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    HP pavilion p6230y
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    AMD phenom II X4 810
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    EVGA Nvidia Geforce 770 ti
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    8 Gigs
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    1 t/b
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    1000 watt
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    Dell 24" LCD 60/hz
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    HP media
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    Logitech g303
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    Windows 7 64 bit Home

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  1. Do you have a theme in mind? or just letters TCK? what size? is this for a game or the site here.. can you give me few more details
  2. Don't worry I got another version i'm working on for you that was my first attempt kinda fast not perfected like i would normally do because you guys wanted to see something. Unfortunately I lost my portfolio with my last hard drive. So i'm gonna save these and build another wish you could calibrate more on what you are looking for from Space X from what I gather it's space travel, right?


    1. Takka933


      No problem man. Though if you do, I would prefer something that wasn't a gif, CG, or had my name on it.


      SpaceX is a private company revolutionizing the cost of deep space flight through rapidly reusable boosters. I have a slight major obsession with the company lol

    2. BadNinja


      LOL @ major obsession.. I completely understand gif can get annoying and large file to load but really I just did that one to let you guys see I could put some cool stuff together. I will get you what you want.

      for now I must paint the kitchen. I'll be back later

      wife cutting those eyes my way giving me the ole stink eye


  3. I'm sorry can you move the avatar post from media to off topic for me. think it would be more appropriate there, what you think?

    1. Takka933


      It directly pertains to media, so that's where it ideally fits.

  4. Hi everyone i'm BadNinja and new to you guys forums but wanted to extend my hand and offer up some free graphic designs of your liking totally customize to fit your personality. All you will need to do is reply with a detailed description of what you're looking for in a image to represent who you are or also known as a avatar or profile image. I can also create Facebook banners or any other image that might fit into this category. I can also offer up animated avatars if that's what you desire. Best part is the fact it's FREE! so don't hesitate take me up on this offer you won't regret it. Once I start getting some replies I'll post finish work under this topic and start to build a portfolio.
  5. Just created a fresh new website for my favorite FPS (first person shooter) check us out on the web at www.is.gd/badadvice or alt link http://badadvice.atspace.cc 

    Site contains NO Popups or ADS.  Started site couple months ago and it has grown to over 70 members. Just one problem getting them members to do more then spectate seems everyone checks the site occasionally but never actually post much. I need couple mods to help police site once up and running. If this is something you might be interested in let me know.


    Favorite FPS: Quake Live

    COST: 9.99$ (One Time FEE)

    Direct Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/282440/a

    Game-Server Name: Bad Advice

    Location: Dallas