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  1. Error while entering sniper appears shotgun, help
  2. thank you
  3. For example that all players have sniper and rocket
  4. Script Containing Rocket Sniper Guns plasma cannon - sniper rocket - sniper etc
  5. This gives me an server error with SAPP 10.1 eventcallback oneventtick lua error string "anti-lagspawn" :24:attempt to call global getdynamiplayer a nil value help!

    When you release biggas v3 ?

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    2. Thomas


      Do me a favor, make sure we can test it will you?  I want that chance...  With our seriously powerful dedicated server, I can have a server up and running in under 5 - 10 minutes with this map, depending on how big the map is...  But we have a dedicated 2TB disk for games, so should not be a big issue!

    3. aLTis


      I have my own server for testing already, I don't know if I need another one. If you want to test the map then join SBB discord, that's where I test my maps and stuff. http://discord.me/SBB

    4. Thomas


      Maybe I will at some stage...

  7. Thanks, that helped friend!
  8. Does anyone have SAPP 9.8.1 or higher?
  9. skylace Ok thanks that same one I needed and thank you all for your help
  10. Not that script; does not serve me. I want it so that the spartan climbs into the turret and drives at the same time. giraffe Thanks, the same is good, the friend script
  11. But something easier like a LUA?
  12. Help! So that the spartan in warhog in biggas is handled only from the turret lua ??? help