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  1. It is possible not to record the time, if the player gets out of the vehicle and goes back up, in some maps that can be a very big advantage. What I ask is an option to not record the time of a player if this at some point under the vehicle.
  2. Can I add a specific weapon when a player enters a vehicle in the passenger seat? I tried to do it with the next line but it does not take the weapon, it just generates it. help! event_venter 'wdel $n;spawn weap "weapons\rocket launcher\rocket launcher" $n;wadd $n'
  3. It worked for me by adding the following line event_start 'sj_level 5' in events.txt
  4. Excellent thank you very much
  5. You can create a script where when entering your server shows you a message specifically to you by your nickname, try it in the event.txt with the following event event_join $name:M chef 'say * "Welcome Friend M chet"' As you see is a welcome message specifically to my friends halo but it does not work for space there is M (space) chef only when it is a nickname without spaces and without 'someone can help me to solve that please, Thank