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  1. mini update:
    too burned out atm to do shaders and textures, but I'm working on the weapons ports, not exactly half life 1 weapons only. but I think the new weapons I have planned *should* integrate fine to the tagset, some pics of untextured weapons:









    The animations are coming along nicely as well but are not complete yet, I didn't want to post this stuff this early, but I'm under heavy load by my uni so it might be a long time until the next update

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  2. HI, so this script would read the user inputs that start with something like "/nominate bigass ctf" so in that moment it would check if the server's database has that map or not, if it does it would save the map name for a later poll, if it doesn't any error message i guess.
    then through the skip command (not sure if it could be possible to override sapp's skip command and if not something like "rtv" would be fine) once enough votes to skip have been made, the script would display a table of like 10 maps (in chat) with all the other nominated maps with their gametypes, with numbers so players can vote, and obviously the highest voted map would be selected and the server would go to that map and gametype. (maybe also add a "extend time" option just in case.
    I took this Idea from Sven-Coop dedi server plugins, it's REALLY useful there

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  3. I get this when attempting to use /repo (on my local sv)

    LuaEventCallback >> OnEventCommand >> Lua Error: [string "map_download"]:136: attempt to concatenate global 'repo' (a nil value)
    Unknown command: repo


    When I use, map_download .zip command it downloads something and starts saving it in the specified path but it gets deleted as soon as the download finishes. however these results were on a local sv i have.


    But in the egs  remote console all I get is  "Unknown command" :( (I guess there are errors but they dont show on the remote console)

    Do you guys know of an alternative I could use to download maps directly from hac2's repo into an egs sv?

    heres the exact command I was trying to use btw:
    map_download.zip http://download752.mediafire.com/my4yea672zcg/za4daia7akqpdmc/chamber.zip maps\chamber.map
    (i tested with maps of the repo as well and same luck)

  4. So I'm trying to use this script on a Elite Game server, I placed the files where indicated and loaded the script on the server, even got the succesfully script loaded sapp thing. but it wont work, all the commands retturn: "unknown command" please help