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  1. The message does not appear only I get the shield which I do not want I just want a message when you kill someone with a blow ohko.lua
  2. It does not work, I do not know what to do
  3. Good afternoon, how could I run these scripts, is a script but I just want to rescue these two functions that come in the OnPlayerDie (PlayerIndex, KillerIndex) Someone who could help me thanks a lot, my sv is rocket with no shield: elseif last_damage[PlayerIndex] == frag_explode then execute_command('say * "$name muerto con una granada de $kname"', PlayerIndex) elseif last_damage[PlayerIndex] == rocket_melee then execute_command('say * "$name ha recibido una nalgada de $kname"', PlayerIndex) if back_tap[PlayerIndex] then -- backtap: melee from behind/top (rarely registers, if ever) execute_command('say me "$name sobate!"', PlayerIndex) back_tap[PlayerIndex] = false end
  4. Hello friend 002 thanks for replying, I did not want to respond until I tried the script that you sent and I do not receive the required message but notice that now it has a shield that means that if it works but the message does not come out, Note that the script is similar to Teabag that I also have on my server, will be interrupted between the two scripts? I would like the script without a shield to kill with a punch, I also tell you that a few days ago I downloaded the [DeathMessages] that many messages come out on funtion "OnPlayerDie" so many that they have a lot of delay, but I have not worked What I am asking, but anyway it does not work because it has an error in the deaths and I just want to receive the message when they kill with a single blow, here the script image that works for me but has many messages that are left over and I would like to rescue if I can help you I must add that the weapon I use on my server is rocket? Use his script and only gives him a shield which I do not want I just wanted a message to die of a blow my server is without a shield The previous image is from the script [DeathMessages] that works for me but it has many things that I do not want, if it were the message of a hit and the message when you die of a grenade that gives that script would be perfect the Rest does not serve me because my server It's a rocket
  5. How can I find all of the nicknames of a player with a command?
  6. I already have [ badwordsarebad ] but I do not like anything, I do not want to silence players who want to change some rude things or just kickear but the reason they give me is the number they want the least I want a reason -- Shut the f--(mute) ... by 002 -- Configuration -- Command to use: -- Can use mute, textban, b, ipban COMMAND_TO_USE = "k" -- Time in minutes. Set to 0 to not do anything, just block messages. ACTION_TIME = 1 -- Message to tell to the player for swearing. Set to "" to not send a message. BAD_WORD_BLOCK = "Tu mensaje ha sido bloqueado por ser una groseria." On the server appears, "was kicked by server. Reason: 1 how can I put a reason?
  7. Hello good, does anyone know how to replace a bad word with a word that I myself decide? Either as "bitch" replace for "love" or "lag" put the name of my server, if this can not I would like to ban the words kickear instead of mute and put the default reason as Reason: "Use of bad words "
  8. Yes and put a personalized message when that happens
  9. Hola, soy nuevo aca, he visto muchos profesionales aqui, quisiera si alguien me puede ayudar con un , quiero que salga un mensaje cuando los jugadores maten a otro con un golpe que diga "Ha muerto por un cachazo en plena cara" o cosas asi, espero me puedan ayudar, linda vida para todos. Hello, I'm new here, I've seen many professionals here, I would like if someone can help me with a, I want a message to come out when the players kill another with a blow that says "He died for a cachazo in the face" or things like that , I hope you can help me, beautiful life for all.