rain showers.
  3. Nevah!!!
  4. It's free on PlayStation + this month
  5. MmmmmCanadaDry Diesel on the weekend after coming back from the lake
  6. 14c and quite damp out there right now
  7. Game of Thrones S01E07-10
  8. Loool xD The weather was quite shitty again today so we finished up the final 4 episodes of GoT S1
  9. Thanks for all the greetings! You really should, it was an amazing experience!
  10. You've got that right Guerrilla aren't too shabby either though, with HZD and Killzone.
  11. Yeaaah, I'm not too sure what was meant by that either XD And alrighty
  12. The wifey XD
  13. An entry of mine from Watch Dogs 2
  14. 19c and it's just stopped raining.