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  1. KGM WIP Thread About this mod: This mod replaces the classic stock multiplayer maps of Halo Custom Edition while bringing new looks to the maps, like models, textures, sounds, etc. And yes you can use this mod to play in stock servers without issues even if other players don't have the mod installed. All weapons, animations timings, particles, decals, lights, collision of structures, etc. Have been modified to fit perfectly fit with their og Halo 1 counterparts so you wont have any kind of advantages, disadvantages or desyncs issues while using this mod. The mod is also compatible with OS, HAC2 and Chimera. Since it was compiled with invader it should not have issues with any kind of addons since its treated like a regular .map by the game Special thanks to: aLTis94 SBB team CMT Shadowmods Team Gamebanana Reus Zteam Kinnet (having infinite patience to work alone on the whole project for 4 years is something that I wont ever forgive myself :V) MosesOfEgypt PopeTX28 Invader team Halo Online modding Team Chimera team My YT subs (their wholesomeness made it a lot easier to work on this long project <3) (sorry if im forgetting somebody but it has been so long that I can't remember everybody who helped) 21/02/20 v4.6 Beta Release: This small beta release is so people can give feedback and thoughts about the project before I release the full thing, so make sure to do so! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/plmsn3r7fl4dvnq/KGM_Bloodgulch_v4.6_2020_FIXED.rar/file More Pics: Notes about this version: - Its only bloodgulch since im too lazy to compile all the other maps and I'm going to release them soon in the final version anyways - The weapons and models in general look kinda scuffed (shaders look dark and reflectionless) and without proper shadows in the map since I did some shenanigans to have the original collision with a remodeled map, this will be fixed for the final version. - The map has a "switch time of day" button on the menu to change to the night mode and back - The map has no portals, this will also be fixed for final version - Some weapons don't have flashlights (mostly covenant guns) - The ball is replaced by the energy sword (it works exactly the same as the ball) since the zombie gametype is way more played than oddball - Player models have a bunch of different variations (around 70 in total) in an attempt to make the multiplayer feel more varied - Player models have no LODs (yet) so they will perform bad in really (really) low end PCs since everything else has LODs and are very optimized - It lacks the Lua chimera scripts designed for it since the lua injector for maps doesn't work on maps compiled by invader (hopefully it will be fixed in the future) - Backpack weapons only work in local games saddly (another invader bug) Donate: You can support me and the creation on this mod through here, it will be infinitely thanked paypal.me
  2. Hello, could you do this one please
  3. "Some Gay Shit" cheat not working
  4. mini update: too burned out atm to do shaders and textures, but I'm working on the weapons ports, not exactly half life 1 weapons only. but I think the new weapons I have planned *should* integrate fine to the tagset, some pics of untextured weapons: The animations are coming along nicely as well but are not complete yet, I didn't want to post this stuff this early, but I'm under heavy load by my uni so it might be a long time until the next update
  5. thanks kind sir
  6. this one plz https://imgur.com/flruI7H
  7. Hi, so this is a port for the most popular halflife multiplayer map, crossfire, I've been willing to do this project for over 4 years now, and finally stopped being a lazy bum and did it (it took like 10 hours in total to port lol) If you have never played Half-Life (wtf is wrong with u) Crossfire is basically the bloodgulch of half life multiplayer, only smaller and faster paced and a with a bunch of powerful guns in every corner. It doesn't support other gametypes other than slayer at the moment since I don't want servers running this like it's the final release just yet, here are some pics: (Yeah I know it's lacking some textures as well atm) And here's a vid of it: I'm still kinda surprised how fun the gameplay is even with just the h1 weapons feedback is welcome and apreciated I still need to do half life tags for it which shouldn't take that long, so stay tuned! Beta: khl_crossfire_test_v0.rar
  8. HI, so this script would read the user inputs that start with something like "/nominate bigass ctf" so in that moment it would check if the server's database has that map or not, if it does it would save the map name for a later poll, if it doesn't any error message i guess. then through the skip command (not sure if it could be possible to override sapp's skip command and if not something like "rtv" would be fine) once enough votes to skip have been made, the script would display a table of like 10 maps (in chat) with all the other nominated maps with their gametypes, with numbers so players can vote, and obviously the highest voted map would be selected and the server would go to that map and gametype. (maybe also add a "extend time" option just in case. I took this Idea from Sven-Coop dedi server plugins, it's REALLY useful there
  9. Its still that old version :l Due to high demand there are plans to finish this proyect
  10. Just drop the file next to this readme “ui.map” into your HCE maps folder, replace it and that’s it, now you have cute lil dokis in the main menu :3 although, maybe make a backup of the stock file? Thanks to: MooseGuy (the whole thing is based off his UI project if you couldn’t tell already so go check his out if you like all those extra menus but not Dokis, Link: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=6952) Team Salvato (I guess?) MosesOfEgipt (Thanks to Refinery I finally was able to rip all the UUI tags without any corruption) (Sorry if you helped this project in some way and you don’t appear here, I really can’t remember) DDLC_UI.zip
  11. Can't wait for this
  12. I get this when attempting to use /repo (on my local sv) LuaEventCallback >> OnEventCommand >> Lua Error: [string "map_download"]:136: attempt to concatenate global 'repo' (a nil value) Unknown command: repo When I use, map_download .zip command it downloads something and starts saving it in the specified path but it gets deleted as soon as the download finishes. however these results were on a local sv i have. But in the egs remote console all I get is "Unknown command" (I guess there are errors but they dont show on the remote console) Do you guys know of an alternative I could use to download maps directly from hac2's repo into an egs sv? E: heres the exact command I was trying to use btw: map_download.zip http://download752.mediafire.com/my4yea672zcg/za4daia7akqpdmc/chamber.zip maps\chamber.map (i tested with maps of the repo as well and same luck)
  13. So I'm trying to use this script on a Elite Game server, I placed the files where indicated and loaded the script on the server, even got the succesfully script loaded sapp thing. but it wont work, all the commands retturn: "unknown command" please help
  14. ...So.. how many days/hours do i have to release my asset ?