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  1. 6' 3 for me I get comments quite often about my height, especially to the fact of only being 16 and still growing.
  2. Post a link to your playlists from Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify and what ever else you guys use. Here's my main Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/12182053182/playlist/55O1AoiS9p6OYxj5ASGNz3
  3. I know this is a sad truth I tell people that I think will have a good time here, but they all just don't use it I try to sell it to them as a good place to find out things you don't know if you have PC issues and what not and they sound really into it until a hour or so has passed
  4. I stumbled across Wildlands early in January and hadn't seen much gameplay, but what I had seen looked good enough to preorder it. Since its release I've played it quite a bit, and there isn't much to pick on it for (except its name Far Cry 5 would be more suited). So far in the 80 hours I've played I've come across only 1-3 major bugs which considering Ubisoft's reputation isn't the best right now, but is quite good. I've never played any Ghost Recon games until this one, so I'm unable to compare it to other Ghost Recon games, but what I can compare it to would be a mix between Far Cry 3 and 4, Just Cause 3 and The Division. I can quite comfortably recommend this game to any people that enjoyed any of the previously stated games. The highlights from Wildlands for me were the large map, and while the story wasn't anything extremely special, it was a nice change from other games. The weapon customization was one of the best I've seen in a game of this style for a long time. Graphics was beyond anything I expected for the framerate I get ingame. Now on to the part I really didn't want to do but its only fair the bad parts... first was the driving was more like an arcade game rather than a AAA title. Second the map was very large, but there was a lot of open ground with nothing there, and finally the enemy AI was pretty stupid when it came to spotting friendly AI. Good Points 1. Large map had plenty of room to explore and in the high population areas was very detailed 2. The story wasn't any story driven game but was a nice change 3. Weapon customization was extensive and easy to manage 4. Graphics were above expectations Bad Points 1. Driving was more like an arcade game 2. Large map had too much open space 3. Enemy AI was pretty stupid when it came to spotting friendly AI 4. Voice chat was an issue, causing the game to crash a couple times An overall rating for Wildlands out of 10 would be an 8/10
  5. OMG I've never looked at it this way, it's so true you've opened my eyes thank you so much
  6. I had seen a little bit of it, but I've been switching play styles all through the game, so it wasn't too repetitive in my case.
  7. So I've decided to build a magic mirror and I was wondering has anybody here built one before and if so do they have any tips/trick, I'm following this guide https://www.reddit.com/r/raspberry_pi/comments/3oktfu/magic_mirror_how_to/ and have ordered everything (except the mirror and wood), though I am still just looking to see if anybody has any opinions on these.
  8. I'm pretty much the same as you'll see if you dig through my playlist
  9. Hack_me is a hacker simulator. With the idea of hacking large companies to show people that nothing is 100% protected online, to do this you'll have a variety of hacking tools at your dispose. My opinions on the game are that it's something to do with your spare time rather than a game to play for fun, and its tutorial is easy to follow for the basics but after that you're pretty much on your own with other game mechanics. To be brutally honest there isn't much to say about this game but it's worth it if your into this sort of game. Good Points 1. It's nice and relaxed (stress free game) 2. To some extent is quite realistic from what I have heard 3. It's nice and cheap, so an easy grab Bad Points 1. Tutorial is extremely limited if you have no knowledge on the subject 2. Does get quite boring if you play it for long periods of time at once 3. Doesn't have the best English translations but it's by far not the worst I've seen
  10. Now I know I'm a wee bit late to review this game (coming up on 11 years now) but I believe it's worth it. Company of heroes is a RTS (real time strategy) game based in world war II around the western front, with multiple different campaigns for both the German and the American factions, with the Panzer Elite and British factions added in DLC with their own campaigns. The game's mechanics are extremely good and a lot easier to learn and understand than its sequel, which is definitely a plus in my opinion. All in all this would be a nice game to pick up if you have spare time, and are looking for something new to just fiddle around with due to its more casual nature. Good Points 1. Easy to pick up and play 2. Is quite cheap and easy to get your hands on 3. Very good single player campaigns Bad Points 1. Still has multiplayer with next to 0 player base 2. Won't enjoy it as much if you prefer more complex games 3. Matches are slow to start off In all honestly I still love this game, it's one of the two games I can thank for getting me into gaming and I'd have to give it a rating of 9/10, as it has aged very well.
  11. A friend of mine sent me a message the other day asking for a PC build for him, he stated that he was needing a new PC that could run Arma 3, Overwatch, Ghost recon wildlands, and a few other older games. They required a build that would be best performance per dollar with 3 monitors a keyboard and mouse, they have a budget of $3000 (AUD) and requested it was using this site: https://www.pccasegear.com/ Which uses AUD as default currency. The reason I posted here is due to me not keeping up with any of the newer tech, and I was was wondering if anybody could suggest a build for him to those specs. If any body could it would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Don't suppose you'd be up for a game? If so toss me an add on Steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198072797913/
  13. Thanks for the help with 002 the reason he was only looking at PCCG was due to him living quite close to it so he didn't have to pay for shipping and could just pick it up. But anyways looks good I'll pass it onto him
  14. Just fixed it this morning, and you're spot on. One of the fans had bad bearings thanks for the help
  15. So my PC has been making strange sounds on boot up for a few days now. The sound doesn't happen every time, but is happening more and more often, getting to the stage where it's starting to concern me. I've looked into it a bit, and from what I've heard it's coming from the front of the case near one of the 2 fans or the hard drive. Here's a compressed video of whats happening: IMG_0009.zip I'm not sure if this will help or not, but here are the specs: https://www.pccasegear.com/wish_lists/549127/Build 1
  16. Again another one not many people will like but it'll have its fans