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  1. This is really really sad. My condolences to his family and everyone that knew him and was good friends with him. R.I.P
  2. I might make my mighty return!
  3. Fuckery and tomfoolery aside, its still kind of sad to see the final nail in the coffin. Communities come and go, even moreso these days with games and the internet bringing everyone together so much more easilly.
  4. trippy as hell, but nice
  5. N1CKW3B
  6. This is one of my most recent pictures of her Week 12/52 by Nick (StuffByNick), on Flickr
  7. This location is literally half an hours drive down the coast from my house! Tony Temple has written one hell of a story about a “raid” on the The Duke of Lancaster, a beached and rotting former luxury liner in Wales that for over 30 years had hidden a treasure trove of classic arcade games inside its hold. Source
  8. happy burpdayyyy
  9. Interesting, I like the cross-platform idea very much
  10. this is the best clip I have seen in years
  11. mate get in touch with Nat Geo, see what they think!
  12. I did a shoot in the studio today, real nice family shoot for a friend. Mixture of styles. Added a pic for atmosphere in the thread
  13. awww thats too cute! Never seen that before!
  14. hippy borthday you slippery wet willy!
  15. Popped into the studio today, they have a nice new/old leather chair, its dead comfy and photogenic