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  1. That's TF2 though isn't it, not vintage? Seems they're in a rut right now without any coders so they're just focusing on things they can fix in the meantime. They did have a gamenight of sorts and it was fun playing Seems their randomized still needs work since it doesn't give a new set on respawn and instead you have to visit a resupply cabinet for it.
  2. Eh I played that but the devs for classic started doing that "let's make our own content" things and it sounds great but a lot of the stuff is still broken and they claim the broken stuff is "fixed" but you just have to be part of their inner closed beta testing circle. Another thing was there was drama that kinda killed the community when some underage kid ran a server and started banning people left right and center for things like being a furry, liking undertale and other things. Then it turns out he's guilty of the same crap he's banning people for. Then to top it off that inner circle I mentioned got upset when vintage was created. To me classic got soured mainly because they stopped focusing on the "classic" aspect and focusing more and more on their deathmatch mode Still both are noteworthy in they're trying to do something unique. I just like Vintage a bit more because it's got that "simplistic beauty" with just stock where all the classes actually feel like they work well together
  3. Well a friend pointed me towards this. It's a sourcemod that strips out all the visual clutter from TF2. Mod's called TF2 Vintage, seems to just be stock TF2 with stuff like airblast and building carry added on ontop of gamemodes that came later in TF2's lifespan. Only reason I'm actually talking about this is valve kinda killed community servers with the only servers really left being gimmick gamemodes like VSH, trade and idle servers and Skial. It looks like they're using a older build of TF2 because the code for things like payload isn't perfect, the HUD relies on the capture point HUD and some things are glitched and bugged like the high res building models causing crashes if destroyed. So far playing it though it's been fun. Nice to play TF2 again and each class feels like they're a bigger part of something and rely on each other. Not to mention I don't have to wade through a sea of really mish-mash hats and whatnot http://www.moddb.com/mods/team-fortress-2-vintage
  4. So wait you just want Chaos Gulch? This seems like some HPC tier stuff honestly.
  5. Which I find funny since Termy started this didn't he? If any case if the ship goes down with Sehe and he's reluctant to release source code so someone else can carry the torch phasor and other offshoots might end up replacing it wholesale.
  6. sounds about fair. If I can be arsed I'll dig through an archived verison of the site. But that won't do much good since the files are hosted on site. so SEHE would have to give us a pack with everything
  7. I'd say archived builds of sapp as well as scripts that didn't get posted here. Frankly a good archive of any possible SAPP scripts might be good. Also Sehe any chance of putting back in the ability to control client lead server side so scripts like stable lead can be used again?
  8. IIRC the shark on hydrolosis actually just uses a modified origin point to "float" on the water. it's one of the cheapest options honestly. No idea what whoever made the boathog did, but every map I've seen it in it was a buggy mess
  9. That's an issue with the tag itself. The map separated by Admiral Bacon actually had a mini PoA on it that was set to not ping damage thus making the pilot invincible. You'd most likely have to edit the map and fix some tags to the desired values.
  10. I was making a very bad joke of it. Yeah the community for HCE is more or less on life support and I don't have much faith in the fan projects because focus is more on forge than any kind of EK.
  11. We'll see a slew of re-releases either from original authors or people who need Halo at 60FPS Halomaps will double in amount of files if not triple.
  12. Well aware of the site and the speed of posting there. Should take about a year till he responds :^)
  13. Now if only Sehe would make SAPP open sourced so we could re-add the ability to control leading server side. Still thanks for all the work over the years Btcc.
  14. Never overwrote anything. maybe I ought to check off "recursive" and just straight rip. Some of my memories on this issue are coming back and I believe at the time I got help from Kornman00 who told me it was an issue with the scoprion tags that come with HEK. I'll give this one more try on a clean install.
  15. I tried to compile a renamed bloodgulch scenario but it didn't work. nothing but stock assets