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  1. Could be games from the fan community. I doubt Atari is going to crank out new 2600 games in 2017. Though it's not like Atari themselves have actual famous games they've made themselves. Think about the most popular/famous games on Atari consoles. They're all made by somebody else.
  2. N64

    I think it's because in the past 10 years, retro game collecting has skyrocketted in popularity, thus raising prices because of supply and demand. Though I do think people need to learn the difference between high prices, and overpriced. Say you have a game like Ocarina of Time where the demand is really high. Stores have to pay these high prices when they buy the game for customers, and sell them based on that price. If Ocarina of Time consistently sells for $40-50, as much as you don't want to pay that price, you're not going to find a store that's nice enough to sell it to you for $20. You're better off either finding someone who has no idea what they're selling, or a friend that doesn't care about not owning that game anymore. Overpricing would be where someone is selling Ocarina of Time for $70.
  3. I might repost some of reviews in the subforum, but I'll post some recent highlights from my Soundcloud, as some of those are old mixes and sound like garbage:
  4. Sup guys, I'm Grungie. I'm an amateur musician/producer, webmaster, and game blogger. Hope to make some friends here, as I enjoy me sum vidya games.
  5. I only had one tooth growing in, and whatever they put in the IV was amazing. I blinked and the surgery was over. I spent the next week sleeping 15 hours a day high as a kite.
  6. I only jumped to 8GB for Logic Pro. When you have multiple tracks going, gotta need a bit more horsepower, unless you want to mix in a slow environment.
  7. I don't really remember brand new games being just $25, unless you were buying Greatest Hits titles. I remember during the N64 days when games launched at $80
  8. I graduated high school almost 10 years ago, and there's only one person I still talk to. It's not really because I hated everyone in school, as I wasn't an angsty teenager, it's just that after living several states away, and doing my own thing, you don't really have much in common with people who still are doing the same thing several years later.