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  1. Happy anniversary of not dying on us OC!
  2. AUSTRALIA, you bunch of lazy b**tards. Figures from the national postal provider show we should be ashamed of ourselves. Source
  3. I've checked nearly every IGA in Canberra, not one has it so far.
  4. Where the fuck are you finding that? I've always gotta make mine from scratch because I can't find anywhere that sells it locally! >:(
  5. That's basically how I view it.
  6. In my opinion, religion and homosexuality should be somewhat "segregated" from each other, all religion does is preach constantly that homosexuality is a sin, while the LGBTIQ community just want to be left to do what they will. And I'm quite frankly fed up with people pushing their beliefs upon me, I have absolutely no bias against the church, but when I get the good ole missionaries banging my door down wanting to tell me about Jesus, I get genuinely angry about it, I have never once had a homosexual individual even attempt to force their ways upon me (aside from the hilarious gay friends I have fuckin' around for comedy's sake). I would be more than happy if my religious and homo friends could just hang out in the same room for five goddamn minutes without a giant argument breaking out, it's truly unsettling. And I don't want to have to organise two separate days/times to hang out with my mates just because their ways of life butt heads, it is truly a ridiculous debacle. *RANT OVER*
  7. I can understand it from that point of view, but where's the equality in that?
  8. What I still don't get is why people are so against other's beliefs that they would go out of their way to vote no on such a wonderful thing! Everyone should be able to live happily with their orientation regardless of others opinions/beliefs. And the fact it took so long for it to pass, just goes to show how fucked our "Modern Society" is. But congrats to the LGBTIQ community of good ole Oz. P.S - I now have multiple gay weddings I have been invited to, and one where I'm best man/Maid of Honor/horror.
  9. That's it! I'm going on strike.
  10. I think you might be on to something... If I disappear all of a sudden assume Tucker is responsible.
  11. I see zero flaws in your argument and must therefore agree.
  12. More than a million Aussie workers are being ripped off by their employers, according to a shocking new report into wage theft. Source
  13. There is no right side for @Puddin, Puddin is 100% salt.
  14. @Tucker933 the correct phrase is: "Tucker is a god at War Thunder"
  15. My only concern lies in this statement. But with that said, I do believe a leap of faith is sometimes a worthwhile gamble, but it still remains to be exactly that: a GAMBLE.