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  1. Not much, just the mundane shit. Work, family and such. No.
  2. As someone who doesn't have allergies I don't share this experience. My son has some mild ones though. Poor kid.
  3. Absolute shite. Overcast. Cold. Not good in general.
  4. Hi guys. Working 6 night weeks and running around after the kids kind of took it out of me, but I think I'm getting back into the rhythm of things. Looking forward to being back properly!
  5. Pretty gosh darn hot.
  6. Cold and rainy. Looking out the window now...Entirely overcast. Yuck.
  7. Woke up tired. Drove the kids to their respective destinations. Came home, to my wife, who is now still sleeping at 1:30PM (almost) I really don't know how she can do that, but whatever. Oh. Also. Dreading work tonight.
  8. N64

    So, upon moving into my new house I opened a box that was in our old garage that I'd not seen in years. Inside was my childhood N64 which has become something of a nostalgic addiction lately. Replaying Bsanjo-Kazooie, Gauntlet Legends, Goldeneye and Mario Kart 64 in particular. Though, I've been looking around for some new games to try out - or to find some old ones thta I had an used to play for hours on end (NBA Courtside 1999 anyone?!) So, two things: 1. Does anyone know anywhere one could pick up retro games at a reasonable price? I've heard it's best to avoid eBay. 2. Does anyone have any game recommendations? I've found some games at my local cash converters on recommendation of a guy who works at a gaming shop that I was inquiring in, but they had like three games and they all sucked.
  9. So far I've just gotten up and spent the morning with the kids (despite getting home from work at like 4:30AM and being tired as hell.) This afternoon I need to pay some bills and do some shopping. Oh joy.
  10. I do not. As I do not eat meat. *Awaits boos and hisses* ...I'm not a real vegetarian though. Pescatarian works for me.
  11. Finally got internet access after like, a month. God, moving house with Optus! Hopeless I tells ya!
  12. Personally, I have kids - though a lot of my friends don't want them for several different reasons. It's always interesting to hear why, even though I totally don't relate. This having been said, I personally always wanted kids and have since had three children. Two girls, and one boy. What are your thoughts?
  13. House worked...Then employment worked. #MyLife
  14. Probably because 'client' sounds more formal. It's all semantics anyway.
  15. See, I head for the middle when I'm little to grow, and scavenge...And then when I'm about 3-4K I'll heard for the outskirts and circle/kill anyone who dare come near. You're most welcome. I swore to my wife I'll quit once I get #1 just once... I've been #1 several times in the last week...And waiting for her to finish what shes doing so I can have another shot