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  1. Hey guys, just so you're aware there was a release for a new campaign map pack for the original Xbox. I'm posting this here because I don't know if I can post Xbox mods in the Halo:CE subforum. Halo: Covenant Edition Features: -play as a grunt on Covenant team -spawn with covenant encounters -fight against marines -fight with allies -can use all weapons and vehicles -uses player walking physics -player has shields -press white to say a taunt -new cutscenes and intro -Easter eggs -new colours for grunts -respawning enemies -new battles and encounters -see covenant in idle state and explore This map pack radically changes the dynamic of Halo's campaign. You will spawn as a grunt among your allies and make your way through what is now allied territory to seek battle. You fight marines and flood along-side your covenant allies. There are less battles but the battles that are there are much bigger and can theoretically last hours. Marines use different weapons and tactics which make for interesting fights. Each level should be beatable but you must meet a condition, i.e. defeat all enemies, hit a switch, or reach the end of a timer. For example, to beat a50 you need to kill Captain Keyes and wait. There may still be an update based on input from the community. I will update this post if that happens. DOWNLOAD HERE VIDEO DEMO Credits: -SPARTAN04 for grunt_mp tags Tools used: -Arsenic -Eschaton -HHT -HMT v3.5 -HEK -MEK [Refinery] Thanks to Microsoft and Bungie for Halo Please like and comment if you play this
  2. I have a large collection of Halo screenshots available for anyone interested in seeing or using them. Album is here: https://plus.google.com/photos/116817847662178044389/album/6608727050858358625?authkey=CNvt6vLF45rW3gE Download them all here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CgosJtNfqTvF38twL5scLcVoBD5GvXDy Use them anyway you like, just credit Microsoft as the copyright holder of Halo. Also, leave a comment if you download/enjoyed them.
  3. I finished my map by manually adding the extra reference to the shotgun at the top of the weapons pallet over some null data, and then manually adjusting the pointer address to the new location. Map worked out great Thank you 002, I actually prefer to do it with hex too, it feels more like hacking to get right into the binary data. ( I kinda wish I could post it somewhere but Xbox modding seems kaput :/ )
  4. 49 6c6f7665 686578 3b29
  5. Visual Binary Diff https://www.cjmweb.net/vbindiff/ VBinDiff (Visual Binary Diff) displays files in hexadecimal and ASCII (or EBCDIC). It can also display two files at once, and highlight the differences between them. Really helpful with hex editing.
  6. The number I'm getting [what you had as 0x4048cdbc] is much smaller for me, to the effect of 0x08934f8f .. if I subtract that magic number I'm in negative .. is there a way you could explain how you found that magic number also? Where is this memory address? [not the cache file ...]
  7. I appreciate the information. Could you just explain a bit further about the weapon spawn list chunk, where it is, how to identify it, if it has a header .. but if I add tags or reimport my scnr tag under a new ID, would I need to rereference any addresses that are now changed?
  8. I'm trying to create a new instance though without swapping ...
  9. 26 views .. c'mon ..
  10. To anyone if you can help, how can I properly import weap or scen tags into my Xbox map? I use HHT to recursively import shotgun.weap into my b30 cache file, but I don't know how to get it into the map from there. If anyone could explain this to me that I can get it working I'd appreciate it very much.
  11. I just want to ask in case anybody here knows, but when I open a single player cache file from my Xbox in Sparkedit 3.02, and duplicate a scenery item, and then save, the file gets corrupted. Is this normal? I can duplicate scenery items in multiplayer maps fine. Also I can't import into scenario. And pretty much every other tool I try to use to rebuild Xbox maps [HMT, HHT, Eschaton] come up with some sort of arithmetic or memory error and quits. Plus I just got Arsenic and I can't get it to run either. It opens very briefly and then closes citing a missing binary error from SlimDX or something... If anyone can help I'd appreciate it a lot.
  12. Anyone still mod Halo on Xbox these days? I keep running into issues trying to run old programs on Windows 7 .. also wondering if anyone knows how to (if possible even) to modify level or game scripts for Xbox cache files? If not, does anybody know of any Halo Xbox communities that are still active?