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  1. Happy anniversary of not dying on us OC!
  2. I've checked nearly every IGA in Canberra, not one has it so far.
  3. Where the fuck are you finding that? I've always gotta make mine from scratch because I can't find anywhere that sells it locally! >:(
  4. There is no right side for @Puddin, Puddin is 100% salt.
  5. @Tucker933 the correct phrase is: "Tucker is a god at War Thunder"
  6. Having recently had one of my favourite pieces of tech die on me after a good few years of service I needed to pick up a new one. Enter the Penguin: Of course after many hours searching and reading reviews, I settled on the Penguin, an all-in-one kit made by Joyetech. Unlike my previous mod, this one is not variable-volt/watt, that said, I haven't found any need or even want to adjust it. The airflow through this thing is absolutely incredible considering the size of the air channel. The mouthpiece is also very natural feeling, similar to a cigarette in my opinion. A whopping 2000mAh battery means I've charged it once since it left the box and fired for the first time (Which was only to top the battery up). The output of this thing is 50 watts. The only downside I've found with this build is that filling the e-liquid reservoir can be a pain in the arse, but only for the first couple of goes until you get the hang of it. Checking the tank is easily achieved due to the simple pop out design and printed level indicator on both sides of the tank. And the capacity if this thing is a WHOPPING 8.8mL! Which effectively means you need to go through the pain of refilling far less often (which at this rate will be once every two to three days of my usage). It's shape means it fits in your hand quite snugly, and because the chassis of the mod is made of metal, it feels very sturdy. I've already heard a few stories of people having dropped these or had them run over by cars after being dropped, and that they've been absolutely fine other than a few scrathes and scuffs. It is also surprisingly small for the power it's packing. Another minor irk I have with this mod is that every now and then after checking the tank (obviously to either fill it or just check the level), it will occasionally leak a little bit of liquid into the space between the chassis and the cartridge, which I would recommend checking frequently to avoid a short as the contacts for the coils are situated in that space and are very exposed. Though this box does have short circuit protection I wouldn't recommend taking that risk (better to be safe than sorry). It also comes with two different coil packs right out of the box, a 0.6ohm set for MTL (Mouth To Lung), and a 0.25ohm set for DL (Direct Lung). Both of which I have given a go, and from my experience the 0.6ohm set is my go-to, it produces better flavour and not so much head that i singe my lips on the mouthpiece, as such I'll be saving the 0.25ohm coils as spares for when the 0.6ohm set fails (You can purchase a 5-pack of coils from Here). And having a Micro-USB charger port on the front means you don't have to risk leaking while charging due to the device being on it's side. And this mod also allows for vape while charging functionality, which I reckon will come in pretty handy, having a big battery usually comes with a side of long charge times. In conclusion, if what I've heard is true, this mod will last a very long time with all of the replacement parts readily available and rather cheap. And the whole thing came in with a price tag of $50AUD (Bought at my favourite vape retailer), but comes with a lower price tag if purchased online. I saw one for as low as $25AUD, however I couldn't wait a week for it to arrive. I would highly recommend this mod even for beginners JUST for the ease of use, but the quality of this device for the price tag is truly impeccable. Likes: Easy to use Phenomenal batter life Massive tank Dislikes: Can and does get messy Long charge times Filling can be a pain
  7. Deadpool Kills Deadpool (Comic written by Cullen Bunn)
  8. BRUH... WHY YOU STOP!? This had likely been posted before but fuck it, it's funny!
  9. While crispy bacon is rather delicious, I want mine juicy! It's the same for me with all meats, while crunch is good, there's nothing worse than dry and/or chewy meats in my opinion.
  10. Or far more anger, it was quite the ordeal I assure you.
  11. So about a year ago, my dear old Nautilus (Rebuildable tank/atomizer for my vape) stopped working. I tried many a thing to get it to produce vapour, and thus quench my nicotine starvation, however, cleaning everything out and even replacing parts yielded only temporary relief. After many months and quite alot of cash spent, I unfortunately, gave up. BUT THEN! The other night I was rummaging around looking for my USB stash to fix my broken ass PC up with a new windows installation, when suddenly... THE VAPE WAS FOUND! So I began fiddling around with it again, tried and retried many possible solutions to my dilemma. So I pulled out a torch and got a closer look at the atomizer, which seemed only slightly dirty, nevertheless, I gave it a clean. Still nothing, so I had another peek in there, saw some black gunk, thought "Seems pretty normal for the wick to burn up a little over time, so i'm sure its nothing major". Suddenly I had an idea, what if it wasn't the cotton wick I was looking at, but a build up of grime? I WAS CORRECT. Ran for the cupboard, grabbed a toothpick, and started plucking out a bunch of crap that shouldn't have ever shown up. Never the less, the Naut is now working better than it did when I first bought it. Moral of the story: Persistence is key. Sorry for the long post, heres a potato:
  12. Welcome Storm! Great to have you here.
  13. Happy Birthday! Don't do anything I wouldn't do. (It's a very short list btw)
  14. Rare is the only way I'll eat steak, so much more flavour, far more moist, and as Puddin said, pool of blood to dip your bread in.