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  1. really, the last published build, since oxide did not compile its latest version, it was wizard who did it, but with some modifications which made phasor not work, and decided not to compile a new one.
  2. You can. i pay 5usd montly for a vps whith windows... More cheap, and dont need to using wine or other app for linux. Is easy configure a server in windows vps. If you have questions, you can write me and I'll explain how and where I do it
  3. You don't You can find the lastest (or older) phasor v2 here http://www.mediafire.com/file/jupyu3mncx5pc04/Phasor.rar/file
  4. So, what is the future of this project supposed to be? First complete it completely and then orient it towards the multiplayer environment? Or at a time that is stable enough to target the multiplayer environment and then improve it on the fly? Why I see this project has been running since 2012, but it has been forgotten even for years and returned to resume, I suppose for lack of time. But, if it were a tool oriented more to the multiplayer environment, it would be welcomed by more users, so there would be more people who could support the project.
  5. Okay, I understand what you mean. But, this might be possible if what you edit is not the halo copy, but the server copy and the server application as such? For example as phasor does, that with a good work could be achieved as is what is achieved with this tool, but in a completely multiplayer environment different from a local game? Perhaps, in the future, this tool could also be used as a server tool, or this may not be possible, and would not stop being more than a local only tool of the game?
  6. Is it compatible with "CE" at the moment, or will it be soon maybe? Good Job