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  1. My oven broke down recently, and it's quite disappointing, because I really like baking, and I just got the ingredients to make triple-choc muffins with white chocolate and caramel sauce. All the semi-decent bakers nearby are extremely pricey.
  2. https://www.16personalities.com/intj-personality I don't think the same is very adequate, but the description (mainly) is.
  3. Down in Australia, its just great! I got a 40C heatwave for three days (and of course I don't have any air-conditioning), and received quite a major hailstorm, which contained hail (in some instances) the size of golf balls. We just exited a week-long raining period. Now it's fine though.
  4. Thanks! It took hours to create!
  5. I'm a walk away from a shopping mall and a beach, and can't really hear traffic. About 5 different beaches are within a 10km range. Of course, I live in Australia.
  6. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Probably just my own issues, but: Are these maps only for Halo CE? Using MdRenamer, it just gives an error message and says "That's not a valid Halo map file." If I put them in my maps folder, they do not appear when creating a game. (I am using HaloMD (Insert extremely sad face here)) If they are exclusive to Halo CE, is there any way to use them on HaloMD? And yes, TLMP mindfuck is in there. Thanks for those maps anyway, and sorry if they're stupid questions.
  7. Yeah... the main problem for me is I have only experienced Halomd, with variable modding. I'm planning on getting a PC or installing bootcamp to mod. Thanks.
  8. Mainly gamemode/gametype modding like zombies, and possibly in-game structure creation, like the log mod map.
  9. I wanted to do some modding, and this was the best place to start, especially after ModHalo failed. I also came here because of 002 and Sehe, because of their zombie mods. I have also played with multiple people from this website.