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  1. kvasir was my refernce, just to get him some raffle points
  2. Yoooooooooooooooooooo, im Crazypants on battlenet. Into some overwatch, KF2 and shamless on netflix rn. whats up
  3. i Feel like i just have a very strong sense of right and wrong, no matter what the situation is, and always question peoples motives, been fucked over way to many times to not do that anymore. More often than not it can be the people closest to you that are able to do that too. one of my other values would definitely question the fucking government... Agreed 100%
  4. i feel i can relate alot to about half of the article. I can feel energized from social situations one day and need to be alone the next, and people often have no idea my stance on things or how i feel often because im quiter so i can relate to that part but i still feel like this is me but not quite. ive still been working to figure out exactly what i am considering intro/extrovert type stuff
  5. Game night, sounds awesome