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  1. 6' 3 for me I get comments quite often about my height, especially to the fact of only being 16 and still growing.
  2. I know this is a sad truth I tell people that I think will have a good time here, but they all just don't use it I try to sell it to them as a good place to find out things you don't know if you have PC issues and what not and they sound really into it until a hour or so has passed
  3. OMG I've never looked at it this way, it's so true you've opened my eyes thank you so much
  4. I had seen a little bit of it, but I've been switching play styles all through the game, so it wasn't too repetitive in my case.
  5. So I've decided to build a magic mirror and I was wondering has anybody here built one before and if so do they have any tips/trick, I'm following this guide https://www.reddit.com/r/raspberry_pi/comments/3oktfu/magic_mirror_how_to/ and have ordered everything (except the mirror and wood), though I am still just looking to see if anybody has any opinions on these.
  6. I'm pretty much the same as you'll see if you dig through my playlist
  7. Post a link to your playlists from Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify and what ever else you guys use. Here's my main Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/12182053182/playlist/55O1AoiS9p6OYxj5ASGNz3
  8. Hack_me is a hacker simulator. With the idea of hacking large companies to show people that nothing is 100% protected online, to do this you'll have a variety of hacking tools at your dispose. My opinions on the game are that it's something to do with your spare time rather than a game to play for fun, and its tutorial is easy to follow for the basics but after that you're pretty much on your own with other game mechanics. To be brutally honest there isn't much to say about this game but it's worth it if your into this sort of game. Good Points 1. It's nice and relaxed (stress free game) 2. To some extent is quite realistic from what I have heard 3. It's nice and cheap, so an easy grab Bad Points 1. Tutorial is extremely limited if you have no knowledge on the subject 2. Does get quite boring if you play it for long periods of time at once 3. Doesn't have the best English translations but it's by far not the worst I've seen