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  1. I quickly made this update for the JMS exporter 1.0.2 (the one with support for regions); now it can export marker radius along with everything else, giving you a more complete tool. Marker radius in CE is used when making physics for vehicles and when building pathfinding data for sceneries\vehicles\bipeds\whatever (with "#pathfinder" markers in the collision geometry). The old version of the JMS exporter didn't export that, overwriting your value with a default 2.0 radius. No more manually fixing all your markers in Guerrilla; the exporter will handle that. There may be bugs (even though I doubt that) as I didn't test it intensively, so don't overwrite your old exporter, just to be sure. Enjoy. http://www.mediafire.com/file/gx933aft6zorjyq/JMS_exporter_1-0-2-r.rar
  2. I'll try that, but my pc is a six years old laptop. It can't do that much.
  3. They are pretty finished; some things will be touched depending on gameplay reasons (namely "HOW MANY PARTICLES CAN I SPAWN FROM THIS THING WITHOUT CAUSING THE GAME TO EXPLODE?") to increase\decrease their detail level, but the base is there; flash + sparks + light spikes + fireball + plasma + smoke.
  4. I don't know what you mean by "rough", tbh (if you mean that the fireball doesn't look as soft as they usually do in HCE mods, it is because my bitmaps are 512x512) but the video "revie" you see in OP is the current state of the art regarding the revenant; no further changes have been made.
  5. FIRST OF ALL, WHO AM I? I am this guy here WHAT IS THIS PROJECT ARMONIA? Project Armonia is about revamping most, if not all, the multiplayer maps of HCE with a mix of CEA and Reach style. I want to push the engine to its very limits, offering the best visual experience I can. Maps will be released on the *.map format, but OS additions will be present for those who want more eye candy, from soft particles to bump maps. Some tags will be ripped from later Halo Games (mostly textures and bipeds\weapons\vehicles, as I don't have time to make them all by myself); some will not and the BSPs will be completely custom, taking the base models we all know and working on them until they get as much detail as we could possibly fit into. WHY AM I HERE? Because I have come to realize that I can't do this all by myself. I don't have enough talent nor time to do so, as A LOT of maps are being planned. Besides... the project is pushing the engine so much that my pc can't even handle development in a reasonable amount of time. My pc needs something like 2 days just to render a debug lightmap; I can't work like that. So I am here to ask for help from the community. WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN? Because I am serious about what I'm doing. I have learned throughout the years that coming to this forum asking for help doesn't work well, unless you have something to show. This is what the project will include. There will be seven forerunner themed maps: Prudentia, Iustitia, Fortituto, Temperantia, Fides, Spes, Caritas. Seven covenant maps: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride; taking place in the planets of the races these vices affect. Four human maps; Bravery, Sacrifice, Discipline, Brotherhood. Sever maps set on the outside (right now I am working on Carnage, the remake of Bloodgulch) and, BONUS, there will be Solitude, a map with space battles. HOW CAN WE BE SURE THAT THIS PROJECT IS WORTH SOMETHING? On the BSP side, I can show you the three maps whose development is going on Solitude Iustitia Carnage (only in 3DS Max because, as I have said, I couldn't render debug lightmaps of it) On the objects\vfx side I can show you some vehicles I have ported the revenant And its vfx in slow motion the banshee + space banshee The wraith (this shows an old VFX) All the vehicles shown have regions + damaged permutations + damaged effects. Whether or not damaged vehicles will be included in the final release will be decided on gameplay\engine reasons. _______________________________ As you can see, pretty much everything is WIP, but there is something going on. Some guys are helping me out in their spare time, but it's not enough. I need help to bring this project to life; Halo community, let's show the world what we can do. Applications can be sent via email at my mail (rododo93@hotmail.it) or via Discord (rododo93, #8279).
  6. Hi guys, I'm rododo93 from Halo Maps Forum. Most of you don't know me because, even though I am rather active, I have never really been a part of the community, always modding by myself. I mainly like to design VFX, but recently I've started working on 3d modeling and I can't really say I dislike it. Hope I will find a friendly community here... and, I think, that's all. Have a nice day!